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    veganism, baking, photography, environmentalism, activism, disability advocacy

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*I'm not affiliated in any way with the xgfx.org website. "xgfx" is a shorthand cutesy designation for "gluten-free vegan" and I like it. Veganism is important to me for personal reasons and my freedom from gluten has also become very important, so I wanted this incorporated into my username. I don't know anyone affiliated with the xgfx website, although I've been known to look up recipes there on occasion.

I'm 30-something years old, and have discovered my gluten intolerance in June 2011 after a lifetime of asthma, "acne," and anemia, and 5 (6? I forget) years of fibromyalgia (and a million diverse symptoms blamed on fibromyalgia). I've got invisible disabilities that cause chronic pain (arthritis-spine, spondylolisthesis), but it was the fibromyalgia symptoms that really impacted my lifestyle. Most doctors blame everything on fibromyalgia, and I was complacent and accepting of it for a long time. I've had negative tests, but am convinced gluten is toxic to me since avoiding it has made such a difference, and have accepted that current medical science can't formally diagnose me.

This board has been a huge asset for me in this journey. Thank you for your inspiring stories and helpful information.

I lost my career to celiac disease, but now that I'm on the mend, I'm trying to get back to work again.

  1. Btw I use Method dye and scent free laundry soap. It's been safe for me so far. I've NEVER been able to use any tide, even pre-gluten-free. I've also tried the Seventh Gen baby laundry soap, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as itch-free as Method so I didn't even finish the bottle. I'm too attached...
  2. Not an idiot!! You're a sleuth for figuring it out!! I've done the same thing, too. Not just with gluten bath products, but with a gluten-free but seaweed-containing shampoo. Within a few hours, i had tons of angry red blisters everywhere the shampoo flows when I rinsed. The iodine was the culprit...
  3. My dad used to be a prison guard and there weren't any special diet accommodations. Diabetics were expected to work with what was given (don't eat the dessert unless you want to go to the ER, which they did often)... Then a college classmate was a women's prison guard and they had a salad bar and...
  4. Do you have wavy or curly hair? I went "no 'poo" (I use an occasional surfactant-free soap like dr. Bronner's, and lots of regular conditioning, the book "curly girl" or the Internet has lots of info), and my hair felt a lot better and shed less. That was pre-gluten-free, and now that I'm gluten...
  5. I think Udi's is a problem for a lot of folks and it's usually because of cross contamination of gluten rather than a problem with the ingredients. (that's not to say it's impossible, just that there's cc.)