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    Casein Antibodies

    Thanks Claire, I was wondering a few post back , on who is doing the test. Does this have to be physician ordered? Bette
  2. Thanks for all the replies everybody. I kinda think Stephanie is onto something . I checked out and they do have 2 other candy bars Snickers Krispies and another type (can't remember what it was-it is on their website) that do have gluten in them from barley malt. So I emailed and asked if cross contamination can be an issue (are all these products made in the same facility) and could there be a problem with the multi packs, where the fun size Snicker bars are mixed with the other candy bars that have gluten in them. I will post the response when I get it. Not everybody has an issue being so sensitive to cross contamination but I am one of the unlucky ones, and it seems to get worse the longer I am gluten free. Berneses - Sorry to hear about you being Glutened by Amy's Kitchen Shepherds Pie. Haven't tried that one, just her Mac -n-Cheese, (which I always have stocked for those I don't feel like cooking nights). That is amazing they are testing their food now. I sure wish we had a way to check it out for ourselfs. (Oh great, now I am advocating we all become chemist-to try and figure out what we are eating!)
  3. Tiffany, Thanks for all the recipes, not only gluten free, but healthy!!! It is so easy to still be gluten free and eating a totally unhealthy diet. I am trying to push more of the raw and just whole food ingredients. But, I also have a massive sweet tooth. I loooovvved your raw brownie recipe, it is delicious!!! I ignored your part about using a food processor and of course burnt out my blender, but it was a good excuse to finally get a real food processor. Thanks, Bette
  4. Okay I am trying to figure out why I am reacting to a Snickers bar, that I snuck out of my daughters candy last night. I had 2 of the minatures, plain (not the one with the crispies). That's it , I swear , I am having a definate gluten reaction starting with the big D, this morning, stomach cramping, nauseus, brain fog, and very thirsty. Has anybody else had a problem with the Snickers bar?
  5. High-Protein Torte Okay I must admit since it has pumpkin in this, you would think of it as more seasonal, but I like this so much I make it year round. It is a recipe that I had and was making long before going gluten free, just because it is high fiber and high protein. Who new something that taste so gooood, could be good for you too! 1 19-ounce can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed (or 2 cups cooked) 4 eggs (or I cup egg subsitute) 1 15-ounce can pumpkin 1 cup Slpenda(I am not a fan of splenda so I just use 1 cup sugar 2 TBS maple syrup 1/2 tsp baking powder 2 tsps pumpkin pie spice 6 ounces whipped cream cheese 2 cups powdered sugar 1 11-ounce can mandarin oranges, drained 1/4 cup walnut halves Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a blender or food processor, combine chickpeas and eggs until smooth. Add pumpkin, sugar, syrup, baking powder and spice;process again until smooth. Spray a round cake pan with oil. Fill with batter. Bake until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean, about 60 minutes. Cool (Be sure the cake is completely cool before removing from the it from the pan, because it is very soft-like cheesecake) Combine whipped cream cheese and powdered sugar . Spread over top and sides of cake. Decorate with mandarin oranges and walnuts. Serves 8
  6. Bette

    Casein Antibodies

    This is an awesome post. Thanks for all the research on casein and leaky gut. I am at this juncture too, but wanted some kind of validation before I remove dairy also. I waver back and forth with using Enterolabs and I see that some of you on this post have used Enterolabs and York labs and still aren't convinced about the casein intolerance. George Do you know if the lactulose/mannitol test is widely available or is this more specialized and only used with specific doctors across the country who utilize it. I am real restricted with Quest diagnostics. Matilda, you give me hope. Me and my daughter have severe pollen/allergic rhinits with chronic year round sinusitis. I am encouraged by your results Gina Thanks for all the info. I now know who to ask, when some research needs to be done
  7. Rachel Heres a couple of links about corn syrup ,doesn't sound too healthy after you read it Hope that helps Cornbread I always thought having to unbutton my pants after eating popcorn was okay (ha -ha), I honestly tried to rationalize this by believing it was all the fiber in the popcorn. I am seriously addicted to it, too. I literally crave, corn on the cob, popcorn, tortillas etc.
  8. I guess I am finding out the hard way too. I have Wal-marts Worcestershire sauce it does not list soy sauce as an ingredient, but it does list tamarind extract , is that also made from wheat? Cornbread, I love the beef jerkey ideal. I am getting so tired of putting( loaded up with perservatives and nitrates)deli-meats in my daughters lunch. This sounds like a great alternative. Thanks for the links. The Napa Valley herbs sound great, I don't see anything about being gluten free, do they just use straight spices and no caking agents.. I am always afraid to try spices that are mixed like that. There are gluten free soy sauces as CarrieFaith pointed out. I use San-J ,Organic Tamari Sauce, I actually think it taste better than the regular soy sauces. Don't have to miss out on Chinese now , in fact I bring mine with me when we go out to eat Sushi!!
  9. Bette


