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Looking back now I can see that many things in my past were connected to my celiac all along but nothing was overwhelmingly troublesome until my late 40's.

Mononucleosis-5 years old, cold sores/canker sores - lifetime, terrible acne as a teen, I would end up with flu-like symptoms if I worked out consistently, repeated cases of strep throat thru 20's, age 24 started developing kidney infections & stones, miscarriage-age 24, anemia found at 24 years, very sick with 3rd child and was put on a diabetic diet- 34, sensitive to cold, heart palpitations, continual battle with sinuses, poor immune system, migraines- 37, restless leg syndrome- 43, depression, fractured finger- 44, blurred/double vision- 45, pins & needles poking in feet/hands/eyes- 45, reoccurring yeast infections, sleeping 10-12 hours nightly- 46, bloating/gas/stomach pain, bouts of constipation & diarrhea/noisy stomach- 46, itchy mole that came up on shoulder and then would go away-47.

I then did a 3 month herbal cleanse- Nov 2010. Docs had previously tossed me vit prescripts and my energy was continuing to decline. Thinking that perhaps my metabolism was suffering I decided to give this a try. After the cleanse I found myself in ER, heart palpitations going nuts. I had high blood pressure (never had before), dizzy, headache, stiff neck, stiff back, hair loss, crawling sensations on skin, felt like I had flu, muscle spasms, twitches, striped patterns blinded my vision, memory and thought processes were very bad (felt like I had Alzheimer

  1. Yes, very much so. However, as far as what the test showed I was deficient in may actually answer alot of my questions. The test showed I am deficient in B12, B2, folate, silicone and isoflavonoids. This would explain the nueropathy and while I don't understand the isoflavonoids I did find symptoms...
  2. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input. I think I will just try one thing at a time. I wonder why testing is so hard? Dermotology treated my scalp and basically said the same.....that allergy testing is not real accurate but it seems like sifting thru a mountain of options at times.
  3. I'm actually hoping it is inaccurate. Has anyone esle done this? Did you find it inaccurate or did you find it helped?
  4. So I got my results back from a hair strand allergy test that I took. This is not a completely accuarte test as what can show up is the foods that you eat in large quantities. However, on my list for foods to avoid are rice, corn, whey, tomatoes, plums, cod, avocados, olives, cabbage, spinach, and...
  5. I hope this helps some of you. If you are in the detox these tips may not work but this is what I have tried and it does help. Make sure your vit levels are where they need to be. If your body is not receiving enough nutrients sleep will be difficult. Exercise of some sort during the day but...
  6. Wonderful! I'm glad it was a great experience for you. I'll have to look into the cards, we travel quite a bit and I think they would be well worth it. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Okay I splurged......I have to be REAl careful with tomatoes and basically avoid them but I so wanted some lasagne. It was WONDERFUL! Made it myself with Italian sauage and gluten free lasagne noodles. My daughter and husband both thought it was good too. Keeping my fingers crossed that I won't start...
  8. YAY!!!! It is always good to be able to go out and have a success!
  9. Yummy pork ribs fresh from the grill, baked potatos and a green salad!!
  10. The last couple posts pose some very interesting thoughts especially if gender and age make a difference. It seems, from what I have read of other posts here that there may be that connection.
  11. Very interestiong to know that your daughter's tests were showing normal B12 levels when infact they were being dumped, lucky find on that. I have seen several post in this forum where they were describing B12 deficiency symptoms and yet the poster said their tests were fine. I wonder if this is...
  12. I have read articles like this that don't give much hope for a full recovery but I am still pressing forward and feel postive for improvement!!! Interesting though the connection to wheat and damage to nerves.
  13. I never thought of it in this way, that the glutens could actually be attacking the nervous system rather than the villa being damaged by glutens which then was causing malabsortion which lead to nerve damage. Before I went gluten-free my blood calcium levels were hyper (above normal) and docs thought...
  14. Shauna, this has been a big issue for me. 8 months now with off-balance and have been glute-free for 6 months. I read and keep reading, I have experimented trying to find a solution. This is what I have come up with. If I have any gluten I will be dizzy for a minimum of 3 weeks and there is very...
  15. I made a batch of homemade noodles. Boiled up a chicken, deboned it into the broth, added the noodles. This is a dish that is a tradition in our family. We eat it over mashed potatoes. Noodles turned out great!!