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  1. Hey Everyone!


    Wow, I haven't posted on here in a while, but I am always searching topics to see what all you smart people are saying! I had my check up with my GI doc yesterday, this marks 3 years post celiac disease diagnosis in 2011. I'm doing great, feeling better than ever before, although coping with new issues, i.e. thyroid nodules resulting in low thyroid, low iron, etc. Anyway, I have noticed just in the past few months that my blood work has come back with low protein levels.  I'm trying to figure out if this is just a casual, non issue and I just need to eat more protein, or if this points to a malabsorption problem, more specifically, malabsorption syndrome? I've never heard of this before, I have always known that celiacs aren't able to absorb nutrients, but I have never heard of "malabsorption syndrome." Doesn't a celiac's ability to absorb nutrients get better once you go on the gluten-free diet? My other bloodwork all came back great, and shows great results (low celiac antibodies) from being on the gluten-free diet. Just curious if any of you have ever had low protein levels in your blood? I'm not sure if this is just a diet issue, or if I am eating enough protein but it is not being absorbed? Any thoughts appreciated....


    God Bless! B)

  2. Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while as I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago and have felt so much better for the past few months without any major issues! Celiac.com has been my biggest help and source of info on my journey of celiac disease. Recently I have been having stomach pain again and I am trying to figure out what it's from. One thought is that it's new food intolerances that I am sensitive to such as corn, dairy, and soy. I am currently trying out the Virgin Diet to help settle my system down (obviously I am already gluten free). The other thought is that I might have had cross contamination from the Visalus shake mix I have recently tried. The shake claims to be Gluten Free but also has a disclaimer because it is processed on the same lines as products containing wheat! So frustrating!! The hardest thing about celiac disease for me (aside from giving up gluten) is the hidden gluten you inevitably get from unknown sources! I just wondered if anyone else has gone through this or might have encouragement!

  3. Hello Everybody!! I am a celiac patient and have been gluten free for about 8 months!! Still encountering some bumps along the way, but overall I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!!! My question in this topic is for a dear friend of mine who just found out today that she is allergic to almost EVERYTHING, wheat, barley, rye, CORN, and SOY. I can help her with the Gluten Free issues, but not the corn and soy! It seems like there would be nothing left for her to eat! Could anyone direct me to some kind of general food list for people who have to avoid corn, soy, AND gluten? She is scheduled to also have a blood test for celiac which I am expecting to be positive. Her aunt had celiac disease before she died of cancer. I don't know if the cancer was related to her being celiac, but I do know she had gotten off the gluten-free diet for a few years before she got cancer. Anyway, I have heard that many celiac patients find out later on in their journey that they have other food intolerances. I am thinking of going to an allergist myself to see if there is anything else I need to avoid besides gluten. If anyone has any input or advice in how I can help my friend I would greatly appreciate it. Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

  4. Hey Everyone!!

    I have seen a few people post lists of what they have found gluten free at Costco. Their unsalted butter is such a great deal, but it says on the ingredient list "natural flavorings". It only lists milk as an allergen, but it said that people with food allergies should look closely at the ingredient label. Anyway, I know most butters are ok, but I have read where some are definitely not ok. Does anyone know about this brand? Thanks for your help. I have been feeling so much better now on my 5th month of GLUTEN FREE FOR LIFE (diagnosed with Celiac in late July 2011).

  5. I use this all the time and have had no issues. I have a relationship with people who work for the company and they've always assured me that the ingrediants are fine!

    THANKS SO MUCH! :) I know for certain that Comstock is gluten free. That at least gives peace of mind to know 100%. But I am glad to know your relationship with the Lucky Leaf people. That makes me feel better!

  6. Hello Everyone!!! I know that regular Sudafed is gluten free, but I am wondering about the 12 hour Equaline brand? I have heard conflicting reports on polysorbate 80? Anyway, here are the ingredients in case anyone knows. I so appreciate this forum! It has been SO HELPFUL!

