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  1. I have been doing research on Melatonin lately. My concern is the lack of information available about the effects of melatonin on individuals with auto-immune disorders. Sure it says it is not recommended, and that makes me worry about trying it. I have been experiencing a lot of peri-menopausal...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I know what you mean. I am casein intolerant and try to avoid all dairy all the time. So I can't even take Lactaid to help...The breakfast shake mixed with milk would just be pure torture!
  4. My kids love both the Rich Chocolate Ovaltine and the Carnation Instant Breakfast Chocolate powder. Now both probably have the same CC risk since both products have other flavors which contain malt, but they don't ever seem to have any issues with either product and they are all pretty severe in...
  5. Vincent, when you said that about the "sour" not going over very well at your house, the first thing I though was man my kids can't get enough sour! Then I thought about the ones I had gotten (about 2 years ago) were NOT sour. So I went back to the website and there you go, sour! They must have...
  6. That was a funny little webpage there. I'd be concerned if they were eating the whole bottle! Especially since the bottles we get are 200-count! We have also tried the Fruit and Veggie Bears. I thought they would be good when on vacation and my kids are not eating as many fruit...
  7. Sorry about the misinformation. The bottle I have says 2 per day. It does NOT have an age range. It has been a while since I bought any. We buy the giant bottle at Costco and it lasts well over a month if my 3 kids remember to take them everyday, which they never do. I think last time we bought...
  8. These are the only gluten-free vitamins I can get my kids to take. I also give them the L'il Critters Calcium Gummy Bears. They are sour fruit flavors. Vincent, you can give give your son two a day as a full dose.
  9. Hi Richard, How long have you been gluten-free?? I know that when I first went gluten-free I could not digest any juices (or fresh fruits or veggies either) and needed digestive enzymes to help be able to tolerate them again. After I have an accident these are the things that are hardest for...
  10. ksccurrin, I was wondering if you have celiac disease, as well? Diabetes is a related disease to Celiac, and since Celiac is genetic I was wondering if have it too. I do hope your daughter will start eating right, but please do not force her too much. You don't want it to damage your relationship...
  11. I have this problem right now with myself! I am not really very hungry, plus I am frustrated with having to work so hard to provide food for myself! I can't just open up the cupboard or fridge and eat something! I have to practically force myself to eat and I am sort of grieving the loss of...
  12. Just curious, but how many of you with the rumbling, noisy tummies are still eating dairy products?? I was thinking about it, and I am casein sensitive as well as gluten intolerant, and I get the rumbling, gassy, bloating and noise when I eat dairy, even while 100% gluten-free. Any of you still...
  13. My intestines are very noisy when I am on gluten. As well as very bloated and I am extremely gassy(and it is very painful). This is one of the first things to go away when I am gluten-free, and one of the first to return with a gluten accident. I would think that if you continue to have these...