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    Runnings, playing drums, piano, guitar, reading especially classic novels, religion, and nutrition (for obvious reasons).
  1. jmrogers31


    I have kind of a strange question. A couple times that last week or two I have been sitting in my chair and would get...
  2. jmrogers31

    Article In Runners World

    Thanks for that link! I am going to post the summary below. I obviously would be #3 on the list as confirmed by an...
  3. I had a couple thoughts about an article published in Runner's World. They posted an article titled, "Are you really...
  4. jmrogers31

    Sesame Allergy

    I posted about a week ago that I had an exercise induced anaphalaxis reaction while jogging and had to be rushed to the...
  5. jmrogers31


    Good advice everyone, thanks. I will start carrying both with me and I will also make sure they test for fish with my...
  6. jmrogers31


    I now one two epi pens and carry one with me at all times. I am going to see an alergist asap but I believe I have to...
  7. jmrogers31


    I had a question for the board. Has anyone ever had an anaphyaxis (spelling?) reaction to gluten? I am not sure if...
  8. jmrogers31

    6 Year Old About To Be Tested

    My six year old is going to be tested with a blood sample this week for Celiac. I was wondering what your thoughts were...
  9. jmrogers31

    Get The 'shivers'

    Thanks everyone. nvsmom, it is interesting you said bright kids because she is a very bright kid (I know everyone thinks...
  10. jmrogers31

    Get The 'shivers'

    2 questions for everyone. My 6 year old daughter is on a gluten free trial right now that we started 3 weeks ago. My...
  11. jmrogers31

    Pain In Back

    Hello Celiac.com community. The last few days I have had pain in my back on the right side right below my rib cage and...
  12. jmrogers31

    1 Year

    July 8th was my 1 year anniversary of going gluten free. I remember the day because it was one of the worst days of...
  13. jmrogers31

    When Was Your Celiac Triggered?

    With me I believe I always had slight auto-immune issues because I had asthma and used to have to get shots every week...
  14. jmrogers31

    Curious About Genetics

    Interesting to see everything from Native American to Northern Africa to Ukraine. I guess by this time most of us have...
  15. jmrogers31

    Curious About Genetics

    Thanks Karen. I have been on this site for a year but missed this one. I thought it wasn an interesting thought, but...