    EQUALINE 12 HOUR DECONGESTANT (pseudoephedrine hydrochloride) tablet, film coated, extended release

    Active Ingredient: Pseudoephedrine HCl 120 mg

    Inactive Ingredients: carnauba wax, colloidal silicon dioxide, dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, titanium dioxide

  7. I think a lot of pie fillings are made using modified food starch as a thickener. The ingredients on the can should be the most up-to-date. Are there any other ingredients that would make you suspicious that the pie filling you have is not gluten-free? I just checked a can of the Food Lion apple pie filling in my pantry and it also says modified food starch (corn).

    Thank you so much for responding to this!! The only other questionable ingredient is "artificial flavor".

  8. Hello everyone!!! I hope you are enjoying gluten free holidays! :) This is my first holiday season going gluten free since I found out I have celiac disease back in the late summer. I was wondering if anyone knew if Lucky Leaf Premium Cherry Pie Filling is gluten free? I am finding mixed information online. The ingredients on the can list that the modified food starch is corn based. But, I have seen other websites who say there are questionable ingredients. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  9. Hello Fellow Gluten Free Friends!!!

    I am only posting this because I can't find the information ANYWHERE online, including the Shamrock Foods website re. their products in general. My question was regarding their Dessert Topping, Ultra pasteurized whipped topping. I called the company and they were kind enough to put me in touch with the TOP CHEF who called me personally from his cell phone! He asked me to read the ingredients which I did, and he reassured me that there is no gluten or wheat-containing ingredients in that particular product. Anyway, on the off chance that anyone is researching this product, I wanted you to know it is gluten free!! Thanks!

  10. Hey!! Thanks to you both for your replies! Amazing, isn't it? I am so glad to hear that others have gone through this. I don't ever feel feverish, it's strange because I never knew gluten could be the culprit. I know some people run higher temps than others anyway but It will be interesting to see if I still have a low grade temp the next time I go to the dr. Hopefully I am not getting accidentally glutened. Thanks again and I have so appreciated this forum! Take care and God bless!

  11. Hello!! I am 2 months into the Gluten Free lifestyle, diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July 2011. During the time of my testing and various doctor appointments, they would routinely check my temperature and I would be running a low-grade fever! They would ask me if I was fighting a cold or feeling sick, but it was always a shock to me as I never suspected a fever. My hands and feet are usually on the cold side, but my head is hot. LOL Does anyone else go through this? I never knew I ran a low grade fever but it has happened more than twice when I have been at the doctor for other reasons. I am wondering if this is related to Celiac Disease. I feel frustrated with so many unanswered questions going on with me. My son's bloodwork for celiac recently came back as a "weak positive". I am hoping to find a good doctor that is familiar with Celiac Disease in children. My son doesn't have any symptoms except bloating and gas which he has learned to live with. I just want to make the right decisions in moving forward and I don't want to ignore anything that could be serious. When I received his bloodwork results, the nurse merely suggested I could try him on a gluten free diet for a while. I am thinking a weak positive still means positive! Thanks for listening. This community has been so encouraging and helpful. I have felt MUCH better since being gluten-free, but the idea of Celiac Disease being an auto immune disorder is scary when you think about the ramifications it can have down the road. Any comments or thoughts on this would be appreciated!

  12. Thank you so much for your reply! I have never heard of that test. I will have to look into that! Also, I am just reading your symptoms below your post! Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease yet? I had many of your same symptoms, including the muscle twitching. I haven't seen anyone else who had that. I am interested to see what your results are! I hope you can keep us posted! :) I don't really have nausea, but have the upper abdominal pain, mostly in the center but sometimes to the left. Anyway, thanks for reading and responding to my post! Take care and I hope everything works out well for you! God bless! :)

  13. UPDATE! Hello everyone!! I can't tell you how much the celiac community here at celiac.com has helped me. I so appreciate everyone who reads and responds to my posts! I took the advice of my doctor and had my children blood tested. My daughter is 15, and her test came back negative. My son is 11, and his test came back with a weak positive. Here are his results:

    IgA: Sufficient (In Range)

    Gliadin IgA Ab: 11 (In Range)

    Tis.Transglut.Ab IgA: 23 (Out of Range)

    Negative... <20

    Weak Pos.. 20-30

    Postive...... >30

    (Reference Range 0-19)

