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  1. hello folks, i wanted to ask a question about grains....Yesterday i ate white rice for lunch, then at dinner had some...
  2. hello everyone! i have had gluten problems for awhile now, and have worked hard to get it in order and fell great for...
  3. hi,have you looked into eating meat could cause your inflamation? check it out and google it...very interesting. surfer
  4. hi. is there a gluten free aspirin i can take? thanks
  5. hello, when i found out i had a problem with gluten i lost weight....since i have cut gluten out of my diet i have put...
  6. surfer

    I Feel So, So Sick :(

    hi you could have a problem with Niteshades....raw tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant...google this good luck
  7. surfer

    Im Sick

    hi yes you made me smile thanks... I do have another question... How do you put weight on? i lost weight when i had...
  8. surfer

    Weight Issues

    Hello, Since i have been gluten free , i have noticed im not putting weight on... How do you put weight on ?? i would...
  9. surfer

    Im Sick

    hi and thank you for writing back...im not sure if i have a problem with dairy...i have stopped eating it after a nutritionist...
  10. surfer

    Im Sick

    I had 4 days feelling great.. im still healing as its only been 10 MONTHS since i found out i have Gluten problems.....
  11. surfer

    I Did It!

    hello again. When i eat i get these terrible cramps still and ive been gluten free for 9 months...of course i have slipped...
  12. surfer

    Pain Again :(

    I have been trying to so hard to not eat any Gluten and was doing well the last few days....Over labor day weekend we...
  13. HELLO, what type of asprin can i take that is gluten free? i was told that if i have inflamation taking some asprin...
  14. surfer


    hello. My question is....I have been gluten free for 9 months...sometimes my lower intestines hurt still and i think...
  15. surfer

    Good News

    i have some good news to share. I have been gluten free for about 9 months now and its been so up and down... depression...