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  1. Hi,

    We're going to Playa Del Carmen in a few weeks and I'm wondering if anyone who has been there has any gluten-free advice? We're staying in a condo, so I plan to do some shopping and cooking. But, I'd also like to try some local cuisine. I'm going to print out a Spanish version of my gluten free dining card, but I'm hoping a few of you have scoped out the territory before me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Also, does anyone know if I can bring food into Mexico? I'd really like to at least bring a couple of loaves of bread.



  2. I have finally found the most awesome shampoo and conditioner..It is Back to Basics by Graham Webb. I started out with the green tea shampoo + Cond. it made my hair a little frizzy so I tried the Bamboo love it. I get so many compliments on how good my hair smells. It is great.... My hair is so soft and shiny... Definitly great shampoo! You can find the Back to Basic line lots of places.. I know the walmarts with Salons carry that line also Trade Secret.....

    Thanks for posting. I really need a new conditioner. Is it definitely gluten free?


  3. Hi Everyone,

    This past week I have had pain in my neck, mostly inside it feels like I have a lump when I swallow and sometimes the bottom of my neck is very painful. I cant determine if this is problems with my thyroid because lot of the symptoms are the same as Celiac. I was just diagnosed in November 06 and still feeling pretty crappy.

    Any advise or info from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

    Ask your doc to do some tests for your thyroid. My neck felt very weird, which prompted me to go to the doctor. She felt my neck and said my thyroid felt swollen, so she ordered the tests. Yep, it was a problem. Turns out I have Hashimoto's, a thyroid condition that is associated with Celiac. Lots of the symptoms are the same. I don't think you'll be able to tell which thing causes the symptoms, so definitely get your thyroid tested!


  4. I've been following the gluten free diet since the beginning of the year. I have a work function that is going to have a buffet. This is my first time in this situation. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the subject. Wendy

    I was just in this situation a few weeks ago. I was at a conference in Vegas and my boss set up a dinner for our team. I didn't know what it was going to be until right before we left. Needless to say, it was a sucky situation because I was out of town and didn't have any food to bring for dinner. I didn't want to eat at the buffet, so, I ended up walking around the casino trying to find a restaurant that would do a take out order for me that would be safe. It took about an hour to find something, so when I got back to the buffet, the dinner was pretty much over. But, at least I didn't get sick. It was one of those frustrating Celiac moments when you feel alone and like a freak. It sucked, but I don't have those moments nearly as often as I used to.


  5. My 21 year old son has complained of pain behind his eyes since he was around 6 years old. I've had everyone check him out....no one can find any reason for this. I just had him gene tested (a recent blood test was normal). He has my celiac gene, and a gluten sensitive one from my husband.

    I'm wondering if ANYONE out there has ever heard of eye aches etc. as a result of gluten.

    Hi Carole,

    I definitely get eye aches when eating gluten. It hits my sinuses pretty badly and I would describe this as pain and pressure around my eyes. Maybe your son has a food allergy (gluten or otherwise) that is causing his pain.


  6. In the last three nights I have only slept about 9 hours total. The first two nights I took Benadryl, 1 capsule, and slept only 2-3 hours each night. Last night I was very exhausted so I took two thinking it would work, ha. I slept maybe 3 hours. I have a doctor's appt. Thursday with my new doctor and can't see him any earlier. I am so tired and do not know what to try next. I even went to the pharmacy today and the three things they offered all had the same ingredients as Tylenol PM or Benadryl. Help :blink:

    You could also try Melatonin (available at any health food store). I've been taking a time released version of it that really helps me stay asleep all night. I tried Ambien and that was a little heavy duty.


  7. Hi Everyone,

    We are planning a Honeymoon for the fall, October to be exact. For awhile we really wanted to do a cruise and I really had my heart set on Royal Caribbean. With the recent mass-sickness on cruise ships I changed my mind.

    So has anyone had a good time and could share it with me. We were looking at Beaches/Sandals, Atlantis. The all-inclusive seems a good route in a way. I was also looking at private bungalows somewhere in the islands.

