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  1. registered just for this thread. i'm a donor at access. my local branch is called saturn biomedical. i dont have celiacs. they havent told me why they like my blood, maybe because i had mono once. there's no harm in getting screened; either they like you or they don't. you guys have a higher shot it than most people. however, what they dont say in their ads is they turn down most people. they take maybe 1 in 20. your odds would be higher, but it's no sure thing. they pay $10 to screen, it takes about 2 weeks to find out. they pay "up to" 400.. those are weasel words. in my case, i get $40 twice a week. i havent gotten around yet to writing to see what it is they like about my plasma. it is still much nice than the other plasma place i'd been going. i think the people on this forum are enough in their demographic that it is worth getting tested. they usually will send you to the nearest plasma center that is in their network; i just happen to live near the company-owned one. plasma is just a side gig for me, my main thing the past four years has been being a guinea pig for drug experiments. found this site while googling to see if maybe another company will pay me more. - seracare is another company in this business. so short version, it's a legit company, but not everybody gets in, and not everybody gets big bucks, but there's no harm in checking. some people really do get $400 twice a week for an hour's work.