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  1. The guard is technically correct to take away your sandwich. Sandwiches are specifically mentioned in the list of food and beverages that are NOT allowed in Sea World. I don't fully understand why you thought that your sandwich would be allowed even if it is gluten free because it is still a sandwich which is against their rules. Unless you didn't research sea worlds outside food policy prior to going to sea world. It would have been easier/smarter to bring foods that you find filling that aren't expressly forbidden in the outside food rules. There is no medical need on why you had to bring a sandwich instead of kind bars, lara bars, nuts, whole fruit, beef jerky, etc. The policy also states that in order to bring medical need food into the park you need MANAGER approval, which you didn't have so they can still refuse to allow you to bring in the sandwich because you didn't have management approval. The outside food and beverage policy is easy to find in the FAQs section of the sea world website. Since their policy is very clear and available online it seems that you went hungry because you didn't do the appropriate research into bringing outside food into sea world. While venues do have to make accommodations for us we do need to do the research into the venue's policies and what needs to be done to GET the accommodation. In this instance you need manager approval other places may have a more lenient policy and you may only need to tell the guard that it's a medical need. This is why it's important to know the policy of the venue you are going to and make and needed phone calls/emails to assure that you will be able to bring in the food.
  2. sariesue

    It's Unfair

    Honestly, if celiac and tourettes are the worst genetic disorders that you could pass to your future children then you should consider yourself lucky. Neither is a certain death sentence unlike cri du chat or tay-sachs both genetically linked disorders that generally result in death in infancy. Celiac and tourettes can be managed and since you know that there is a possibility that your future children may develop celiac or tourettes you can be vigilant in watching for symptoms.
  3. sariesue

    Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Personally, I really HATE reading posts like this because they could actually harm someone if they actually have vitamin deficiencies and read the original post and just stop taking their supplements. Since you are not a medical professional, it may have been better to add that supplementing vitamins should be done with your doctor's knowledge and blood tests to monitor vitamin levels rather than to suggest that someone discontinue a supplement they are taking. Especially if they are taking it because they were instructed to by a doctor for an actual deficiency. Because those mega doses of b12 that you are so hard on are the only thing thing that is keeping me from becoming anemic and stops the neuropathy due to the deficiency.
  4. sariesue

    Regarding Groceries And $$....

    Well, if you are looking to cut down food expenses stop buying salmon regularly. At least where I live salmon is almost 8$ a pound. Usually, there is some fish on sale so you could buy the less expensive fish and save money there. The same goes with the other meats and veggies that you buy go through the your grocery stores and buy what's on sale. If you varied your meals more you may find that you also save money. For example, if peppers and chicken breasts are on sale you could make a stir fry by adding some rice and some gluten-free teriaki or other sauce or seasonings of your choice. You can make a crock pot stew and extend the servings of that by serving it over rice. Buying in bulk then seperating out into usable portions can also reduce food costs. For example, if you buy chicken breasts at costco you can seperate them into meal size portions and freeze what you don't want to eat then. You could extend the life of your children's snack foods by making them more filling. An apple isn't nearly as filling as an apple with 2T peanut butter for dipping. Also, you could figure out if they are eating because they are hungry or because they are bored. You may be able to change their snacking habits so they aren't hungry, but aren't wasting food by mindlessly eating it. For example, I LOVE raspberries, I got them out as a snack the other day and ended up eating the whole container sitting watching tv. I didn't need to eat them all and if I was really that hungry I could have made a better food choice. Your kids may be doing similar things especially if they are snacking on foods that aren't very filling like berries and grapes and taking the whole container to eat out of. Not to sound harsh but, buying bottled water is about the worst solution out there. Bottled water is more expensive than other options and is bad for the environment(yes even if your recycle), isn't a better than filtering water at home since that's all bottled water is. If you do not like your well water what have you done to try to fix that problem? My house has a well when we first moved in the water filter needed to be changed so the water tasted bad and changing the filter made a huge difference and it's really easy. If that doesn't make a difference buy a brita or pur filter device and use that to filter your water. If filtering a second time doesn't improve your water then have it tested, your well may be contaminated in some way.
  5. sariesue

    Still So Fatigued...

    I don't know but, I know for b12 the lower end of normal can be quite different depending on what country you live in and possibly the lab. When I was first told that my b12 was deficient it was 205 but the low end of the range was 200. So on paper I was not clinically deficiant but since I had symptoms and my b12 was so low it was treated for as a deficiency. However, I was told elsewhere 500 is the low end of the normal range. Some doctors do not worry about bloodwork results if the lab doesn't flag a result as abnormal. So you could be a few points above the normal range so your dr says it's "normal" but it might be too low for you personally. On a side note, b12 deficiency can cause anemia.
  6. sariesue