    As I said before, my daughter's test was negative with her results below:

    IgA: Sufficient

    Gliadin IgA Ab: 9

    Tis.Transglut.Ab IgA: 7

    So, my question is two-fold. First, what exactly does a "weak-positive" mean? When the nurse called to tell me, she didn't say that my son had celiac disease, she just said "you may want to put him on a gluten free diet." This is so confusing to me! My GI doc told me that my kids don't have to have a biopsy right now since I am positive, if they test positive then they most likely have it. I just need advice on what to do. He is a carb addict and it will be difficult to make him go 100% gluten free. He has no painful symptoms, just bloating and gas that he has learned to live with over the years.

    Secondly, my daughter is the one who I thought would come up with a positive result. She has unexplained nausea and I am wondering if it is from gluten ingestion. It's so hard to know what to do for your kids, especially with such a life altering diet for teenagers and pre-teens. I think I am still in denial that I actually have celiac disease, and my test was IgA Sufficient, Gliadin IgA Ab: 8, and Tis.Transglut.Ab IgA of 75! My biopsy also came back with some abnormalities. Has anyone else gone through a denial period? I think I am crazy. LOL I am taking it one day at a time and trying to get all the gluten out of my house. My only thoughts for my children are to try to keep our house 100% gluten free, but I am not sure how they need to eat when they are out with friends. My son especially, who doesn't have painful symptoms, I am worried that if he does indeed have celiac disease, that his intestines are being damaged with each gluten ingestion. So, thanks for reading my post and responding. Any advice would be appreciated! I wish doctors would be more conclusive about the course of action to take, especially on a "weak positive" result, such as my son's. Thanks everyone!

  14. Thank you Sylvia and Gemini!! :) I so appreciate all your input! It has really helped me today!!! :) Gemini, thank you for your clarification on how gluten is ingested. I am so thankful for this forum and all the people who are having to live the gluten free journey. It helps so much to have people to talk to who understand! Thanks again and I hope you both have a blessed weekend! :)

  15. That's a great point!!! Thanks again so much. So, anything that can be ingested in your mouth (i.e. lotion on your hands could be if you eat something with your hands, or lipstick obviously) is the real danger? I think my foundation has gluten because it is Revlon. I just bought it for $13 ugh... and am wondering if I should replace it. I so appreciate you sharing your experience. I am sure there are others out there who are more sensitive to these types of things, but I don't think I am. I haven't noticed any adverse reactions to my foundation yet, but I will definitely check into my lip liner, lip gloss, etc. Thanks again!! Also, do you know anything about sunscreen? :)

  16. I have had my hair colored for over 20 years using good quality salon color and have never had any kind of an issue with it and I am an extremely sensitive Celiac. Let's face it....hair color is not something you want to be ingesting on any level and if you did, I am sure you would know it. It would be a problem if you have any topical allergies at all, which might produce a rash or other skin irritation but that is not the same as a Celiac reaction. Remember, you have to ingest the product for it to cause a problem. If you have been coloring your hair all along without a problem, then it shouldn't be an issue now. Hair color does not absorb through the skin...it's mixed with peroxide and burns off once exposed to air.

    The nail thing I can't help you with other than to say I get a manicure now and again but have my own nails and don't use acrylics. I don't check for the status of nail polish because I don't eat it or make a habit of putting my fingers in my mouth. Besides, it hardens which would make ingestion difficult, unless you chew it off. I have never been sickened or anything else by nail polish. The proof for me is that my recovery was nothing short of amazing and my repeat blood work shows I am not ingesting gluten. In other words, I get my hair done and nails done occasionally and my intestines were not harmed and life is good! :D I am not trying to minimize the need for vigilance with the gluten-free diet but there is also no need to worry about things that don't require scrutiny. Lip stick, hand lotion...these require gluten-free status for obvious reasons but I don't screen make-up and have never had a problem.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your response!!! I know you are not trying to minimize the need to be careful, so no worries. I am already thinking about the expense it will be to replace makeup, shampoos, etc. Thanks for your encouragement!! :) I can't wait to get my nails done again.. haha!! Celiacs need to have some fun in life, right? !! LOL Thanks and God bless!!