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  1. I live in Italy at the moment and here we don't have any problems with eating places, supermarkets or something else, but next year we'll go to live abroad, maybe in England, and we would like to know how face the disease in another society different from mine... I hope to find a help as good as that I have in my country...for example in Italy some laws ensure us up to a certain amount a month for buying gluten free products and this is great!

    Some relatives of mine live in Oregon and we'd love to go to them before a final move to another country ( but it much depends by the work...).

    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Ive just been to toilet and there was blood, im sat here and im crying, im so scared now.

    I hope im going to be ok, im devasted.

    I had this same problem and after the colonscopy the doctor found some haemorrhoids ,he also said me that the coeliac disease can cause this symptom and an endoscopy was necessary if he hadn't found anything. But in cases like this more clinical tests are always necessary to exclude all possibility of doubt about other diseases such as simple inflammatory problems ( for example irritable bowel syndrome ).

    Don't be so afraid but tell this to your doctor...

  3. Fortunately we had a positive experience with the doctors and we keep up a good meeting with the gastroenterologist and with the pediatrist ( because it' s my daughter to be coeliac )...but I know some people with a lot of problems caused by a delayed diagnosis because many doctors don't face the symptoms in the correct way...

  4. It's not so strange to find negative blood test in an adult person...only a colonscopy often reveals this disease...

    My advice is to eat normally the food containing gluten because in this way there isn't the risk to distort the biopsy's result...

  5. Hi! I'm an italian mother and my 5 years old daughter has coeliac disease from the age of 15 months. We' d like to travel abroad and I'd love to know how foreign people face this disease in their own society. Thanks to all of you!