    The Pam spray caught my attention. I just pulled some out to use today, it was the "All Natural- Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and was perplexed and decided not to use it because the second ingredient listed says " grain alcohol". I haven't had time to try and verify if this is gluten free or not, but grain alcohol sounds suspicious. Can anybody recall if this has been verified? I am going on my 6th month gluten-free, and I also started getting very sick with your same kind of symptoms,especially after about the 2nd-3rd week gluten-free. It does get better, but I react now with more intense symptoms when I have been glutened. I know I am on the right track, but now I have other intolerances that are cropping up. Hang in there Bette
  10. Can you guys post a link to the thread "Wary of Dr Fine". I am so confused at this point, and was considering doing some of his test.But concerned, since A) my insurance will not cover it and his work is controversial. I have been gluten-free now going on 6 months. Not officially diagnosed, only had some elevated antigliadin antibodies, but decided to go gluten free since my daughters diagnoses. She is 11 and has been gluten free since July. GI symptoms have improved dramaticaly for her, but she still has sinus and chronic tonsilitis issues. Some of her other symptoms have disappeared (yeah) I am beginning to question if there is another problem (namely dairy). I am torn between just removing dairy 100 percent and see how she does (makes sense to me), but I had to fight tooth and nail to get her the proper diagnoses regarding gluten, put her through biopsy and all- not because I wanted to but because of an uncooperative ex who would not go along with a trial of gluten free diet unless the doctors said it was necessary. Now same with removing dairy, it will be a challenge to get him to help with that one too!!! And as far as I go, I got good results intitialy, but at the 6 month mark, I am really struggling. Is it too late to get a diagnoses from Dr. Fine? I refuse to go back on gluten.Will his test help you to pin a problem with Dairy? Casein intolerance? Lactose intolerance? The more I have read up on intolerances, the more confusing it seems, and there seems to be misunderstandings among the doctors themselves. I also thought about York Labs, but from talking to another person from another message board, her advice was no. She had a bad experience and considered them very unproffesional.
  11. Bette


    Yeah I can relate... The only person who took my daughter's and my diagnoses seriously was my brother. My mother and her sister (the one who lost a baby to spina bifida) will not even acknowledge it. My brother got tested right away when I told him, because in the past few years, his health has been steadily declining, gall bladder removal, gerds, diabetes, severe peripheral neuropathies. I am not sure what test the doctor ordered, but I do know there was no biopsy or that he might not of even gotten the full antibody panel!!Anyways the doctor told him he does not have Celiac disease, (the same doctor who misdiagnosed and missed his diabetes for a couple of years, until he had so much nerve damage in his legs he can barely walk now) arrgh its so frustrating because when you finally do get a family members attention, then you have to deal with incompetent doctors!!! I am not sure what they mean by "spina bifida defect", but in my case the scoliosis is not my only defect. I also have cervical stenosis, this is where the vertebrae actually narrow and can compress the spinal cord. Plus I also have on my lower spine something called :"Tarvlo Cyst" another radiologist termed it as Acharonoiditis (not sure about spelling . Now the cervical stenosis may have been from a car accident causing whiplash more that twenty years ago. But the other abnormalities are congenital. How many of us out there have other spinal problems?
  12. Bette


    Yep, I have scoliosis too. It was not diagnosed until my late twenties. I could never figure out , why all my shirts would slide more to one shoulder!! Mine is just mild, but I also have chronic upper back and shoulder pain, that the doctors say is from my fibromyalgia. Maybe there is a connection there. Even though this is not the same thing, my Aunt had a baby born with spina bifida, and she only lived for about 6 months. I have read too, that this condition can be related to celiac and also affects the spine.
  13. Rachel, I would not be too concerned, that actually sounds like a normal bm. At least according to my daughters GI. She was treated for 3 years (prior to findind out about celiac) for severe constipation and impactions. We had to meet with the nurse monthly for literally toilet retraining. She was put on daily doses of Mirlax (rx drug for chronic constipation)and increased fiber (well guess where a lot of that extra fiber came from-whole wheat bread, bran, wheat germ) and they also had her on a routine where she would sit on the toilet the same time every day. The goals for her bms were to be long, thin and snake like, hah, always totally opposite of her huge round bombs. Bette