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I am a 47 year old married person living in So Cal. I work as a liability and property damage insurance claims supervisor. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, 18 and 19 years old. After a long battle with symptoms and no answers, we discovered information about Celiac Disease and my husband went through testing. Though he tested negatively, his genetic tests came back DQ2/DQ2, and positive for the genes relating to crohn's disease, so we decided to do a gluten free trial. This was about a month and a half ago, and his symptoms have been GREATLY reduced. It's like I'm married to a totally new person! It is my firm belief that by going gluten-free now, we are not only able to again live a ormal, healthy, happy life, but that we are preventing his ultimate demise from one of many autoimmune diseases that run rampant in his family...diabetes 1, crohn's, digestive cancers, to name just a few. I was already a pretty avid cook going into this, so to me, in addition to gaining health, I'm having one hellava good time learning new cooking and baking methods, playing with new ingredients, and exploring my kitchen in whole new ways! :D