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  1. Yes absolutely celiac runs with autoimmune diseases, but the fact is that once you have one autoimmune disease you are at risk for many others. Celiac in particular has a strong association with hashimotos and type 1 diabetes, I believe possibly lupus as well.
  2. I found a great recipe for little muffins made with chives, bacon, cheese and gluten-free bisquick, I love them
  3. I have decided to go back on the diet regardless of my test results. Last time I did it I could never really get into the bread or pasta. Any ideas as to the best bread and pasta? I don't care if I have to order it I just want a soft bread and good pasta noodles (I LOOOOVE SPAGHETTI). Anyone tried the quinoa pasta, is it good?
  4. Thanks for all your opinions. I have done the diet before when I was having a lot of stomach pain and diarrhea. I went off and had no problems except for extreme constipation, but that appears to be when my iron deficiency hit. I work as a nurse and one of the doctors that took care if me when I was hospitalized twice for dizziness, blurred vision, palpitations the list goes on and she discovere the iron problem with my second admission. She thinks I should follow the diet regardless of what they find, maybe it's time I accept it, take her advice and move on with my life
  5. Please be sure to also be checked for IBD, especially ulcerative colitis. You are at that age
  6. My doctor didn't want to order a gastric emptying study but I insisted I am about ready to say screw it all and test out the diet again and see if my iron levels improve.
  7. Finally got my EGD results from about two weeks ago, this was to reassess for celiac disease and iron deficiency. They said the biopsies came back ok but showed small bowel inflammation which because of iron problem is quite suscipous for Celia disease and I need the blood work again. I have had this test done about four times, it keeps coming back normal but the GI doctor keeps suspecting it. I also had a video capsule done with the EGD and the capsule sat in my stomach for 8 hours!!! It never made it to my small intestine which means the test was useless and I wasted four hundred dollars and now i must be checked for gastroparesis. Did anyone else have tests done over an over again before they finally got the answer! So frustrated
  8. Anxious and excited for my second EGD, the last one was kinda inconcuslive and ready for a second look. Time to find out if my blood lost, malabsorption and abdominal pain is an ulcer or celiac disease Wish me luck!
  9. I have thrombocytosis (high platelets) and have an autoimmune clotting condition in which I clot too well. I had a whole blood workup down in the hospital, the only thing they didn't was an EGD cause they figured do it outpatient cause the pathology for biopsies takes awhile ya know
  10. So I saw my doctor and pretty much gave him a quick run through of my health history for the past year. It was a pretty disappointing appointment. He pretty much said ok so last time we did the EGD you were gluten free for a few months before and kept on it. I told him I had been back on gluten for about 9 months now he said great lets do an EGD and small bowel study, we will do biopsies and check for an ulcer. All he said was you are losing blood somewhere lets find out, if I can't go to the OB/GYB. I live in orlando and this guy is supposed to world renowned on malabsorption disorders in general yet our visit lasted about 7 minutes!
  11. It's interesting you comment on the immune system, because since treatment I have developed thyroid issues, clotting problems and inappropriate sinus tachycardia, all believed to be either auto immune or an autonomic dysfunction. I get another EGD soon and I am curious what it will show. Even if the biopsies are negative again if the damage is worse I am taking that as a diagnosis
  12. I have not been officially diagnosed yet, my primary and OB/GYB and the hospital doctor think I have it but because my labs and biopsies were normal although after the test the GI said your intestines look like that if a celiac patient. I do believe my cancer was my "trigger" of whatever is going on with my stomach because I had no problems before and now for about 6 months out of the year I have nearly controllable diarrhea then about six moths of constipation, the diarrhea got so bad I had to get FMLA at work
  13. Rosetapper, Why did you have chemo? I am interested that you resolved with chemo. Because all my medical problems started after I did chemo. I even had one doctor tell me that the blunting was from my chemo, I was like ummmm what??? You obviously have no answer
  14. I was told after my biopsy last year my biopsies were negative and told to eat gluten I went a few months gluten free then brought it back and have had no problems. Also I am only iron deficient not b12 or folate. I have now presenting a year later with severe iron deficiency my HGB was almost nine normal is 12-15 depending on gender
  15. Ok so I wrote earlier about my severe iron defienciency I was having and my need for a GI workup based on advice from the doctor at the hospital. I have not gone to the GI doctor yet but work as a nurse and saw a doctor that works with my GI doctor. I was talking to him and telling him about my previous EGD results (villous atrophy in duodenum and jejunum) with negative biopsies and blood samples. He asked if they checked my poop for blood in the hospital which they did and it was negative. Even though I have had symptoms of celiac before but I am now on a gluten FULL diet and have no diarrhea just constipation and mild cramping. He swears I must have some sort of GI bleed somewhere and there is no way I hAve a malabsorption issue because I have been tested for celiac, UC and crohns (although I still believe celiac could be my culprit) he even said himself maybe it's gluten intolerance you have but that wouldn't cause iron defienciency so it must be a bleed. Is this guy that uneducated??? I have no symptoms of an ulcer and I am already on prophylactic meds for that and my stool has no blood. If I am eating enough iron and not losing blood the only other option is malabsorption. I am so frustrated really hoping when I meet with my own doctor (who really isn't much better) he will listen to me more. Even my hematologist said I may just be one of those people that dont absorb and need infusions every once in a while for the rest of my life. So even she thinks its malabsorption! Btw anyone here still not have resolution of anemia with gluten free diet and need iron supplements or infusions?