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  1. This started because I had some spring roll wrappers left over, and also almonds, honey and olive oil. I tried making it in layers, like baklava and it was a fiasco, if tasty. So I bought more wrappers and tried again, doing it this time pot-sticker style, and the fiasco went a little better, but the wrappers were still too chewy. So on the third try (or fourth), I cut the wrappers in quarters, and that worked.

    The filling I'm using these days is almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, clover honey and EV olive oil. I've got a food chopper and chop up all the nuts but the sunflower seeds with it. Half a cup of raw almonds, and the other half cup more or less divided up among the rest (so 1/6 cup of each, roughly). Mix in a tablespoon of olive oil and two cups of honey.

    About now is a good time to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

    The spring roll wrappers I use are Blue Dragon brand from World Market. They're about 9" across; if you can find rice wrappers that are the size of regular won ton wrappers, that would be preferable. With Blue Dragons, you soak each about 10 seconds in warm water. Spread out on a pizza pan and cut into four equal parts. Put a teaspoon of filling on each and wrap up envelope fashion. Place each on another pan, preferably one lined with aluminum foil. Bake for 10 minutes. Let cool for at least five. They're much better when still warm, but still pretty wonderful when cool.

    Makes 12-16.

    Thanks for sharing is sounds like a great idea.

  2. Jestgar had some good tips about eating pickled things which are usually ok --I've not traveled in Africa but darn near everywhere else and not had much problem. Raw food diets are not for everyone and I cant follow it all the time but when traveling, i know fresh fruit and veggies are safe, so with a little vinegar, spices and olive oil or something I can usually get something I like.

    The cross contamination in a communal environment must be a problem though.

    guess this gives you the excuse to learn a few phases in a bunch of unusual dialects --

    good luck

    Have you tried any of the IWISA brands like the Samp and the Cornmeal? The samp is white corn kernels.

    You can follow up with Premier Foods in South Africa re their IWISA brand and ask them to confirm if it is gluten free.

    See details below in South Africa. They distribute across Africa

    Premier Foods Head Office:

    Telephone: (011) 565 4300

    Physical Address:

    1 Joist Street, Isando, 1609 24 HR Consumer Services Team

    Telephone: 0860 122 300

    Social Responsibility:


    If you prefer to contact us via e-mail, please forward all company related queries to:


    Please forward any website related queries and/or suggestions to:


    You can also try sorghum porridge the Maltabella by Bokomo I emailed them a couple of years ago and they confirmed via email that it is gluten free. It is another South African product and I know it is available across most of Africa. I buy it from the South African Deli in Oz.

    There is a corn flour/ mielieblom by the name of Maizena by Bokomo email them and ask them to confirm if it is gluten free. http://www.bokomo.co.za/

    If you google some of traditional South African Cornbread recipes you will find that many of them are naturally gluten free.

    You can also try and get hold of Biltong & Droewors it is usually gluten free you need to always confirm ingredients. I buy it in Oz from the Stanley street butcher and really enjoy it. Def of Biltong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biltong Def of Droewors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dro%C3%AB_wors

  3. We cook heaps of Indian & Sri Lankan, Balinese, Thai and Vietnamese, Middle Eastern etc meals. A number of the recipes are naturally gluten & dairy free and also very child friendly. Have a look via google you will be amazed.

    We also cow dairy, gluten, yeast, preservative free etc in our house. I tend to replace dairy in recipes with stock, nut milk, coconut milk or pear juice depending on the recipe. I

  4. I have KitchenAid Mixer and blender use them both heaps. I use my Magimix http://www.magimix.com/index.php?lg=100for anything that needs to be chopped or grated it like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. I also use a Sumeet for all spice grinding http://www.sumeet.net/Models/ModelsNew.htm as I cook heaps of Indian & Sri Lankan recipes etc. I also use it to grind small amounts of gluten free grains or sugar etc. I would start with the Mixer and then save for the rest.

  5. We made a cupcake caterpillar birthday cake. We used one large cupcake as the head and then used smaller cupcakes to make the body. We decorated the cupcakes with dairy free butter icing and natural food colouring from Hullaballoo food www.hullabaloofood.com and natural colour sprinkles. We also used colourful pipecleaners cut in half for legs and made two antennae with yellow pompoms on the end, we made a mini pipecleaner with a pompom on as a tail. For eyes, we bought some toy eyes at Lincraft. We used the pipecleaners to make a smile as well. The kids loved the cake. Each child got two mini cupcakes. The cake was a great success. I hope this idea could possibly help someone else.

