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13-year-old daughter diagnosed with celiac April, 2011. Mom, Dad and daughter all went gluten free and felt much better! I ignored doctors' prompts to eat gluten for two months so I could get an endoscopy. Genetic test turned up positive. Misdiagnosed for 14 years.

  1. I can tell you that my daughter is confirmed as having celiac and we had been through the same route with OCD tendencies, including CBT. But after about 2.5 months gluten free, she doesn't seem to be having the problem any more. She's 13 and while I feel guilty (as a Mom) that I didn't get her diagnosed...
  2. I am new to celiac (6-weeks gluten free), but am learning that celiac is an autoimmune disease and autoimmune diseases can cause migraines, skin rashes and joint pain. I am reading a book called Living Well with Autoimmune Diseases and it's helpful.