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  1. Ok - try to respond to all the lovely people who replied.

    Kati thank you for the welcome. No gene tests have been done. thanks for the info - the more the better! (Your name pops up a lot you are very forth giving with the obvious plethora of info you have! yah you)

    CarolynM- yuk- what an experience. I'm glad you went gluten-free anyway and see improvements! Good luck!!

    tarnalberry, I thought hmmm, food for thought ( I never thought of that) thanks. And then I read taweavmo3, and between the two of you I think we really have a lot to think about now. what good advice!

    taweavmo3, thank you. I really appreciate the note from a kidred soul. It sounds like the procedure isn't too bad, but maybe worth it any way. Both reasons are very sound to me. And I'm a special ed teacher so I should have thought of that! :)

    Will power - not so much or wouln't be 20 # OVER weight. :)

    I think that you're right - the conclusive dx would probably be more motivating to keep to the diet.

    How old is big brother? My other one is 5. Do you all go somewhat gluten-free or just your daughter?

    Thanks again! I will be sure to check in here frequently now I think - meeting nice folks does that! :P

  2. Oh my goodness! such warm willing advice from strangers. You all are giving your thoughts and time and I think that is commendable and wonderful! Moving on now....

    Monica, I KNOW the I'm tired and want to be done feeling! Micky IS on the charts- in the 3rd percentile ( or at least at 3 yr old check up he was still there) not on by much but on. That is actually why he's never been referred to a celiac disease panel before- the other drs in the peds group always said that since he was following the same curve consistently he wasn't digressing or falling off charts so he's fine - just small.

    well, the last ped we saw in the group (for pnumonia re-check) didn't agree and suggested the panel and well- here we are. I'll sure keep you in my thoughts - good luck - your little one is awfully young for such things - but maybe it will be resolved soon which I find is 1/2 the problem - the unknown. Oh - I know nothing but I did catch that he is doing a scope/biopsy in june and you have him on gluten-free diet now. My doc said that was a no no. effects results because bowel improves so much if celiac disease is the problem. just FYI - good luck and thanks!

  3. My three year old has recently tested abnormal on celiac disease panel of blood tests. He is virtually symptom free (of any noticable symptoms). He was referred for the panel due to stature alone.


    Dr. says no gluten-free diet unless diagnosis confirmed with endoscope & bowel biopsy.

    I really don't want my little 25# guy going through that if it can be avoided. I was wondering if - couldn't we do a gluten-free diet for many weeks and then have the panel taken again? If the numbers drop - celiac disease! I know this disease is fickle - some have abnormal results but don't have celiac disease, some have normal results are celiac disease, etc...

    but since his tests already came back very high wouldn't a drop after a gluten-free diet be enough of an indication that celiac disease is present?

    I'm no dr. not even a seasoned patient or parent of celiac disease so I'm looking for opinions from those of you who are.

    He has to have surgery in June to remove tubes that never fell out, we can NOT do both surgeries at the same time due to hospital rights. 2 surgeries in one summer - I'd just rather not if possible.

    thanks for your input!!

  4. Hello all.

    New to this hope it is acceptable.

    My 3 year old son was recently given the celiac panel blood test. His numbers came back very high and therefore a probable positive call for celiac disease.

    He was tested due to stature alone- other symptoms sketchy at best. IE he is not suffering in any way.

    The pediatric gastro has been clear that he feels that a diet change should not take place until after an endoscope and bowel biopsy.

    I understand that this is the most efficient method of diagnosis. (blood test, scope/biopsy, diet, scope/biospsy again).

    I really want to avoid this procedure for my little 25# guy if possible. Which the Dr. seems to feel - its not possible.

    I have been thinking as a means to possibly detour this plan we could change diet first for a few weeks or months and since he is relatively symptom free we could then do another bood panel. If the numbers have gone down significantly couldn't we get our answer that way?

    Since I'm not an expert or even a seasoned parent I'm looking for other opinions. I would certainly go ahead and do as suggested if that is the best thing to do.

    Any opinions, information or suggestions would be welcomed.

    thank you!!