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  1. I live in the Central Valley of California and so far the only place I have found the Snyder's Gluten-free Pretzels are at SaveMart, and even then it is sort of hit and miss, as not all the SaveMart's in the valley carry them. When I find one that does, we buy all that they have on the shelf! They are cheaper than other gluten-free pretzels we have tried and we like them. They are very crunchy, but not as bad as some of the gluten-free snacks we have tried in the past! And they taste great.

    We have only found the gluten-free pretzel sticks, does anyone know if they also make a gluten-free pretzel twist?

  2. I can't seem to find the actual amounts of each cup, but the total jar holds 48oz total. Judging by the photo and the different sizes of containers it looks like the largest one is about 16oz, then maybe 14, 12 and 6. But again these are just guesses. I can tell you for sure when they get here. Here is the link to the place I ordered from. The lowest price online, and free shipping over $50!


    I did look at the Bento products, but they said they only keep food "warm" and the main site says heat retention for 6 hours, and the Thermos says it can keep food hot for 12hours! I sure hope so. I will have the food as hot as possible when I put it in just to make sure. I don't like cold food that is supposed to be hot!

  3. Hi Janet,

    I saw that one for $35 at the kitchen store, but also found it cheaper than that ($28) at TotalVac.com and they offered free shipping over $50, so I went ahead and ordered two from them.

    I was trying to find a site that would list the individual cup size. I will look around a bit more and post it is I do find it. I did read somewhere that the actual metal "thermos" part of the food carrier is not intended to be used without the cups inside of it.

  4. Has anyone tried the All-in-one food carrier? It is made by Thermos and has 4 smaller microwavable containers that stack on each other and fit inside the larger insulated jar. I am curious how well it works keeping hot food hot. I have a dire need to provide my 9 year old daughter with a hot, healthy gluten-free dinner two nights a week while she is out of town at dance classes and do not have access to a microwave. So the food would have to stay warm for about 5 hours in this container. It also works for cold food, just not both at the same time...but if I had two I could provide hot and cold foods for the same meal, and I have to have two so I can eat too while out of town with her...

    Any info anyone has on these would be greatly appreciated before I spend that kind of money!


  5. Thanks for posting about your experience on the Big Island. I am trying to finish packing right now! I have so much information that I feel very prepared. I don't think we will eat out much, since with a family of 5 it can get pricey and we are on somewhat of a budget. We are used to eating simply so cooking in the condo won't be an issue. My kids love fruit too, so we certainly will check out the farmers market for some fresh fruits and veggies.

    We will be going to the volcano and also driving around the island and over to Hilo. I am excited about the trip, but a bit nervous about the flight. Flying with Hawaiian was cheapest, but they do not offer gluten-free meals. They said we could bring our own food, but that means we have to take snacks and lunch onto the plane with us on the flight there, and breakfast and snacks for the flight back...oh well. Maybe next time we can try to find an airline that will do gluten-free food. Although I hear airplane food isn't that great anyhow!

    Well I will post a bit about our trip when we get back.

  6. I finally got the last two days pinned down with a place to stay. I was getting nervous we wouldn't have a place to sleep for Easter Sunday! We will be at the Hilton Waikoloa Beach Resort the whole time. After the first week we may not have a car for all of the time, so I have to have gotten enough shopping for food done before then, or else I have got to get a car for short term use. I got a good deal for a weekly rental, but daily rentals are much more, and we can't return the car on Sunday, or as early on Monday as we fly out. I am a little nervous about it, but with Ken's suggestions and help I feel more confident about getting the Hilton restaurants to feed us gluten-free food, and I will have a kitchen the entire length of our stay. so we only have to eat out when we choose to eat out!

    Pixiechixs, let me know how your stay was when you get back. I leave on the 12th, so we should have a few days to communicate about what worked for you on your vacation. It would be appreciated if you would share any helpful advice. Thanks in advance.

  7. KEN, THANK YOU SO MUCH! God bless you!

    I feel so much more informed and able to handle feeding my family gluten-free food in Hawaii for nearly 2 weeks! I will definitely follow your suggestions and advice. I am sorry that we will miss you. I would have loved to try some of your wife's baked goods.

    I will print out all your great information! Are you going to Asia for fun or business? I hope you have a great trip either way.

  8. We are going to the Big Island next month (March 12-24,2008) and am wondering about restaurants/gluten-free shopping also.

    We are staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and have looked over most of the menus for their restaurants with great disappointment. I will definitely need to go to the Outback location! we have a timeshare, so I can cook most of our meals there, but we will want to eat out while exploring the island, and the last 2 days of our stay might have to be at a regular hotel and we will need to eat out for lunch and dinner one day and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Easter Sunday! Then we check out way too early before breakfast, so we will most likely snack for breakfast from our gluten-free stash.