    Supervisor Problem

    If he is insisting that you not bring your own food then I wouldn't bring food because to do so appears would really hurt your supervisor's feelings. And I see his point, he wants to treat you and the rest of the interns to a dinner like it's a reward for doing well during your internship. To bring food would be kind of insulting like going to an awards banquet and supplying your own trophy. Visit the restaurant and see what would be safe to eat and make the rest of your plans from there. Some foods are obviously going to be safer than others. I've always found that a garden salad with out croutons with oil and vinager in shakers is a safe option. But, talk to the restaurant and see what items contain gluten and what needs to be done to make menu items gluten free. However, if you still feel unsafe eating there then I would plan on eating your dinner either before you leave or after you get home. At the dinner you could just have a drink. Regardless of whether or not you decide to eat at the dinner I would definitely NOT suggest you bring your own food because your supervisor said not to and that if you did go against his request it could be seen that you can't or won't follow requests from your supervisor. Especially, because he tried to be considerate to your celiac by allowing you to be a part of picking the restaurant but you declined to speak up for yourself and suggest a place you find safe. So if you find that you don't feel safe eating ANYTHING there then you are really forced to suck it up and eat outside of the event. You have to realize that he will be a reference for you for a while and you want to leave on the best note possible and purposefully making him feel uncomfortable isn't the best way of doing so even if it is difficult for you. I realize that my opinion probably won't be popular because people here seem to think bringing food and hurting other's feelings is better because it's "safer" for the person with celiac. But, there are times where other's feelings do have to come first even if it's difficult for you.
  7. There should be no reason why your dr has to work to get you in to see a neurologist. It's really a simple process, the doctor either writes/calls in a referal first OR you can just call and make an appointment. If it's problems with your insurance not covering the spesific dr your gp wants you to see call your insurance and see what neurologists accept their insurance in their area. If for some bizzare reason your insurance won't cover ANY neurologist then you may have to suck it up and pay out of pocket. Which does suck, but it's better than being in pain with no relief because you chose not to see a dr who could help you find relief due to money.
  8. sariesue

    Itemized Deductions For Celiacs

    I think that if you only use the 1$ crappy bread as your base price for bread to get the most out of the deduction you WILL be audited especially if you eat a lot of bread. Because that honestly is and looks like a scam because I still buy wheat bread for my husband and there aren't any brands that are 1$ in my supermarket. The cheapest is over 2$ with most being about 3$. If your more everyday medical expenses are well over 7.5% they might not look too too close, but if you are on the cusp of making the 7.5% for the deduction I wouldn't want to risk the audit by using the lowest price you can find anywhere especially if you don't buy exclusively store brand items for everything possible. Plus there is the gray area of medical expense if you factor in the gluten free products that you had to buy for yourself(the one with celiac) and were partly eaten by a spouse or children who do not have celiac and have no medical need to eat gluten free products. Can you still deduct the full amount of a product like bread as a medical expense if it wasn't all consumed by the person who has the medical need for the product. Because that person could eat regular bread and you would have spent much less buying gluten free bread. Bread is a great example for this because it could be hard to explain how one person is eating over a loaf a bread a week. Unless you could prove that you can't have a shared household which would probably be hard if not impossible to do easily. Especially since many people with celiac live in shared households to some degree. Like mine where the only gluten products are bread and one bag of chips which was an accident.
  9. sariesue

    Hair Strand Allergy Test Results

    Before starting such a limited diet, I would DEMAND having a widely used and accepted food allergy testing done. In the US the only widely used and accepted tests are blood tests, skin tests, and oral food challenges. Personally, I would want further testing on those foods before deciding to eliminate them as your initial test is known to be unreliable and there are other widely accepted tests that can be used. If you have a starting list of foods to test it's really not a hard process.
  10. They actually are taking ownership of providing safe food by saying that they cannot guarantee that their food is gluten free. Would you rather they say that some foods are gluten free only to find out the hard way that they are CC'd in some way? It's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Especially if food is self serve and the cafeteria doesn't and can't monitor if someone mixes up the serving utensils. It's a CYA statement. They don't want to claim that something is gluten free and have the kid react.
  11. I've never used sourgum flour before. Is it hard to find?
  12. sariesue

    Going Downhill Fast

    Were the xrays of your teeth or of your whole head. Not everything can be seen with the bite wing xrays that dentists use.
  13. So far my attempts at baking gluten free cookies have not been huge sucesses. My last batch was was edible, but very dry and a previous attempt was a crumbly inedible mess. It doesn't help that I am VERY particular about my cookies I like chewy moist cookies. which makes it a little more difficult. Can anybody give me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that taste like the recipe from the tollhouse chocolate chip bag?
  14. sariesue

    Going Downhill Fast

    You need to go to a dr ASAP. Your health isn't something you can just say you "can't afford" to take care of. Plus, if your elimination diet is not monitored by a dr, nutritionist or anyone beyond yourself it can actually cause more harm than good. By eliminating soo many things you are setting your self up for even MORE vitamin deficiencies and other problems because you aren't eating enough variety of foods to get all the essential vitamins and minerals AND you aren't supplementing and really can't because you don't know what your body is lacking.
  15. sariesue

    I'm Just Making Sure We All Like Red Robin

    As a server in the restaurant industry I really dislike this comment. It is not a restaurant's fault that you did not plan accordingly to get to your movie. I find this especially on the weekends, when my restaurant usually has a wait. These are the people who were told that we had an hour to an hour and a half wait and still chose to stay. Then they blame the restaurant when they have to alter their plans especially when they come at dinner time on the weekend and still think they can make that 7:40 or 8pm movie. That's not the way it works. The restaurant process really can't take less time at that hour especially if you order full meals, like an app and/or salad and an entree. Many chains have set timings that they follow for service. For example, where I work your entree is supposed to come out 14 minutes AFTER the kitchen receives the order. This remains the same whether you ordered a large well done steak or just a burger. Plus if a restaurant is on a wait there is NO way of rushing an order through the kitchen. As a patron you need to be aware of your time constraints and if you think that the meal is worth possibly missing your next activity especially if you are told there is any wait to be seated. A normal restaurant meal for dinner takes about an 40 minutes to an hour under from the time you sit down until when you pay your check at a sit down chain restaurant. This DOES NOT include any time you have to wait before being seated. So you as a patron really need to consider how waiting will shorten the time you allotted for eating your meal. This might mean that you show up to a restaurant find out there is a wait and you have to decide to stay and eat and possibly miss the movie, or to leave and be 100% sure you can make your movie. Also, I wouldn't take one long wait at a restaurant as being it's norm or making it not worth going back to. Unless the food was equally as bad.