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    The Big Man in the sky, my family, 3D & 2D art, gluten-free cooking, gluten-free research.
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  1. Have courage little Eloise!
    Our Messiah's arms are bigger, He can hold you through the dark times, you are a courageous girl and your celiac family is routing for you all the way. May whatever God decides to come, may you be peaceful inside. Keep the little light burning for Him, He will take good care of you on your journey home. (home to Heaven or home to your earthly home).

  2. I'm a busy woman, two kids, two cats, celiac, lots of stuff not done, lots of stuff I want to do.



    Then I'm dashing to the bathroom (the kids follow me) so I got to get in before they do and shut the door. They pop open the baby gate sometimes now, the oldest one has no trouble.


    "I just want some privacy! Holy smokin' cow man!"


    You just have to pee, that's it!


    Then you open the lid, there it is.......the ring of DEATH.


    You forgot to swab that out for a few weeks.


    It's frightening, it may be causing your allergy symptoms, it's odor is permeating the bathroom.

    Dang Nab IT! I meant to do that!


    You sit with a guilty conscience, hurry up, here come the kids. You look back as you flush, water has no power anymore over the ring of death.




    Running away seems to make sense at that point.



    Just run!


  3. I can be happy, if I remember what's written in the Bible. Not to complain when trials come my way but to see them as pure joy. Sounds crazy right? The Lord only allows hard times for two reasons; Satan wants to crush you with the trials of life, and God wants to see you rise above!


    I'm standing pretty TALL today :D Thank you God for your strength! I will have to borrow it for many years to come!

  4. Well well well....


    Not surprised. Nor scared. I may have cancer again. :P


    I am going to go WHOLE HIPPY NUTS THIS TIME! BooYAA!


    I'm allergic to pain killers: no surgery for me. Thank GOD!

    I'm not interested at all in chemo or radiation again. Been there done that. They will want to bone marrow transplant, I will not tolerate pain killers nor that transplant without painkillers. lol


    I am however FAR more aware of what to research, how much to supplement, how little and signs to look out for.
    I DO have a Naturopathic Doctor licensed and NOT a quake to monitor what I choose to do nutrition wise. 


    Welcome, to the FIGHT! DING DING DING> IT'S ON! LOL


    Cancer shall meet it's worst enemy..... ME! BWAHAHAHHAHA


    Any-who, cancer is literally our own healthy cells becoming malignant (going astray/doing something they aren't programed to do by DNA). SO really we should care for our unhealthy cells. Treat them with the herbs, vitamins and minerals that are put here on the face of this earth in their best form by God Himself. I believe I will live as long as the good Messiah allows me to and I will be with Him when He wants me to. I'll just be more educated of the remedies available and be more responsible for the temple (my body) that He has given me.

    I should have never SLACKED on my immune supports when first diagnosed with Celiac. That was the stupidest mistake, I was worried about the money>which is now being spent ANYWAY.




    Time to get back up in the saddle!

  5. I totally can't have anything the hospital offers. It's part of being allergic to more than just gluten.


    Reed's soda is gluten free, they make many different flavors. They have a website, you can call, email, ask questions, find one that your body is okay with so the next time your in the hospital you have back up! :D Prepare for the stupid people in your life. Stand firm with what you know.


    I tupperware homemade food where ever I go. Got Intolerance Enzyme complex pills and Gluten enzyme pills for just the situation where somebody gluten's me. Especially my kids. Hands and toys get in my mouth.


    I'd be totally running out that hospital in my gown with the back out!


    I hope your surgery went just fine.

  6. Seems funny, obviously I wouldn't go trick or treating with my specific allergies, that'd be stupid. I'd buy my own specific treats and not bother anyone else. Celiac's could just have a specialty Hallow-Treat party at home, baking specific dishes that simple but tasty, using proper precautions of course. Then invite friends/family with specific issues. AND HAVE A TREAT! :D

  7. http://www.sunfood.com/carob-powder-16oz-organic-truly-raw.html


    Sunfood has Certified Gluten Free Carob Powder. Their packaging is 6 years old, so it says otherwise. I called, they confirmed it is a certified (tested) gluten free and packaged in a gluten free facility. It has not given me a problem at all. I have been searching for something that is an alternative to chocolate, being I am allergic to caffeine. So here it is! Sunfood carob powder!