    Another issue is the flights back and forth from L.A., we are flying on hawaiin Airlines and they do not offer gluten-free meals. They said we can bring our own food...so I have to pack enough food to get us over there and then go shopping when I get there, so I need actual names of stores that sell gluten-free cereal, snacks, and such to supplement the naturally gluten-free foods from the regular grocery stores. And to be able to have enough left at the end of our trip to feed us on the way home!

    I really appreciate any help any of you can offer.

  9. Okay, so I was concerned about this since this is the only shortening that I use and since I need to be soy free, Crisco is out! So I checked their website and below is the information on the site. Since it did not address the shorteing (or coconut oil question) I emailed them about it. I hope they get back to me soon. I will post their reply.

    Are Spectrum products gluten-free?


  10. I stopped at McDonald's this afternoon and she said they fry their fries and hash browns in the same fryer so that was a big NO.

    I can't help with the Wendy's question. We don't have a Wendy's where I live so I have never checked into their foods.

    As for McD's, you siad they fry their fries and hashbrowns in the same fryer, but do they fry anything else in that fryer? The nuggets would be an issue. We eat both the fries and hashbrowns at McD's (some people don't, but it is a personal choice) and they are the only thing cooked in that fryer, the nuggets at our McD's are baked in an oven.

  11. I know i am having a problem finding ones i can take to, i need gluten, casein and soy free. If i find any I will let you know or if you find some please let me know.

    For the Probiotics I used Jarro-Dophilus and Bifidus Balance+FOS both by Jarrow Formulas. They both say "Non-Dairy" and "Contains NO common allergens". I didn't have any problems with the4m and I need gluten, dairy and soy free also. Also I use Pioneer brand digestive enzymes. I like them the best.

  12. Another vote for Tinkyada...we love all the different shapes, but especially teh ones with rice bran.

    None of the gluten-free pastas reheat well though. Just make enough for that meal. also I think the idea of cutting the cook time for the pasta, if you are going to cook it again in the oven, is a great idea. All gluten-free pastas turn to mush if overcooked, but some turn into mush anyhow. Tinkyada only get5s mushy if severely overcooked.

  13. An allergy is a immunoglobin E response in the body and the gluten intolerance/celiac is an immunoglobin A response.

    Sometimes the symptoms can be similar, but more often than not the allergy is more of a inflammation/breathing problems/skin reaction and the intolerance is more of a digestive reaction. It is possible to have digestive issues with a food allergy though, and we all know that Celiac cna give you a whole range of symptoms, so they can't always tell the difference without the testing.

    They test for them differently using different blood tests and with Celiac you also need the intestinal scope/biopsy.

    With a wheat allergy you need to avoid wheat. With Celiac/gluten intoelrance you need to avoid all offending gluten grains.

    It is possible to have one or the other, or both at the same time.

  14. Here in Central California it has cooled down today to the high 90's! It has been in the 100's and last week up to 110. I just about died two weekends ago when my AC went out on Friday night and the repair guy couldn't get the part until Monday AM! Thank God we have a pool in the backyard!

  15. You sound like me before I was gluten free. I still had the migraines and daily headaches after being gluten free for about 4 years, but everything else got better (except for the psoriasis and mild neuropathy in my right foot). I was able to get rid of my daily headaches last year by detoxing and this also helped the migraines to be less frequent. My neurologist was very happy that my detox program helped me because NONE of the meds she was giving me did a darn thing for the headaches, they just gave me a bunch more symptoms from the bad side effects! I didn't totally get rid of the side effects of the meds until I detoxed as well. I highly recommend detoxing once you are gluten free.

  16. I getting pretty mad because im breaking so many decks. But i just got this prototype deck that is sopposed to not break.

    Yeah, we just paid extra for this board that wasn't supposed to break so easy. And Ben just got it about 3 this afternoon. He managed to break it in less than 4 hours!! Fortunately it has a 30 day guarantee against breakage. So I have to put it right back in the mail!! Ben isn't too happy right now.

  17. I've used almond milk and coconut milk for making puddings. I am gluten free/dairy free/soy-protein free...

    Anyhow, I was wondering what kinds of cereal you used to eat, because there are gluten free choices out there that you might be able to have so you don't have to eat the rice pudding everyday. If you let us know what you used to like, maybe we can all suggest good gluten-free cereals for you.

    Okay, I didn't realise my son was logged in and I accidentally posted the message under his username (Teku). Sorry. It was me actually.