    Any help would be great.

    My boyfriend and I have been to Hawaii (Kona, Maui, Kauai) several times and rented condos with a kitchen. It's great because you save a lot of money on breakfast and lunch (because you don't have to go to a restaurant) and you can cook a few dinners. There are many good restaurants on the islands that can accomodate gluten-free meals (however, the best ones are a little expensive).


  8. I spoke with a supervisor at TSA (Transportation Security Authority) at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. He said as long as I have a letter from my doctor I can take blue ice and unallowed food through security. He did request that I keep the unallowed items to a minimum. He did ask that I not bring yogurt if possible. Premade Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are ok. I do not plan on bringing a drinks because water, milk, juice and soda are available in the terminal. I plan to give the security people my letter and food before the items are put through the x-ray machine. I am traveling on Jan 28. I pull up this post and let everyone know how it went.

    I've traveled with blue ice many times and never had an issue (with no doctor's note). No one has ever questioned me about it. As others have said, solid food is fine.


  9. I'm not an official Celiac, but my doctor recently put me on the gluten free/casein free diet and has diagnosed me with Leaky Gut Syndrome. I have been reading the posts on this site for a few weeks and I feel like I'm reading about my life.

    I've always been really thin, but during the last year, I put on 30 pounds despite exercising and there was no change in my diet, and it seems to all be in my stomach. I look pregnant, and I hurt alot, like I'm being stretched. I have to admit, I try to be good, but I'm new at this, and I admit, I have cheated...it's hard not to...I'm part Italian, cheese pasta and bread were big staples of my diet. I used to eat toast for breakfast each morning and now I'm lost.

    It may be yeast in my stomach...my doctor has me on PB-8, Mag Tab SR, Flax Seed Oil, and now on Saccharomyces Boulardii. She's sparing me the cost of extensive testing based on symptoms and improvements. Last year, a dermatologist diagnosed me with yeast infections on my skin and toe nails. This let me knew doctor to believe that it's highly likely to be yeast in my digestive tract.

    Anyway, I guess my most pressing concern is the bloating...it doesn't sound like it goes away. How do you know if it's bloating or just fat? :(

    I hear ya! I have the same problem and it's making me crazy. I hate feeling bloated. I may have gained 5 lbs or so, but I'm pretty sure it isn't fat. It doesn't seem fat on the rare days when I am not bloated. I think it is all diet related, as others have said. My stomach is a lot less bloated when I eat fewer carbs. The weird thing for me is that I don't usually get gas, just a big stomach. I hate it!


  10. I definitely have issues with Canola. It affects my DH crazy bad, almost instantly. This is one that took awhile to figure out, too.

    A few weeks ago I heard that canola is often grown in the same fields as wheat and that Celiacs react due to the cross contamination. I have no idea whether this is true or not, a Celiac-aware chef told me. Anyone know if this is really the case?


  11. So does anyone else have a problem with Classico sauces? I don't think I have a problem with soy, and dairy hasn't been a problem since about six months after going gluten-free. I thought that Classico sauces were safe for gluten-free? Am I wrong? Is it just me?

    I had Classico sauce last night and got bloated and had a stomach ache, however, I don't think it's due to gluten. I'm also trying to figure out if there's something else that is bothering me, maybe the soy. I've had the Classico Organic Herbs and Tomato a few times and didn't seem to have a problem. I don't know if that one has soy or not (can't seem to find the ingredients online). But, I've also reacted to Amy's sauces. Did you ever figure out what the issue was?


  12. On the thyroid boards, soy has been discussed frequently and the research seems to suggest that if you have a thyroid issue, soy should be avoided. It seems to be implicated in cases of autoimmune thyroid problems, which I have. So, personally, I try to avoid it.

    Here's an interesting article that discusses some of the research on soy.

    http://www.Lame Advertisement/p/articles/mi_...i_53929987/pg_1


  13. However I also recently learned that most red wine manufacturers 'clear' or 'fine' their wines with egg white. White wine makers may use casein or skim milk or egg white. Even non alcoholic wine makers use egg white or sometimes gel. BURDEE

    DOH. Thanks for the info Burdee. I also have an egg intolerance and I've been drinking red wine on a fairly regular basis. Geez. I had no idea there might be egg in wine.


