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  1. PainfulSpaghetti

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank You so much for your replies! I am so happy to meet you! Cougie, your story is so similar to m ine, I am so sorry...
  2. PainfulSpaghetti

    What I Miss Most.

    That would be awesome! Thanks so much!!!!
  3. PainfulSpaghetti

    What I Miss Most.

    I miss the ease of making a sandwich. The thrill of fresh baked bread. An ice cold beer. Cinnamon buns ice cream. Ritz...
  4. PainfulSpaghetti

    Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to finally officially introduce myself, as I have been posting and have been neglecting to do so. I'm Kelly...
  5. PainfulSpaghetti

    The Gluten Challenge

    Welcome Peeptoad! Once your body begins to heal from the damage the gluten causes, it can be very hard on your system...
  6. PainfulSpaghetti

    Passing Mucus With Gas

    Sigh... I know, and I loooove dairy.
  7. PainfulSpaghetti

    Just Need Some Support, Nobody Seems To Understand

    I think all of us have slid down the slippery slope of wondering "Do I even have Celiac or a gluten allergy?" And we...
  8. PainfulSpaghetti

    Passing Mucus With Gas

    I am SO familiar with the mucus, and bleeding, too. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and then magically, the...
  9. PainfulSpaghetti


    I also went through a battery of tests for MS, and when I stopped eating gluten the stroke like symptoms associated with...
  10. PainfulSpaghetti

    Newbie And Overwhelmed

    It can be frustraing, and difficult, BUT, your body will let you know what is best for YOU! All of us are different,...
  11. PainfulSpaghetti

    What Are Your Symptoms When You Get Glutened?

    For me, I suffer from depression, cramping, gas, bloating, bad taste in my mouth, bleeding, headaches, brain fog, muscle...
  12. PainfulSpaghetti

    Good News

    It sure does! It slowly but surely will get better. It takes awhile for our poor abused bodies to heal themselves, but...
  13. PainfulSpaghetti

    Sushi Rice... Again

    That recipe was gorgeous!
  14. PainfulSpaghetti

    Vitamin D Deficiency--Poll

    Now if I could only get my iron stable...
  15. I have a strange "rash" on the inside of my cheeks that 3 doctors have looked and and just scratch their heads at, I...