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  1. Hey guys I went to my Gastro yesterday and because I'm almost done with college and I might be moving she gave me a...
  2. allergyprone

    Rice Allergy

    Thank you guys, StephanieL -- I got the allergy testing done because I started having more digestive issues than before...
  3. allergyprone

    Rice Allergy

    Hi guys, I recently (yesterday) was diagnosed via a prick test that I have allergies to rice, walnuts, pork and grapefruit...
  4. allergyprone

    The Song Name Game

    song of the cebu - VeggieTales
  5. Hey guys I have been having strange symptoms: extreme energy levels causing me insomnia, general weakness, shaking...
  6. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    thanks frieze That is what it looks like when i turn blue, although mine is very temporary it goes away about a minute...
  7. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    I finally got my test results back, the dr told me that they were all normal and then just kind of brushed me off. here...
  8. allergyprone

    The Song Name Game

    fly like an eagle- steve miller
  9. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks for the ideas Cavernio - I have looked into Reynauds syndrome and it doesn't really fit my symptoms because it...
  10. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    beachbirdie- thanks for the reply. I have been trying to get a new doctor recently but I am from a small town where there...
  11. allergyprone


    I would stay away from accutane I have 2 friends that took it and after finishing treatment they both became allergic...
  12. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks again guys, ravenwoodglass - it kind of looks like that but not quite as red, mine is more of a blue gray hue...
  13. allergyprone

    Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

    I'm A- and have celiac all of the girls in my family are rh neg and both my dad and my brother are rh pos. but I'm the...
  14. allergyprone

    I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks for the ideas guys Madagascar- the temperature doesn't seem to effect me turning blue, but I have noticed that...
  15. Has anyone experienced their entire body (hands/arms, torso, legs/feet) turning blue/gray randomly, I have talked to...