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  1. I was in target ystrdy n to my surprise I eyed EGGO gluten-free waffles! I had no idea they even existed! There's cinnamon or plain available. I bought 1 box of each n tried the cinnamon this a.m. It was crispy outside n fluffy inside, not crumbly like Vans. Im very pleased with the texture.I found the cinnamon flavor very weak and so did my DD. she put syrup on hers. I will sprinkle a little cinnamon n sugar on mine next time.

    The price was $2.99 for 8. We typically buy Natures Path waffles which is $3.50 for 6. So, we will get the EGGO from now on. Tomorrow we will try the plain ones. I'm pretty sure they are fine tho.

  2. Went to BJs as I ran out of meatballs but they didn't have the turkey gluten-free, They had a beef/pork offering that's also gluten-free. We like these too, but if given a choice would buy the turkey.

    put these meatballs (or any gluten-free meatball) on a Udis hoagie roll with mozzarella, tomato sauce , black pepper n sprinkle with Parmesan. Pop in toaster oven till cheese melts . OMG it's so good! DD said its one of the best things she's ever had! A real Italian meatball sub!

  3. My DD had these meatballs at a friends house in Miami, and she loved them. They were bought at BJ's. I live 1 county over & the BJ's here does not have them. Their website is minimal so I posted on the company's Facebook pg. Their reply was worthless, gave no info where their product was available in the fort lauderdale area. These meatballls are very good. I've tried to duplicate them to no avail. I wish i could buy them locally & have this option as part of a gluten-free meal sometimes.  


    Has anyone else had these delicious meatballs? 

  4. to prevent  bread slices (such as udi's/Rudi's, etc) from being mushy/damp when microwaving, DO NOT lay bread flat in the microwave. The bread needs to stand up to let the steam evaporate. When the bread lays on a plate the steam becomes trapped making the bread mushy. Lean the bread against a cup or something on a plate, while microwaving. try not overheat abt 30 sec is good (give or take a few sec). Let it cool for a mt n Voila! soft bread! not mushy or damp! 


    Do this for any bread or buns (gluten-free or not) 

  5. While in Publix I discovered AGAINST THE GRAIN gourmet pizza for $9.99. Rather pricey I thought but it was a full size small pizza so I took the plunge n bought it for my DD. the crust was kinda thick n it was scattered with about 9-10 pepperoni slices. It looked pretty good, decent amt of cheese.

    VERDICT: has a weird taste! Thought it was the cheese but DD said no its the crust. She took 1 bite n did not like it. Damn! I can tolerate it so I'll eat it 2mrw. Can't let $10 go to waste!

  6. I may have to look for this and give it a try sometime if I can find it on sale. My biggest gripe with frozen pizza has always been not enough cheese. Then again, I'm an extra cheese kind of girl. The first frozen pizza I ever got with enough cheese was the gluten free one from Costco, which I'd give a solid A. (rating based on frozen pizza scale, not real pizza scale) But I'm open minded, I'll try a new one.

    Ive never seen gluten-free pizza at costco. I"ll have to look next time. Is it the house brand KIRKLAND?

  7. Well my visit was Phili was short lived n extremely hectic. We only managed to go to 1 pizza joint  and 1 bakery, SWEET FREEDOM. The goodies there are absolutely fabulous especially the chocolate chip cookie sandwich filled with cream n dipped iin chocolate OMG!! so-o-o-o good!!!!! but very expensive like $4.50. The Pizza place we went to is called 

    Bianca Pizza and Trattoria, 

    and the gluten-free pizza was excellent!! It was the size of a small pizza about 10" and cost $9.50 for cheese or $10.50 for pepperoni, which is in line pricewise with regular pizza. My kids loved it and ate a whole 1 each! Now be forewarned--I am not sure if any cross contamination occured or can occur. I do not worry too much about CC as my kids are not sensitive. We do avoid CC of course but if something is CC we dont get too concerned either, but again we try to avoid as best as we can. So anybody considering trying this place out, please call and get the details on the prep. 


    I wished my trip lasted another day, so we could try other gluten-free places. Anyway we enjoyed these 2 places.