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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I questioned the doctor several times about my diet and how I don't eat that much gluten. She felt like what I described was enough. I have a GI in mind if this doesn't give me the answers I need. I will check out the page you mentioned, thanks so much!
  2. I've lurked on this board for a long time, figured I should say hello. I was tested for celiac and other things 7 or so years ago (just the blood test) and it was negative back then. This board is where I found out about Bile Acid Malapsorption so I got the meds for that and went on from there. Then, in 2016, I just started feeling terrible, joint pain, foot pain, overweight, GERD, ibs-d with cramps and urgency, and I set out to figure out if the food (Standard American Diet) was causing problems. By spring of 2017 I had pretty much started eating Paleo most of the time, losing weight, feeling good, losing weight, all the above symptoms getting better for the most part. But I noticed on vacations and times when I went back to my old diet I would start having issues again. This past weekend, I visited family and ate everything they were eating (chick fil a, cracker barrel, etc) and the heartburn started right away, then two days later, watery D and cramping, malapsorbtion, and it lasted for 4 days. So I went back to my doctor and she's running the same tests again. I hope I've eaten enough gluten for the test to be accurate. I've dealt with this so long, I know what to expect however the test turns out, I'll just be glad to have an answer. If it's negative, it's going to take more work from me to see what exactly is causing my issues. I'm thankful for this board for all I've learned and I'm sure regardless of the results, I'll be back here often because I've learned so much here. My son's best friend has celiac, and I was able to cook for her when she visited us a few times, with only one small mishap at a restaurant. So, thank you all. I'll post back my results
  3. Frustrated.

    Thanks so much for your help everyone! I'm dreading giving up dairy more than gluten, to be honest. I did some research last night and found some information on something entirely different that might be going on with me - bile salts D - and some people say that calcium supplements help tremendously with that. So, that's something easy I can try, and there is also a medication I can ask for from my dr, but I'm hoping to do without a prescription. so, at this point, I'm going to try the calcium, and stick with the gluten free for a while longer, before eliminating another food. Even if this doesn't turn out to be my issue, I have a son with Asperger's syndrome, and I'm learning about the diet through experience. I may start him on it (and dairy free) in a few weeks. So all is not lost, even if I don't find my answers here, I may find help for him. Oh, and about the oats, that was the thing that would send me running to the bathroom before I went off gluten, so I have avoided them completely. Which is a shame cause I love 'em!
  4. Frustrated.

    I've been two weeks gluten free (aside from a couple of 'learning mistakes' along the way). Even though my (limited) tests for celiac came back negative, I was really hoping to find a way to help my bowel problems, mainly frequent D, I decided to give this a try, thinking it may be gluten sensitivity. The first 5 days or so I found what I thought was immediate relief, no bad bad bathroom episodes at all! Then, a couple days I had mild symptoms, then the dreaded withdrawal a week in (headache and oh so tired!), then a few days of normalcy. Now, the last couple days (days 14 and 15) I'm back to the same level of symptoms I started with, even though I've been very very careful. It's very hard to stick with this with these setbacks. Am I just expecting too much? I was hoping if I truly have a problem with gluten but don't have celiac disease, that I had found the problem early and would get better quickly, which seemed to be the case those first few days. Anyone have any experiences they could share that might help me?
  5. Test Results

    These are all the test that were run. I'm not going to push the issue, at least for now. Four days ago I started doing my best with my limited experience to avoid gluten. Since then I've had only one short bout of cramps daily, and normal BM's the last two days! I'm amazed, but I realize it's way to early to know for sure if it is gluten or something else. But, not thinking, I ordered fries in a restaurant, likely fried in oil with breaded items, and started cramping immediately after, with a wave of exhaustion. But, luckily, was able to shake it off pretty quickly. So, looking at my test results (earlier in this thread) do you think it shows gluten sensitivity?
  6. I'm looking at the results and I don't see all the recommended tests. There is a whole list of things but what I think pertains to celiac are as follows: I'm typing exactly what my paper says. IgA (latest ref rng 68-378) 188 Tissue Transglut Ab (latest ref rng 0-19) 13 I started feeling bad again yesterday after several days of relief, thinking of trying to cut gluten regardless of these results.
  7. Blood Test, Biopsy

    Thanks. I notice it when I'm trying to focus on something and when I move to focus on something else, my eyes seem to dart, less fluidly than I remember, kind of like I've had too much caffeine or something. So, I don't think it's a seizure, but I'll keep that in mind.
  8. Blood Test, Biopsy

    Thanks so much for responding. My results will be in sometime this week. My doctor didn't mention anything about the biopsy, she just said if my test is positive for celiac, I can choose to consult with a nutritionist. so I was confused as to whether or not to get it. Thank you for clearing that up. In that case, if my blood test is negative, I will likely just try going gluten free first and skip the biopsy for now. The reasons I'm concerned about celiac disease are many - I've gotten progressively worse over the years, I've had gastritis, and ulcer, gall bladder full of stones removed a few years back, symptoms are cramping, D, gas, bloating, but I don't react immediately after eating wheat. The only immediate reaction I have is to oats. I often feel foggy-headed, lightheaded, and my eyes have started to seem to dart around, hard to explain. Tiredness comes and goes, could be my low level of vit D. Sometimes my thumb is tingly, but just one spot. But overall I'm pretty healthy. All my symptoms are pretty vague other than the D varies in intensity but never goes away for 3 years now. I'm going to try to get a copy of the test from the doctor when it comes back, I'll post here when I get it.
  9. Blood Test, Biopsy

    BTT I guess I should clarify my question somewhat, if the blood test is positive for celiac disease, how necessary is the biopsy?
  10. After several years of progressing symptoms, I decided to see my doctor. She ordered tests for Chron's disease and celiac disease,among other things, and the results should be in next week. So, my question is, if my blood test is positive, will I need to also have the biopsy done? And another one, I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere, sorry for the repeat, but if it comes back negative but I want to try going gluten free, how much time should I give the diet to work? I've found it very interesting to read about gall bladder disease and celiac disease. I started having problems about a year before I had surgery to remove my gall bladder, which was diseased and full of stones. However, looking back,even before that I had sporadic problems all through my twenties (gastritis, ulcer) So I'm wondering if all this is related some how. Thanks everyone and I'll check back in with my results next week.