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  1. I make sure not to take my thyroid med or any supplement before labs for that reason. I'm taking Source Naturals Advanced B-12 Complex. It's 400mcg of Folate as Folic Acid and 5mg of Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin. I've been taking 2 each morning sublingually. I pop them under my tongue and go back to sleep lol I was going to ask him to increase my armour. I'll wait until the t3 results come in. Maybe if they're still on the low side he won't be as nervous to increase it. He's a nurse practitioner. He's told me to go to an endo but I don't like endo's :/ thank you for responding!

  2. I don't even know where to begin lol gluten-free and df. Hypothyroid, Vit d deficient, found out I was also anemic (low ferritin and b12 - 278) and my platelets have been low around 122. My last lab draw was in Aug and my platelets were 122. I just had labs again and they are at 98. He wants me to go to a hematologist and I'm getting a little scared. He mentioned hepatitis?!? How would I have gotten that?

    I've been taking b12 and my number shot up to over 2000 :o so I'm going to cut back. I've always had problems with sleeping a lot and brain fog. When I started armour it helped a little then it would slowly come back same with the b12. I've been lazy about taking iron. I also kept trying to tell the dr that I thought I had problems with my adrenals and he ran a few tests I think to humor me. When I was seeing a chiro he did a saliva test and it showed I had low morning cortisol. So I started taking Jarrows Adrenal Optimizer and it helped with some more of my brain fog, I haven't had as many dizzy spells apon standing and I feel it's been helping with blood sugar swings. But lately I've been sleeping a lot again. Sorry if my thoughts are scattered I'm just trying to make sure I remember everything. Last blood draw I had him do a full thyroid panel. I asked for another one this time and he just ran my TSH and ft4. So he drew blood again to get my t3. Why won't they just listen the first time. Here are some of my labs. Please let me know what you think.

    Vitamin D- 45 (range 30-100)

    B12- >2000 (range 200-1100)

    TSH - 2.88

    FT4 - 0.93 (range 0.8-1.8)

    Glucose Total - 96 (range 65-99)

    WBC: 4.0 (3.8-10.8)

    RBC: 3.9 (3.8-5.1)

    HgB: 12.4 (11.7-15.5)

    Hct: 35.6 (35-45)

    MCV: 91 (80-100)

    MCH: 31.7 (27-33)

    MCHC: 34.8 (32-36)

    MPV: 9.8 (7.5-11.5)

    RDW: 12.9 (11-15)

    Platelets: 98 (140-400)

    Monocytes: 5.5 (1.7-9.3)

    Granulocytes: 53.4 (42.2-75.2)

    Lymphocyte: 1.6 (1.2-3.4)

    Monocyte#: 0.2 (0.1-0.6)

    Granulocyte#: 2.1 (1.4-6.5)

    Lymphocytes %: 41.4 (20.5-51.1)

    On the referral to the hematologist I read some of the symptoms they mentioned and some stood out to me lymphadenopath. Ears both TMs are bulging. Nasal mucosa is boggy, partially obscured by clear drainage and pale. Turbinates are markedly swollen bilaterally. I'm scared about all of this :( I also mentioned to him my fingers turn a pale bluish/purplish color when I get cold. He didn't say anything. When I looked on my referral it listed my current problems:

    Abnormal GTT

    Acne (ugh lol)

    Acquired Hypothyroidism

    Celiac Disease (my tests were negative but I'm so happy they put this. It's like confirmation I guess)

    Disorder of the adrenal glands (I guess he was listening :) )

    Malaise and fatigue


    Other specified disorder of the thyroid (I have no idea what this means)

    Other vitamin b12 deficiency (there's more than 1?)

    Raynaud's syndrome (and advice for this one? Just stay warm? Lol)


    Thyroid nodule (biopsy came back negative)

    Unspecified C (got MUCH better with armour)

    Vitamin D deficiency

    Sorry for the long post but any advice on all of this would be greatly appreciated. Especially in regards to the low platelets, thyroid, raynauds, and glucose. Thank you!

  3. Hi SleepyBunny!

    Sorry for the delay but life has been busy and thank you for reminding me!

    The results of my adrenal tests were that I am low, low, low in the morning but my noon and afternoon levels are optimal. I do a good job of making up from the low cortisol in the morning. The late night numbers are slightly elevated but not that much at all. It's the morning levels that are the problem, which matches my symptoms perfectly. How to correct that? Well...I already knew what I had to do but don't like the answer.

    Cortisol is produced at night from restful sleep. However, the catch is that it's the sleep that is done before midnight that is crucial to cortisol production, so even if you go to bed at midnight and sleep for 8 hours, that doesn't count. I think it has all to do with the circadian rhythm and the way we are supposed to operate. Years ago, people went to bed when it got dark and woke up with the morning light. I don't do that very well.

