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  1. Uma have you tried http://www.toplisstarts.com.au/ gluten free range we tried some of their products when we went to the Emundi market ? They not available in NSW yet but are in Queensland and they Sunshine Coast based. Their products are excellent I wish they would could sell them main stream.
  2. Here is a recipe one of my grandmothers use to make when I was a child. I have adapted the recipe to be gluten and dairy free. Preheat oven 180 2 cups coconut milk or cow milk if you can tolerate dairy products 2 egg whites stiffly beaten 2 egg yolks
  3. Mackmackiemackie Have you tried Zaffraan http://www.zaaffran.com.au/ in Sydney. They a fabulous Indian restaurant. If you ring them before hand and just remind them on the night that you need a gluten-free meal they bend over backwards. They made 3-course meal dairy, gluten and yeast free...
  4. Tracey You possibly would be interested in the October addition of Delicious Magazine http://www.deliciousmagazine.com.au/ The front page shows of a gluten free dessert and they have ear marked a number of other gluten free dishes in the magazine. They have started doing this regularly. Another...
  5. “Kansai sushi gelato espresso” Shop A 70 Pitt Street Sydney serves gluten & dairy free gelato. They serve the www.puregelato.com.au brand. Both Hub and I enjoyed it. I can second my support for Iku http://www.iku.com.au/ I buy all my gluten free lunches there. Have a look on the link the...