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  1. I was told I had Celiac in 2005 by a blood test. I went on the diet, found this board ...just read mostly cause I don't have all the trouble most of you do so I just don't feel like part of the group. If I eat wheat by accident I don't even know it cause I don't have any side affects. The only reason they even tested me was I have arthritis bad and they could not find out why it was staying so inflamed and ran a lot of test on me.

    With me, dairy hurts me more then gluten and all it does is gives me bad stomach pains.

    I would have to say my mom had Celiac Disease from what I read but they never diagnosed it as that and only said she had allergies to wheat. She died never knowing what she had. I took care of her and know what she went through...a lot of what I read here in the board.

    So here I am thinking I must have it since mama did and the blood test said so...right? Don't get me wrong, I don't want more then I have right now but wonder if I was missed diagnosed. My arthritis is still bad and inflamed and they can't find anything to help me with the pain so I am now crippled with it. Is there anyone else like me here?

  2. I am new to this diease and this board...I have been gluten free for over a month now and still not feeling all that good yet...but looking forward to that day...cheat...today I say I will never again...its just not worth being sick. I love life to much to take any risk of eating something that is poision to me. I know there will be times I eat things with gluten in it that I'm not aware of but until I learn what all has gluten in it and what doesn't I will stay away from anything that does. I am still in the learning process of this diease. I am glad I found this board.