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    Hanging out with friends and family, blogging http://www.glutenfreefive.com, cooking, and travelling.

About Me

I'm Chelsey, and I'm gluten-free. I have a very fast paced job and like many others I don't have a lot of time. It has taken me a lot of time and research to figure out this new gluten-free world. It is possible to live gluten-free in the fast paced lives we live. I remember when I had to go gluten-free I thought, How can it be done? My diet consisted of mainly glutinous products, a lot of pre-made "fast and quick" meals. It's strange to have to 180 your entire meal plans. I know how hard it is to go gluten free, I've been there. I starved for a few months before I started figuring it all out. I want to help because it is hard to know what products, restaurants, shopping, cookbooks and so on to trust. It's a whole new world and it can get very expensive! gluten-free living has made my diet so much healthier because you have to start paying a little more attention to it. It is a little challenging but it can be done! Your not alone, I'll help you do the leg work.

Best in your gluten-free journey!


visit me at http://www.glutenfreefive.com

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