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  1. The werid thing is I never really noticed that I had a problem with food. I started noticing that I was getting really sick and I wasn't able to get better. This went on for about 2 years. I did feel sick after I would eat anything but I just shrugged it off. Then I got the test done and it changed everything! Yeah it's super hard to not eat those food and I am going to look into a second opinion but I have noticed since the change in diet I've felt so much better. I'm no longer sick, I have alot more energy and even my allergies have gotten better. Sometimes I do eat something I shouldn't and
  2. I got the same test done and doctor told me I was the worse one he has ever seen hahah. I carry my list around and I'm staring to get used to it. It's horrible becasue I read lables and everything contains something I can't have! It frustrates me so much and I take forever at the grocery store and come out with so little. The doctor says it's for life and that just shocked me, cause I thought it was something that I would be able to get over after a while. Though he did say that I can have some of the food from time to time in moderation. Also the very low reaction ones can be eaten if I am un
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