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  1. M0Mto3

    Waiting To Introduce Gluten

    I can understand your fears. If DD was not my last child I would be scared to give my kids gluten, too. With all that...
  2. M0Mto3

    Tested For Celiac

    My LO is 18 months old. She also had similar symptoms to your LO, including the huge drop in weight %ages. I would...
  3. M0Mto3

    6 Month Old Going For Testing, Need Advice

    My LO started with issues just from the gluten that was passing through breastmilk. The info your ped gave you is not...
  4. M0Mto3

    Appt Wednesday

    Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow!
  5. M0Mto3

    Baby Wipes?

    I read a while back that baby wipes are gluten free. I can't tell you where I got that information, but I know I looked...
  6. M0Mto3

    Soy And/or Lactose Intolerance?

    If it is a true allergy you can do the skin testing. Most of the time in young children it is a protein intolerance...
  7. M0Mto3

    Gluten Free Toddler... Soon To Be Milk Free?

    My 18 month old drinks Almond Milk. It actually has more calcium than Cow's Milk. I give her the Vanilla flavored because...
  8. M0Mto3

    3.5 Yr Old Daughter May Have Celiac?

    My middle son struggled with constipation and a daily probiotic did the trick for him. He also did not sleep well when...
  9. M0Mto3

    High Fat High Protein Diet 6 Year Old

    My 18 month old was failure to thrive from her gluten issues, so I have also tried hard to give her a high fat diet....
  10. M0Mto3

    Need Some Help!1

    I just commented on your other post. Pediasure is dairy, so that may be making her issue worse at this point. I will...
  11. I think that you should talk to your ped about seeing someone for feeding issues. Has she always not eaten much or is...
  12. M0Mto3

    Toddler W/ Possible Gluten Sensitivity

    Her reflux/constipation issues sound similar to my son's. I ended up putting him on a probiotic every day and that cured...
  13. M0Mto3

    Toddlers....gluten And Behavior?

    If you have a pretty good pediatrician, you may even be able to convince them to do the bloodwork for Celiac's Disease...
  14. My 17 month old is also very picky. She does like yogurt, gluten free mac and cheese, french fries, hot dogs, fruity...
  15. Glad to read your update. I think that you did the best thing. Any damage is bad and hopefully she will be better once...