  14. I've found that when I go to Outback I need to avoid their salads as I always end up finding a crumb or crumbs from croutons in it. I was told that they keep each salad ingredient in a bin and that the bins can get cross contaminated easily. Also, I always ask for everything without butter and seasoning because I've heard that not all of the butter at their restaurant is gluten free.

    I'm with you lapetit8. I don't eat the salads and I always order everything without butter. Sometimes my veggies come out with butter (I can see and/or feel it on there) and I send it back immediately. The butter at my local Outback has spices in it that are not gluten free. They do have plain butter, but you have to ask for it on the side. Overall, they've been great!


  15. Hello to all :) I just wanted to be on the safe side before I go here. I think it is safe. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks

    Make sure you don't get any "boosts". The last time I checked with them, they told me that they have oat bran in them. Send the company an email, they have a list of gluten-free stuff.


  16. I found an italian restaurant in Aptos that serves gluten free pasta and has two gluten free desserts!!

    I haven't eaten there yet (might be going tonight), but I thought I would mention it.

    Their website is www.al-boccalino.com. I spoke with the chef and he said it is helpful if those needing to eat gluten free could call ahead.

    I just discovered that I'm gluten intolerant. I haven't eaten out in about two months, and I am so excited that I'll be able to. :D

    Thanks for posting! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm down there.


  17. My thinking is that the low-carb diet craze meant that enough people stopped eating wheat products for long enough to notice differences in their health -- and noticed that they became increasingly symptomatic when they went off the diet.

    You certainly may be right. I was on a low carb diet for about 3 years before I knew about Celiac. When I went off of it, I started developing lots of intestinal issues that I didn't have before. I think my body had adjusted to a lower dose of gluten and adding it back made the symptoms worse. I didn't connect it with wheat at the time though. Of course, I had many other Celiac symptoms for years prior to this and never could figure out why.


  18. Hi, everybody,

    Earlier this week I had colonoscopy and endoscopy. My gastroenterologist found a suspicious nodule in my colon, and the results don't look good. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I think nodules are pretty common. I just had my colonoscopy done and he found some nodules. However, I don't know what your doc meant by "suspicious". I'm assuming they did a biopsy. It's probably nothing.


  19. Earlier yesterday we ate at chipotle's (risky i know). Last night she got horribly violently sick, the nausea and shaking and almost passing out bit and of course horrible diarrhea.

    It's possible to get cross contamination at Chipolte. At the one near me, they touch the flour tortillas and then touch the bowls (ask them to change gloves before making the bowl). They also use their hands for cheese and lettuce, which may have touched the tortillas.

    I really like Chipolte and eat there fairly often. But, I have found that the spices can sometimes give me a stomach ache. I think when you're digestive system is damaged or inflamed, even non-gluten containing stuff can be bothersome.


  20. So what do you all think? Can a person who does not have a gluten intolerance develop one if kept off gluten? I want to be able to send my son to school on a "normal" diet if possible. I am planning on sending him to a Mother's Day Out program starting in January. I guess we will have to challenge this again in the summer when it isn't cold and flu season. I hate to make him sensitive if he doesn't have a problem with it. Do we need to introduce it slowly if we do it again?

    Interesting question! I've wondered about this too. Before I found out about being gluten intolerant, I had lots of fatigue, headaches, another autoimmune problem, but I never had any GI symptoms. I went on a pretty strict low carb diet for a couple of years. Of course, I wasn't gluten free, but I had cut down on gluten greatly due to the diet. When I later went off the low carb diet and started eating more gluten, I developed intestinal symptoms. This is how I finally figured out that gluten was causing many of my health problems. I often wonder if would have developed intestinal problems if I hadn't cut back on gluten so much. But, I guess it worked out better this way. If I didn't have intestinal symptoms, I never would have figured out the gluten thing nor been able to stick with the diet.