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    scrapbooking and card making , being with friends and family
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    nova scotia

About Me

allergy testing done reaction to birch maple cat dust mite trees grass weeds dust hay ragweed milk soy wheat chocolate nightshades and root veggies

started geting sick feb hopsplised april been sick ever since

being treated for candidia and leaky gut but no real diagnosis as of yet

  1. baked chicken pieces tossed in herb mixture of herbmare tumeric ginger onion flakes garlic powder mashed sweet potatoes with nature ballance butter home made cranberries with ciamnon clementine rind coconut nectar and agave and green beans
  2. roast chicken with turmeric itialian seasoning herbmare orginal rubed all over chicken stuffed with gluten free stuffing yuck did not turn out very well messed up with the spices leftover green beans onions that i shook in rice flour and cooked in sunflour oil and that is my allergy...
  3. tonight i had left over pork roast that was cooked in the dutch oven yesterday with onions garlic hermare orginal ginger tumeric pepper rubed all over the roast cooked for a couple of hrs and enjoy so with the left overs i put in a glass pan with a couple of dollops of pre made roast chicken...
  4. one of my friends has crones and she ate one we barely made it home when the D hit poor think tho i did laugh and feel rather good that i did not even touch them and i was not in the other bathroom doing the same thing so i play it healthy and come home and make rice flour baking biscuts and...
  5. with the war of the brain and body brain says yes body says ill hurt you real bad if you do feeling a bit better today still swollen in all joints eyes are puffy im hoping that it will calm down as the day progresses made a cup of decaf coffee bad but drank half and yuck dumped it out...
  6. ok i have never bloged before so yall will have to put up with my bad spelling lol i dont know where to start really i guess ill start with my body decided to become super sensitive to everything nighshades are deadly to me as is gluten soy lactose now im thinking eggs as well pritty much anything...
  7. no i do not think i have any thing else im allergic to this soy allergy came on all of a sudden i quit lactose when i got sick in feb and have not touched it since and gluten i started this 3 weeks ago or so as soon as i can i want to plant a herb garden the spot is ready i just have to...
  8. so far i have had meal replacement drink bbq pork chops and 6 sweet potato chips i have chicken in the oven roasting ill put the potatoes in the roaster about an hr before its done and im not sure about the veggies i have spinach celery zucchini onion garlic shredded carrots leeks thinking...
  9. meal replacement drink banana mango strawberry apple sauce smoothie with ice and water grass fed beef ground burger made into meat balls and made my own sauce sweet and sour and added cremi mushrooms spinach rosemary shredded carrot celery to the meat balls and sauce and put that over rice...
  10. i think i am allergic to soy every time i eat or drink soy i have almost like a chemical burn in my throat along with a rash and various other symptoms
  11. banana strawberry smoothie made with one bananna 2 strawberries cup of ice and some water gluten-free tortilla with iceburg lettuce gluten-free casin free cheese and ranch dressing with roast chicken not sure about supper yet thinking of porkchops not quite sure how to prepare yet
  12. breakfast is always so hard for me i just do not feel like eating anything cold, did not feel like eating any eggs basically everything that i seen in the fridge and cabinets did not appeal to me what so ever so i ended up drinking tea and munching on some trail mix for lunch i made gluten...