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  1. Hi Zentex, Yes I did read your post (and I think I commented that I too had this problem!). It's sooo frustrating! I am concerned that my hypothyroidism is not helping my cause! I have been feeling alright today since taking stool softener last night but otherwise I have no clue what to do. As I mentioned I have cut out the processed foods thinking it would help...but yet I am still not going. Do you just get psyllium powder from a local drug store? I contemplated getting Metamusil (and it did not say anything about gluten in it) but I wasn't sure (I also have tried it before and it gave me bad gas). Maybe I should try the psyllium powder. Do you know if it is safe to use daily? I have never had this problem as I was always going 3-4 times a day so now I just feel helpless and bloated!
  2. So I have been gluten-free for just over 3 months now...have had a few accidental glutenings (while i was still learning), but otherwise have not had too many issues making the switch. While eating gluten I was going to the bathroom about 3-4 times a day (sometimes D sometimes normal). For the first month I was eating the processed gluten-free foods with no problem...had what doctors might call "picture perfect" BM's...then came the constipation...continued to eat processed foods for another couple of weeks and then decided to completely cut them out of my diet as I read on here they can cause bloating and constipation....well I have not eaten gluten free bread, crackers, pasta, cereal etc for almost 2 weeks now and I am still as constipated as ever. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables all day and drink lots of water. I have hypothyroidism and that is the only thing I can think of that would be causing the C. I almost feel like I am at a lose/lose situation here because while eating gluten I had stomach pains, D, tired, achey, back pain....now gluten free and I am always bloated (like can't have a bite of food without feeling full in my lower stomach), have cramps from not being able to go to the bathroom, anxiety due to not being able to go, restlessness, and it is taking WAY more effort to lose weight since I am not digesting and getting rid of the food I am eating. I guess I am just wondering if anyone with Hypothyroidism has had the same problem. If there a safe fibre supplement that you can take daily to help with this problem? I am taking stool softners occasionally (as suggested by my doctor) just to help a little as I am almost in tears because my lower stomach hurts so bad after eating (usually by bed time I am ready to cry).
  3. I was just coming on to ask this very question. Have decided to eliminate any processed foods. Before all this when D was an issue, I would eat rice to try and fix it (and it worked) now with all the rice and rice flour in the processed foods, I can only imagine it is doing the same thing. I am also wondering, other than fruit and veggies, how does one get extra fibre in their diet while being gluten free? I used to have no problem going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day and I could lose weight easily on a diet and excercise. Now I feel like I am lucky if I go once a day, and even with a low calorie diet and lots of exercise I am not loosing any weight! Any tips?
  4. So I have been gluten-free for 3 weeks now and I noticed (as well as my fiance noticing) my breath is foul...I can brush my teeth before bed, and by the time I go to kiss him good night he tells me my breath smells. I brush for like 3 minutes, use mouth wash, and floss....but STILL have awful breath. Is this something anyone else has encountered after going gluten free? I know when people cut out carbs (ie Atkins diet) they say you can get really bad breath, but I am still eating carbs (gluten-free bread, potatoes, rice etc). I feel like I don't want to stand close enough to anyone that they can smell my breath...its so embarassing!
  5. Thanks everyone! I am still figuring out how sensitive I am so I guess I will see once I have been gluten-free for a few months!
  6. I too am early into my recovery stage...I am also wondering what to expect (was actually going to start a thread but saw this one). My question is did you find your D went away right away? or how long before it went away? I have been 2 weeks gluten-free and I occasionally still have some D. I will have regular BM's for the morning and then by noon I have had some D. I am not sure if I have accidentally been glutened without knowing, or I am still in the healing process.
  7. I am new here, and have only recently decided to try being gluten free (after 6 years of tests and no diagnosis aside from IBS and basically being told I am constipated and to take laxatives, i decided to look at my options diet wise because i have almost every symptom of gluten intolerance...now 2 weeks gluten free and although I don't feel 100% better yet, the debilitating stomach pains are minimal and I have WAY more energy, significatn decrease in gas, and don't have the urge to eat 24/7 to try and mask the stomach pains). Anyways, I have been doing pretty well and am finding alternatives to most of my favourite foods. My biggest issue is finding something I can eat at a fast food restaurant. I actually very rarely eat at fast food places (aside from Subway or Pita Pit which obviously I will only be able to order salads there now and hope there is no CC) but sometimes I have no choice. For example, last night I left work and had to catch the train to go to a concert in Toronto....well I clearly wasn't planning ahead as I didn't bring dinner to eat at work before I left so i had to find something to eat. I ended up ordering the only salad McDonalds had and luckily it was just greens, chicken, cranberries and Renees dressing (which i checked they are all gluten free). I was nervous because the chicken did have seasoning on it. I think I actually psyched myself out and gave myself a stomach ache after eating it. I was still hungry so i ate a bag of plain potatoe chips. By the time the concert was over i was so hungry my stomach was grumbling and I felt sick. So I guess my question is how do you deal with those times where you have no choice but to eat out. I am not good with just snacks as a meal replacement so even if i bring gluten free snacks I will still be hungry. It has been easy so far until last night! GAH I am sure there is no easy answer (would be nice though!) but maybe some tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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