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  1. My father feels the same way you do about bananas. I told him how many of them I have been eating and I could hear him cringing over the phone as he said he could only eat two bananas a day if that lol. It's definitely "different" eating so many bananas in one day and it certainly isn't for everyone. I'm not always looking forward to one but, it's not anything I have to force myself to eat either. I think most people tend to be starch junkies rather than sugar ones. I know a lot of people have a sweet tooth (which believe or not I don't) but, starches fill you up longer than sugar does an
  2. Most of the FODMAP lists I have looked at have bananas listed as safe as long as they are ripe (covered in brown spots with no green at the tips). This was something I recently looked into as I thought I might be having a fructose issue being the avocados have started giving my an itchy throat that almost feels like it wants to swell. I have also been having issues with other items high in fructose. However, I don't have an issue with apples or honey which are incredibly high in fructose and are at the top of a don't eat list when it comes to FODMAP so I'm pretty sure there is another issue
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