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  1. I was wanting to know if I should use revolon or do any of know of some kind of brand gluten free. Or should I not worry...
  2. samie

    When To Get Babies Tested?

    Doctors say you should be on gluten foods at least 3 months but little kids can take longer.
  3. I've had iron iv before. I went to a hematologist at a cancer clinic to get it done. I think there are two different...
  4. They will probably do bloodwork then they will schedule you for an endoscope if you want that done.
  5. Some things bother me more and some things don't really cause problems but I don't want to eat them cause long term they...
  6. My middle child is 4 yrs old and she has been potty trained for about 2 yrs. She still wears a pull-up at night cause...
  7. samie

    What Were Your Kids Symptoms?

    My oldest daughter had constipation starting at one till diagnosed at 4 1/2. She also had a speech delay that has gotten...
  8. I had to take iron iv weekly till my body started healing. The pills wouldn't absorb.
  9. samie

    Celiac And Diabeties

    My daughter has both. There are plenty of gluten free diabetic food and snacks. It can help the blood sugars. What are...
  10. samie

    Help! What Will My Toddler Eat?

    Do you think you could see a nutritionist. I have one that see my diabetic celiac daughter and she is real helpful. I...
  11. samie

    Are Docs Skeptical Of Celiac Dx Without Biopsy?

    Yeah me and my oldest daughter were diagnose with it but my younger daughter only had positive blood work and biopsy...
  12. I will see about getting the copies.
  13. Last year i was told I needed a blood transfusion because of anemia and they said i had lots of antibodies in my blood...
  14. Yes my daughters were 3 and 4 when they got tested and docter said it could be negative cause they were so young.
  15. samie

    Dad Meant Well.....

    I know how that goes. I heard it from someone recently to.