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  1. Thanks, that's why I'm thinking dh because it did clear with doxy and when I read that tetra is sometimes used I knew that doxy was related to that drug family. Ok, as to your questions... No, kissing gluten eaters. My hubby knows not to kiss me as I've gotten sick before from that. No...
  2. I think I may have DH, but the doctors I have seen are not convinced as my rash does not present like typical DH. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2011 after being quite ill for a few years. Before my decline in health I developed a blistery rash just inside and outside of my nose. It's a...
  3. I've eaten there and it was so darn good. Really good. The owner's wife has celiac so all the food is gluten-free. Wow! Thanks for this. I had no idea these apps existed.