    The cake had to be free from dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and all commercial food colourants.

    The only food colours we could use were from natural plant extracts. The Hullabaloo food colours worked well. The colours weren

  6. We make a Cape Malay Tasty Mince Dish ,just freeze it in portion sizes and take it to work for lunch.

    Cape Malay tasty mince dish

    Preheat oven to 180C

    1) Chop 9 large onions finely in your Magimix, and push 6-8 garlic cloves (I prefer 8) through a garlic press and fry up together in a little olive oil. Fry until the onions are glassy. Add 3 teaspoons of ground turmeric, gluten free curry power and ground garam masala.

    2) Remove the onions from the heat and cook 3kg of mince till it

  7. You can buy Maltabella porridge by Bokomo from South Africa. I think they export to Rwanda I followed up with them via email and they confirmed to me that it only contained salt and sorghum flour and that it was packed and milled in a gluten free environment so cross contamination was not possible. I regularly have it as a porridge in Australia and I also combine it with rice flour each year to bake a gingerbread house. You can also buy IWISA it is a white maize meal that is made in South African and exported across Africa and the globe. I buy it in Oz in one of the South African deli

  8. 1.Mix together 2 cups toasted ground almonds ( grind fresh almonds and toast them for a few minutes in the oven, keep a close eye on them as burn very easily), 3-4 drops of almond essence, a generous pinch op ammonium bicarbonate, 1 tablespoon of glazed ginger ( about 6 squares) finely chopped , 2 tablespoons of orgran gluten free flour http://www.orgran.com/

    2. Bring to boil about 3 tablespoons of water and 2/3 cup castor sugar in a pot till all the sugar has been dissolved. It will form a clear liquid.

    3. Add 2 to 3 let it stand for about 8 hours

    4.Whisk 2 egg whites together add gradually 1 tablespoon icing sugar

    5. Crumble number 3 mixture if necessary to break up

    6. Gradually add 4 to 5 in your Kitchen aid and mix well.

    7. Sprinkle some gluten free flour on work bench. Roll the mixture out with your hands to a 1 cm thick sausage. Cut diagonally into thumb size length.

    8. Bake on baking trays that have been covered with magic cooking sheet www.magiccookingsheet.com.au

    9. Bake in pre heated fan forced oven on 150C for about 12min

    10. Remove from oven and sprinkle with icing sugar.

    11. I suggest you x3 the recipe as the family will eat the cookies before they have had the opportunity to cool off.

  9. In a 12.5 liters pot add 2 organic skinned Chickens , cut into pieces and remove all fat (cut the chicken into 1/4 keep bones intact, dislocate joins and cut through). Add 1/2 celery with leaves (about 12 stalks including leaves) that have been sliced (3mm). Add 8 large pealed carrots sliced thinly. Add 6 large onions sliced (3mm). Add

  10. Thought I would make a recommendation after a very positive experience we had in Thailand.

    I have multiple food intolerances. Thai air provided an excellent gluten and dairy free breakfast and lunch from Sydney to Bangkok 8 1/2 hour flight and from Bangkok to Phuket an 1 1/2 flight I was provided with a lovely fruit snack when the others got a Danish.

    We stayed at the Evason Phuket & Six Sense Spa http://www.sixsenses.com/evason-phuket/ . When we booked our holiday we confirmed with the resort that they were able to provide gluten free and dairy free meals. They bent over backwards to accommodate all my food intolerances. On arrival I was provided with two little cards showing all my food intolerances in English and Thai.

    They baked special bread for me, offered to make cakes and pizza if I wanted any. I was able to eat 90% of all the meals that where provided at the buffet as they were all naturally gluten free. As a person who lives a gluten free life style it was a complete delight as the gluten was very seldom present in an any of the dishes that they prepared for the buffet. 90% of the desserts were gluten free. Whenever soy was used in a dish it was mentioned to me and they would provide a dish without soy for me. All the noodles that where use were rice noodles. There was four restaurants to choose from in the resort.

    I also had an option to order from the a- la-carte menu. Nothing was too much trouble for them they even changed individual meals and made suggestions how they could adapt a meal to accommodate my food intolerances. They had a fantastic awareness and understanding of what is required to accommodate a gluten free diet. I did not get sick once in the two weeks that we were there and ate to heart