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    Royal Caribbean Or Carnival?

    Thanks! We ended up in a boardwalk balcony room on Royal Caribbean.
  2. We are planning a cruise in September and cannot decide between Royal Caribbean (for its onboard activities) and Carnival (cheaper therefore would book balcony rooms). I'm wondering which is easier for gluten-free travel? Both DD and myself are gluten-free, and I especially want her to have fun!
  3. She is definitely casein sensitive, so she is off gluten, dairy and soy, and has been for six days. She is still complaining of tummy aches and occasionally of feeling like she needs to vomit after she eats. My guess is that we did a number on her stomach.
  4. So, we took my daughter (age 3) off gluten in December and saw a positive response. Of course, since all of her tests showed no problem with gluten we were kind of wondering if that's really what it was that had helped her. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago: she did a head dive into the coffee table, sustained deep cut on her face and ended up with 8 stitches right near her mouth. The only food she was willing to eat after was Kraft mac n cheese, so it kind of turned into a gluten trial of sorts. Within a couple days it seemed her stool was different, but nothing more than that until about two weeks in. We were questioning her intolerance at all. Gradually things like dark rings around her eyes, crappy appetite, and even crazier stool started happening, so we realized we needed to get her back off gluten. Then her tummy was hurting a lot, and we took her right off. Within two days of that she was complaining every time she ate that she felt like she was going to puke, or that her tummy hurt. Is it possible that her stomach is so irritated from the gluten that now not only does she have a low grade tummy ache constantly, but eating makes her feel nauseous? She was only back on gluten for two weeks. Guess my husband (the one slow to come around to this gluten thing) is convinced now. I just want to make sure we aren't attributing these things to gluten erroneously.
  5. Well, no apparent CC this time.
  6. My husband took our daughter to the park. Afterward he stopped to get her a treat. Rather than get her something from the several options I listed, he got her a McDonald's strawberry sundae with nuts. Though their site says they're gluten-free, what are the chances of cross-contamination in this case?
  7. I can see wanting to rule out everything else before jumping to gluten. I went to him hoping he'd want to cover all the bases. It seems like he isn't concerned enough to think there is even a problem. Great point about bringing respected studies with us next time to reference! I'm concerned that aside from the misinformation he spouted off, he discounted the huge drop in percentiles on the growth charts, the undigested food and sometimes floaty stool, and the fact that I AM gluten intolerant with Hashimoto's. He just completely ignored those things. He didn't even take the stool sample we brought in.
  8. Why didn't I think to ask for citations and studies? Oh well, I'm not going back to him. I knew within a few minutes he was useless. He kept hearing my comments/questions, then turning away from me and speaking only to my husband. Nice.
  9. Ah, but you are forgetting that this "doctor" doesn't believe we should remove gluten from her diet. Excellent point, though.
  10. Yeah, that makes sense to me. Why would someone who tolerates gluten fine feel ill after going back on it? Seems like someone who has no issues could eat it or not, with no change in body.
  11. Here are some of the gems I heard from my daughter's GI today. True or False? Links to current research (for my husband) are much appreciated! ANYONE who removes gluten from their diet and then later reintroduces it will feel ill and react to it. This does not mean they are Celiac or NCGI. If someone tests negative for the two main Celiac genes, no further testing is needed. Celiac has been ruled out. IBS is its own valid thing, and not often a misdiagnosis of NCGI. A Total IGA of 18 (range 20-100) is not enough to be IGA deficient. Irregularity is most likely cause of foul smelling stools, alternating between regular/C/D, strange colors, undigested food, and lots of gas and stomach cramps. What do you guys think? Does this doc know his stuff, or should I fire him?
  12. So, went to GI today with DD's list of concerns. crappy sleep (wakes every 20 min-2 hrs all night long) stomach pain extremely irregular stool in frequency, consistency, color, smell, sometimes floats a bit lots of undigested food in stool gassy tooth decay to the extent she had four removed drop in percentiles (from high 90's to BMI being so low it's touching danger zone) soy and dairy intolerant says hungry won't eat bags under eyes frequent congestion pain when having BM - shivers, cries, totally freaks His response: an ultrasound to rule out colon blockage. Give her Benefiber to make her regular. That's it! He said that she may have IBS like me. That anyone who removes gluten from their diet will have pain when they start eating it again, even someone without celiac or NCGI. All the other symptoms mean nothing to him, just the alternating between C and D. Her total IGA was 18 (range 20-100). He says it's too high for her to be IGA deficient, therefore her Celiac results are valid (all negative). I am so, so frustrated. Please help. Does anyone have experience or can point me in direction of research contradicting this doctor? He also said if I am negative for both genes, then he thinks I couldn't possibly have Celiac, and it's pointless to do any more testing with her. What the heck.
  13. Thanks for this. I've decided I need to just suck it up and be gluten-free, as regardless of whether it is celiac, I have to be diligent. I would be elated if my emotional eating issues eased as a result of being gluten-free!
  14. Thanks. I have serious anxiety issues, but if I can convince a doctor to order one I'll just force myself to do it. I really want to know.