    It works as a 1:1 ratio replacing chocolate powder. I've made pudding, syrup, and it can go into cookies, muffins, cake mixes, etc.

  8. I am allergic to caffeine.

     I only have a few but they are clearly too irritating for me to consume caffeine and enjoy caffeine. The only ones that I don't experience are the flu like symptoms, the swollen eyes, my tongue doesn't swell and no cold sweats. The rest bugs me for the rest of the day, and the next morning I feel hung over! Big time hate caffeine. Found this out after quitting caffeine for months then sipped it daily and increased it. Symptoms increased and before long I hated what I was drinking.



    Here are all symptoms possible for people with caffeine allergy.

    1. Skin problems such as hives, eczema, rashes, acne, severe itching
    2. Headaches/ migraines
    3. Anxiety and panic attacks
    4. Can’t focus or concentrate
    5. Tongue, glands, or throat swelling
    6. Heart racing/ palpitations
    7. Angry, irritable, bad mood
    8. Fatigue
    9. Dizziness
    10. Extreme jitters
    11. Chest Pain
    12. Depression
    13. Numbness in face, hands, or feet
    14. Muscle pain
    15. Shortness of breath/ tightness of chest
    16. Delusions/ hallucinations
    17. Flu/ cold like symptoms
    18. Vision problems
    19. Cold sweats
    20. Eyes swollen shut

    So...now I want chocolate.....it's that time of the month again. But...the caffeine!!! lol Noooooo!

    So I'm looking for a certified gluten free carob instead. Or I'll have to encourage my liver to produce the caffeine enzymes that it isn't. There's a whole new study.

  9. No matter how strict my diet is, I seem to loose too much weight, it almost always is worse around this time of year...October-November. That happens to be when I was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago (I was 20 years old), now I am 30. I have gotten married which supposedly would put on a couple pounds right?? The old saying goes something like, once you settle down your tend to start gaining weight. Well, not for me evidently. I've had two kids too. Got really heavy for me, went from 118-170 with my first, almost that for my second. BUT STILL I have lost my breast fat, they are less than an A cup, my periods are wacky still, I've been trying to regulate this obnoxious phenomenon of turning into a 12 year old little girl again with progesterone cream, applying it everyday. Was suppose to get hormone therapy after cancer treatments but have read many negative experiences of that with unwanted side affects. Then got diagnosed celiac soon after cancer treatments were over, got hormone tests three times since then and they have always been wacky! The only hormones that are not affected are the testosterone and the DHEA.


    SO I've been reading more, I don't have Hashimotos, I just don't meet the symptoms. I might have Crohns but I'm already doing the best I can for that. My thyroid checked out okay from tests done in the past when I had much worse symptoms then now. I've had a full body MRI when I was 20 and nothing extra was found invading my important organs, e.a. tumors around the pituitary or ovarian cancer.


    Not really finding a realistic direction to search in here.


    Anyone have this experience?

    Anyone have suggestions to research?

    Anyone been through hormone therapy successfully and what side effects/experiences did you have during/afterward?


  10. It seem my anxiety attack has brought on adrenal fatigue and progesterone drops.

    I lost a bunch of weight, having menopausal symptoms and feeling the same adrenal fatigue as before.

    Hands are dumb, dropping stuff, tingling in hands and feet, muscle weakness. I've got two kids to take care of and this is just not convenient.

    I'm wondering...with my stress issues...I've been seeing a counselor yes, I'm told to stay away from the stuff that's causing these attacks and that would be my relatives at the moment.

    I'm wondering...would pot help me with my anxiety and my autoimmune disorder?

    Maybe help calm my over reactive body down so I can gain some weight and sleep better?

    So far nothing of a gluten free diet for the last 9 yeas isn't saving my carcass.

  11. You DO NOT have to eat gluten to be tested for Celiac! Don't eat gluten.


    A CELIAC PANEL is a DNA test which is accurate for doctor to determine if you are a celiac. Celiac disease is genetic therefore being on a gluten free or gluten diet doesn't not make a difference.


