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I've had stomach issues for over 15 years. Doctors thought it was IBS but it never seemed to get better. In October 2010 I started doing more research on-line and stumbled onto Celiac Disease info. After doing a lot of research; I concluded going Gluten-Free would be best.

I've had 2 blood tests that have come back negative as I already had stopped eating gluten. Found out that one of my aunts have Celiac Disease. When my Doctor found this out, he said since eating gluten-free has helped me so much AND my aunt had it, he was 90% sure I have it and won't do a biopsy. So here I am!

  1. Mmmm, lime chicken in lettuce wraps tonight!

  2. To do an elimination diet takes a lot of time! You take out all the foods that you think are bugging you (for example rice) and not eat any for one to two weeks. after that slowly reintroduce the foods one at a time; giving a week in between new foods! I was like that for so long until I did the...
  3. I too have the same issue and found out that I have an intolerance to rice. Maybe try an elimination diet.
  4. It was ribs and I make my own seasoning blends to avoid cross contamination of gluten, so sad...another food gone off of my list...
  5. The last couple times I have eaten pork, I feel the same as if I have eaten gluten. Gut-wrenching pain in stomach, pain in joints, etc. I never noticed that I had issues eating pork before going gluten-free (besides the pain I was always in from eating in general ) Is it possible that what they...