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  1. i'm actually very well read on the topic, and i apologize for not finding a more suitable. but i came here looking for...
  2. http://www.healthnowmedical.com/blog/2012/08/21/gluten-intolerant-what%E2%80%99s-in-your-cosmetics/
  3. i've had this happen too! people get so confused about celiac alongside all the different allergens their customers are...
  4. oh, man.... number 4. i've had several restaurant employees and owners ask me what happens when i eat gluten. ...
  5. i'm convinced those stupid moisture strips on disposable razors i've tried may not be glutenfree enough for me. i usually...
  6. seconding the posters above. i also take pain medication for chronic pain, and i've called several manufacturers (in...
  7. no, she will not be forgiven. she was poisoning me for a year, knowing full well what she was doing all along, and lying...
  8. hi everyone. i haven't been around here for a couple years i think, but i still search the forums for info and i sent...
  9. Jenniferxgfx

    Why Are People So Insensitive?

    I went gluten-free a month before you and I haven't had this situation yet but I've thought about it. I think it must...
  10. Whey protein is from milk which he may not tolerate right now if it's indeed celiac.
  11. I get reflux symptoms a few hours later in some cases (certain foods). It's usually soon after but sometimes my dinner...
  12. Jenniferxgfx

    Travel Tips Needed

    This post is timely for me! We're takin our first trip since going gluten-free next month, driving to Arizona from CA...
  13. My celiac symptoms worsened and became severe when I live in SE mich. the Livonia Family Practice and the hospital they...
  14. Jenniferxgfx

    Four Months In And Feeling Alone

    Ugh. The only person who can pull that label-reading joke is my husband. I just don't find it funny at all but I know...
  15. Jenniferxgfx

    Banana Allergy?

    I have a latex allergy that's gotten worse over time. I carried my own box of nitrile gloves in college for labs because...