    There is a long period of fasting for this test for people like us who suffer from malabsorbtion. It will take 4 larger test tubes of blood. So bring snacks after wards to eat immediately. I was tested positive for celiac disease on a gluten diet and off of gluten, your DNA will show it no matter what. It's always going to be there, unfortunately.

  12. Ditto only fast forward several years. I'm allergic to nearly everything, according to a naturopath, I plan on getting a poke test for allergies on my back. I'm sure that will entertain the nurses as I swell up and look like the hunchback of Notre dome.


    I'm right there with ya for the layering of allergies and symptoms. It's as if my whole cellular structure has revolted. I'm putting a tiny bit of progesterone cream on each day now since I've hit menopausal symptoms again. Not an enjoyable rollercoaster. :S :P


    So I'll keep praying for healing, answers, peace, etc. De-stress as much as you can each day. It seems stress for me triggers a lot of the allergic reactions, as if my immune system has PTSD.

  13. If you have reactive celiac (not sure on the labeling there) but the general idea is the lining of the intestines will respond as if glutened (to some degree of being glutened) simply by being stressed. It's know as reactive. I definantly would agree about getting glutened from the kids. I got two and they put hands, toes, toys, etc. right up in my face and sometimes straight in my mouth. Very irritating. Do you have gluten enzymes that you can take to help process through what you've gotten in your system?

  14. The Gluten Free Certification Organization is finally heard by the FDA and this August 2014 the law for gluten free labeled food and beverages must meet below the 20ppm (parts per million) standard or they will be relabeled (to not have a gluten free or certification label) or removed from the shelves. It took 10 years for the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) to be heard by the FDA.



    Go get 'em FDA! I'm tired of getting glutened!




  15. The ginger drink suggested above is a must :D Reeds ginger soda is a quickie for nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, motion sickness....yadda yadda. Probiotics like greek yogurt, which you might like, is great for gut relief. I get the Wallaby Organic low fat Greek Yogurt that's certified gluten-free.


    We have similar gut swelling issues, mines after being glutened. Are you possibly being glutened? Cross contamination? Even spices can have gluten in them, stuff with white vinegar is iffy as well. Maybe check everything thoroughly.

  16. Yes, having been glutened, your gut will loose some of what it needs to break down the hard cheese. You can gain that back with probiotics and the healing of your gut. Takes me a while to be able to eat greek yogurt after being glutened. But there are good probiotics in greek yogurt. There's also pill form, drinks in health food stores, plain yogurt with no frills, and probiotic liquid yogurt drinks. As soon as you find out what the glutening was from, and heal up, with probiotics you'll eat hard cheese just fine again.

  17. I thought I was doing a good things by getting on liquid vitamins. I thought I could trust the label that said "gluten free" from nature's plus. I thought I could email them now and ask questions but their email page mysteriously doesn't work. The international email looks like goes through to them but who knows who is going to answer that.



    My symptoms:

    Heat strain, palpitation, lethargy, pain down arms

    Nerve pain, numbness, tingling

    Cold hands and feet

    hot and cold flushes

    blue colored skin, dry ashy look

    dizziness, nausea, eye pressure in the left eye


    wry neck, muscle spasms, muscle pain, ataxia like nothing I've experienced before

    Mood swings, depression, nightmares, daymares

    hay fever and pet allergies increased substantially

    indigestion, pain while going to the bathroom, bloating, swelling



    I remember having all this before I knew I was a celiac. That was way back in highschool.


    I was wondering where the hell all this came out of, checking all my sources and looking at everything with suspicion....then this morning after 3 months of taking the liquid vitamins by Nature'sPlus, I noticed on the bottle in fine print under "Source 70 Whole Food Complex" there it was.


    Barely Grass is NOT gluten free when allowed to begin to seed or to fully seed, then harvested and put into the vitamins. NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!


    This have put me back months in my gluten free diet and I've BEEN GLUTEN FREE FOR YEARS!!! SINCE 2004!!!


    Not cool people. Not cool.