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  1. manda sue....it sounds fine....what spices did you use? that has gluten in it sometimes... also, do you often have dairy? i was told when you are newly diagnosed you are supposed to stay away from dairy because it doesnt allow the villi to heal that was damaged with gluten? Also do you mind sharing your pumpkin cookie receipe?
  2. She has a masters or doctrate in nutrition. She has written 2 regular books and 2 cook books. She believes gluten isnt needed even if your not allergic to it. She gives healthy ways of making gluten free foods...For example she uses almond, peanut, and coconut flour mainly as flours. And everything is sugar free and mostly dairy free unless specifically written. She just helped me open my eyes to everything and realize how food effects your mood and stabalizes who you are....
  3. ok so my son did have the tissue transglutaminase but he said that only confirms gluten sensitivity.... his levels were high >6 was positive and he was >33
  4. check this blog out....she is amazing.... http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Maria-Mind-Body-Health/337393421445 Also, ALEX: whats the pumpkin pie pancake receipe please?
  5. he told me there is not a blood test for celiacs.... only a biopsy from the small intestine tissue?
  6. i noticed issues with both my kids and i told school i wanted to switch them to gluten free and they said not without a dr note! I would get a dr lab sheet to test for Tissue trans glutaminase....when i did positive was >6 and my son was >33!!! he got his dr note!
  7. can someone tell me how you make pasta salad????
  8. is a sour smell under armpit due to celiac or gluten sensitivity?
  9. What do you feed your kids??? also I cant find it but can someone show me where it has symptoms online for celiac?
  10. I have been dealing with day care not giving my son gluten...if i were you i would do what was mentioned above which is get an official dr's note....because even if later she has to be put in a daycare they will require a drs note and you could get a false negative if she has been gluten free for awhile.....
  11. i cant believe play dough cant be played with! this is really serious! my son has gluten sensitivity but is getting biopsy this week.... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE IT SHOWS SYMPTOMS OF GLUTEN SENSITIVITY FOR BOTH ADULT AND CHILDREN? thank you
  12. KATHLEEN - I have been told i have ADD and Bi polar... I started following this lady last year on facebook... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maria-Mind-Body-Health/337393421445 I hired her last month and she told me what supplements to take that are NATURAL! Cause I too have been put on like 4 different meds and all went suicidal and that is totally not me! But it has to be followed with GLUTEN FREE diets because it DOES effect moods....i bought her books and learned that... She is awesome support.... and her books will truely help you and someone she is close to has bi polar also so she totally knows what she is talking about...
  13. so then the best choice is to just do the biopsy and possibly refuse the drugs? cause I had been given him no gluten for about a week and half but he may have got something here and there cause when i picked him up from grandpas he had a sandwich in hand and had only had a bite and i tricked him into giving it to me and i told him i would give him ice cream instead LOL..and now they are having me regluten him till procedure...i just dont know if its neccessary to be for certain about celiac or just know he is extremely sensitive?
  14. but WHY????? I dont get it.... what does play dough do?
  15. MIZZO - I am not 100% sure if my 3 year old has celiac or not cause they are telling me they need a biopsy this week. But if he is he cant even play with macaroni at school? i didnt know all these things till i read your forum!
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