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  1. An ultrasound will just look for gall stones. A HIDA scan will check the gallbladder for functionality. Ask for a HIDA! Insist on it. My ultrasounds were always okay. My HIDA scan showed 0% functionality meaning it stopped working. I finally got the HIDA scan in the hospital because I was admitted for possible appendicitis. Something was rotting -- it was my gallbladder!

    When that fat came down the line, my gallbladder was not able to squeeze out the necessary bile to digest the fat.

    Now, I can consume lots of fat without my GB.

    I will tell you it is a family curse! Everyone said it was my gallbladder that caused me to pass out (there are seven kids in Dad's family and six have had their gallbladders removed -- no stones.....) But since I was a kid, I had to suffer over 25 years!

    Read up on gallbladders. I did not have any classic symtoms. Pain was never in the upper right quadrant. Pain was in lower abdominal area and lasted 12 hours. I passed out with each attack and would vomit upon awakening.

    Something to think about....

    Indeed. My gallbladder was at 5% and ultrasounds and blood tests were normal. The HIDA scan was the only thing that found it. I had pain in the upper right though.

     No gallstones.


    Have you tried eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger ones?

  2. If you buy $25 worth of other stuff at one of my local stores, the turkeys are 78 cents a pound. I bought three loaves of Schar bread to make stuffing with, a container of chicken broth to add to the drippings for gravy, some potatoes, and a TWENTY-FIVE pound turkey!!!


    Nope, I'm not having people over. It's all for me. I'll cook it, debone it, put packets in the freezer, and I won't have to cook for a LONG time.


    I haven't been able to eat turkey for years because of the stuff they inject them with. A lot of them have corn. Now that I have gotten corn back I am going to pig out. Because my diet was so restricted I got used to eating the same thing day after day so it'll be a while before I get sick of it. When I do I can make a gluten-free lasagna for variety. Or I can get out some of that delicious sauerbraten that I put in the freezer. Or I can just have a bacon egg an cheese sandwich like I did this morning.


    It is a whole new world for me. I never thought food could make a person so happy but I've been doing the happy dance all day. You know, I used to tell newbies (especially those with lots of other intolerances like I USED TO have, that it was easier if you just look at eating as a necessary bodily function. That made it easier than remembering and mourning the things I couldn't have anymore. But it got better. And my prayer for all of my multi-intolerant friends is that soon you too will all be better and be able to get it down to just gluten.


    But right now I'm giddy with joy over a stupid turkey. And I'm not even ashamed of it. A great big stupid TWENTY-FIVE pound turkey!! :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

    Nothing wrong with that :lol: I felt the same way when i got spinach back.

  3. So I have been having some issues lately with what i would describe as, not exactly numbness, but more of a "jittery" feeling throughout my body along with some other issues, such as feeling as if I'm walking on an air bed. I had some blood tests done and come to find out I had elevated (well over what is recommended) levels of vitamin B12 and B6, as well as a low vitamin d.


    I have read that it can take up to 6 months for symptoms caused by excess vitamin B levels to go away.


    Does anyone know any way to help this go away quicker? :unsure: Thank you.

  4. I'm not  a  wal-mart  fan or big  shopper  there  but  I did try  the gluten-free  cream sandwich cookies.. Ten years ago  these  would have been  great  but in today's gluten-free  arena  these  are  VERY Gritty....I  give  them  a  1  out of 10.. very  disappointing. Aldi's  line  has  wal -marts line  beat  by  100!!!! Haven't  tried  anything  else...

    The vanilla cream sandwich cookies?


    I tried them. I find them to be quite good.

  5. My 2yo has dairy intolerance, and acid reflux. Her grandmother has coeliac disease.

    It was mentioned some months ago that we should rule out celiac disease as a potential cause for the acid reflux. A blood test (I believe IGG and IGA) was done and was negative. No figures were given. The paediatrician just wrote to us and said the results were "reassuringly negative".

    However, I've been reading more and more about acid reflux in young children (vs infants) and there seems to be an undeniable link between gluten and reflux. So with not much left to lose, we embarked on a gluten free diet. By day 8, she started seeming more settled and on day 9 slept for 6hrs straight for the first time in her life. Normal for her is 3hrs at the most before waking for a breastfeed to go back to sleep. Since then she's continued to sleep much better, and is eating much more than before. A positive effect definitely and I am now pretty sure she is a coeliac like my mum.

    Having looked again at coeliac testing, I don't think she was consuming enough gluten to generate a positive result. A "heavy" gluten day for her then would have been quarter of a slice of toast, 2 breadsticks, a cracker and maybe 10-15 pieces of pasta. Not enough, I don't think..?

    I want her retested. But I don't think I will be able to get her to eat enough for the blood test :-(

    I'd rather not push for biopsy, but I don't know that I've got many other options. And our dietitian said there is no way the paed would diagnose on neg bloods + family history + positive reaction to gluten free diet.

    Is biopsy our only option? And does this also depend on a very gluten heavy diet, or would her previous reflux inducing diet be enough?

    Any advice appreciated

    I have heard that eating a slice of bread a day is enough. From what you listed, it seems to be about the same, if not more than, enough.

  6. My boys entered a grades 4-9 Canadian heritage / history project fair this weekend and they did soooo well!  I'm a proud mommy. :wub:

    My 11 year old won the grade 6 category with a project on the history of coins in Canada. My 9 year old won the Hugh Dempsey grand prize of the entire fair with a project on the Battle of Juno beach (D-day) with a lego recreation of a famous house on that beach. And my 6 year old (grade 1) wanted to enter even though he was a few grades too young, so he did a display of our city's football team's Grey Cup history (CFL), with a focus on when his Grandpa played and won the cup - he got an honorary ribbon for excellence!


    They did so well.... Gush, gush, gush. I had to brag, so thank you.  LOL ;)

    Congratulations :D

  7. Is it normal to mourn my loss of freedom? I guess thats what it is. I am really sad and have been since i got my daughters results. I got really emotional cleaning out our cabinets. Thinking about all the things that need to be replaced. 

    I also have the anxiety waiting for My and the rest of my families results. 

    anyone else feel like this just after a diagnosis?

    Very normal.


    However, I will say, three years after switching to a gluten free diet, that I miss tomatoes more than i do anything with gluten.