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  1. Are you eating anything with vanilla in it? While I don't get sick like a real glutening, I itch! It is the kind of vanilla that is supposed to be safe for us. Dairy and soy also give me gluten like symptoms, itching, dry skin, hair loss, sleep problems, etc. So, no gluten, including vanilla and white vinegar, no soy and no dairy... skin and hair does great and no itching.
  2. Everyone is different. If I get cc, I have different reactions everytime, plus some of the old ones as well. And the reaction/healing time is different everytime as well. I don't know what I think about being super sensitive, I react with joints hurting and skin problems when I try using things such as MacCormick's Vaniila that is labeled gluten free, or white vinegar which is supposed to be safe. I am 4 years into this journey, I only eat what I make, and then the ingredients have to be 100 percent gluten free. I was in pretty bad shape four years ago, and now at 62, I feel great, but only because I am very, very, picky about what I injest. Whole foods and a few of the certified gluten free foods, no dairy, no soy, works for me!
  3. I am gluten intolerant, my first symptoms were nerve related. Went to doctors, specialists, they ruled out everything, but couldn't tell me what was causing my problems. I went gluten free on the advice of a neighbor, and the nerve problems dissappeared along with about 300 other symptoms...well maybe not 300 but close. Took awhile but am feeling great now with no symptoms. If you want a definite diagnosis, remain on gluten to be tested. I had an endiscope, and gene testing, negative results, was too sick to go back on gluten for blood test. I stay away from resturants and other people's cooking and cook mostly with whole foods and I stay healthy!
  4. If his health is still declining, I would go completely WHOLE foods, only. I would also suggest no dairy and no soy. I know how having a sick kid can make you feel, my prayers and thoughts are with you.
  5. I used a knife my husband had spread his jam with, I used it to cut a banana, was sick 20 minutes later. I also have been using Diamond brand walnuts in my muffins without any problems. One morning for breakfast, had my usual muffin and twenty minutes later I was sick. Read the label, "nuts are processed on same lines as wheat, other nuts etc. I get sick with anything that shares equipment, I am learning to read labels everytime I purchase something.
  6. I tested negative to the gene testing, but definitely am gluten intolerant. I agree with the others, if you feel better without gluten, stay on the diet.
  7. Sorry you have had such a rough time. I think most of us have experienced the bad doctor part, and most of your symptoms fall right in line with being celaic/gluten intolerant. When I was the most ill, the only thing I could tolerate was Ensure, gradually got off of that and I eat only whole foods that I prepare myself. I can not tolerate any dairy or soy and would recommend you stay away from those as well. If I get hungry for a particular item, I make it, haven' found anything I can't make. This is the only way I stay healthy. You are much too young to not be enjoying life. Try the whole foods, and give yourself time, it takes awhile, and remember there are many ups and downs while healing.
  8. I felt like I was a "slow" in healing. Once I stopped dairy and soy,(as well as gluten)everything improved, including energy,sleep,skin,etc. I feel so much better.
  9. I think the whole world be better off gluten free. A long time ago we had hogs being produced on our farm. If we wanted a better price, we added wheat to their diet to fatten them out. I am sure the meat wasn't improved but it put more dollars in my pocket at sale time. We are an obese nation, I think gluten being in everything processed is the culprit, plus I think a lot of the auto-immune diseases are because of gluten. I personally like my gluten free diet.
  10. I had many of your symptoms and your problems with doctors, only I was 58 years old. Symptoms kept mutlipling, with more weird things happening everyday. Neighbor kept telling me it was gluten. I am self diagnosed as I could not do any more doctors or specialists, I was literally dying. I tried the diet and have steadily improved and now 61 and healthy, my energy is back. All my many symptoms have disappeared. I eat mostly whole foods, no dairy, no soy and only certified gluten free labeled products, that is the only way I stay healthy.
  11. I am trying to take probiotics, having heard they help. I am gluten,dairy, and soy intolerant. The first ones I purchased had dairy in them (Culterelle). I then read here on forum that they had a dairy/ gluten free probiotic. Second day of taking them, and my stomach and gut are upset. Is this normal? Do I dare continue, does anyone else react to probiotics?
  12. Do you suppose they are really that dumb, or they know the whole health industry would change, if we didn't have all autoimmune problems and symptoms related to gluten? Might take a nickle out of their pocket!
  13. Kansas

    Remember Me? Look What I Found!

    You can also use applesauce for a very moist nice cake, chocolate or vanilla or ?. I susbstitute it for any cake recipe that calls for milk, since I am dairy, soy, & gluten intolerant, and use olive oil for butter or shortening (usually less than it calls for) without any problems.
  14. If I were you I would go completely unprocessed, whole foods. That way you know what you are putting in your mouth. Wholes foods means the potato, not the tots,or the chips. It means, make your own ketchup not buy a bottle, etc. And it is not that hard to do. When I am hungry for a particular item, I can adjust a recipe or find one that works. I would also cut out soy as well as dairy and gluten. Soy is everything, so you must be careful. I also react to foods that are labeled gluten free or made in a facilty that also manufactures gluteny foods. I will buy foods that are CERTIFIED gluten free, but otherwise, I make everything from whole foods. That is the only way I stay healthy. I don't know about makeup or shampoos, I usually do the gluten free items, I had my haircut and the beautitician used hairspray, and that afternoon, I had upset tummy and next day, D. I know I inhaled while she was spraying, not going to do that again.
  15. Kansas

    My Husband Doesn't Get It

    Please don't let this disease rob you of any more than it already has. I think what you are feeling is part of the recovery, most of us have been there. It does get better, I felt like you for awhile, now that I am healthy again, it doesn't bother me a bit when I take my own food or have to explain why I can't have most items served. I keep it short and polite. Your husband is having to adjust and when he sees the difference in your health, he will realize how right you are, just be patience with everyone, they will get it... hopefully someday. This crap is not going to destroy my relationships with people I care about, or going to social situations.