    My opinion has always been that I will have plenty of time to sleep when I am dead. I hate wasting too much time in bed, except for when I am really tired and can go right to sleep. I am supposed to be pushing back my bedtime by an hour and the doc wants me to get 8 hours of sleep, starting at least an hour before midnight. I get about 6 1/2- 7 hours per night, otherwise. I am not doing very well with it because I am busy and I normally don't get home from work until 7:30 so cannot go to bed by 10:30! I am so not a morning person and not so sure I can change that without being annoyed about the whole thing. I am not an easy patient. This is one set of instructions that I find extremely difficult.

    I also am low on DHEA so am supplementing with that and that will help with cortisol production also. I am going to try and get to bed earlier but it isn't going to happen every night. I do the best I can. Otherwise, I am OK. I feel a little better in the a.m. so maybe my minimal efforts are helping a bit.

    How have you been?

    I know what you mean about not wanting to go to bed early lol it's easier for me to stay up all night cos I know no matter how early I go to bed I'll wake up late either way so I just stay up so I can have a "daytime". I went on a trip a few weeks ago and the friend I stayed with had windows and skylights everywhere. I woke up at 9 lol something I may need to look into. Our house doesn't have many windows and I keep telling my husband we should add windows and skylights but he's not too excited about it. If it helps me wake up earlier I may have to surprise him :D What supplement are you taking for the dhea? Is that all the dr is having you do? I told my regular dr about the whole adrenal fatigue thing me he looked at my saliva tests from the chiro an said he wasn't sure how accurate they were. He drew blood to see where my cortisol was. Surprise surprise it was normal. He took it in the afternoon when it's normal. That's good to hear that you feel a little better in the morning :) Hopefully it'll get better with time :) I can't adopt those sleeping patterns quite yet. I don't get out of work till midnight :( and my schedule rotates every other weekend :(

    I've been feeling a little worse lately. I've been sleeping quite a bit. :( I've been depressed about food. If I eat something good (gluten-free and df) but its processed or something like beans chips pasta or rice I feel like crap. I feel heavy and slow. I haven't been eating as often but when I do I've been stuffing myself and have gained a few pounds :( I really feel I have no control sometimes. My stomach rarely growls but my brain says eat sugar, salt, and carbs and once I get going its hard to stop :( I'm trying to eat the way I was before again. I haven't wanted to exercise.. I know ll of this is related. I just have no idea where to start or what to do. I kinda wish I would have gone to the hospital. When I eat the stuff that's not so good I feel better sugar wise even though its probably high when I eat like that. The dr's office actually called last week and said the dr ordered a sugar monitor for me to wear for a week. It's supposed to test my sugar every 5 minutes. I just thought it was odd that I told them about my sugar like a month and a half ago and they're just now calling about this. I'm scared to have a needle stuck in my tummy :(

    I'm bald to hear you're doing well. :) Did the dr make any other suggestions? I need to get some determination like you! :) I got some cleaning done tonight so it's a start lol

  4. The choice in doctors is a difficult one. Mainstream physicians that you would see are endocrinologists but they tend to not treat a problem unless it gets really bad. I don't know if they believe the concept of adrenal exhaustion vs. out and out failure, like Addison's Disease. This is why so many people walk around feeling like crap. Their doctors tell them they are fine when they really aren't.

    I use an alternative physician to manage my thyroid and hormone issues because she has been the only one to think outside the box and actually give me relief. She is an MD, make no mistake about that. I don't make the mistake of going to a chiropractor for adrenal issues....they are not qualified to diagnose or treat that. They are extremely useful for back problems but not adrenal problems. You have to find a physician who will make use of saliva testing. My experience has been the opposite of what mainstream docs will tell you. I had symptoms of menopause for YEARS, in-your-face symptoms, yet the blood work from my PCP "wasn't too bad." So, guess what? They looked at me like I was crazy. However, my saliva testing showed low progesterone and estrogen...which matched my symptoms. So, for me, blood testing isn't always indicative of true levels of hormone. You have to utilize both, but if you have symptoms of something which points in the direction you are suspicious of, don't discount saliva testing.

    Maybe you could post which state you live in and someone can help recommend a good doctor who could help you. All of your symptoms are connected....I've heard all this many times before. I have spent a lot of time in the past and now, educating myself to make sure that the doctors wouldn't mess up. You have to be an informed patient, especially when you seek real answers to your problems. Try posting, if you feel comfortable about it, in the doctors section. Good doctors are heard through word of mouth so maybe you will have some luck finding a good one!

    Never apologize for asking questions!

    Hi :) just wondering if you got your results back and wanted to see how everything is going :)

  5. I'm so glad I found this post. Before going gluten-free I could drink quite a bit and be a little tipsy but fine and would remember pretty much everything. Even on one or two occassions when I got more than a little tipsy I still remembered just about everything. About a month ago I had quite a bit to drink for my husband's Bday and don't remember a whole chunk of the evening. It freaked me out. I don't like not knowing what I'm doing or what's going on. So I need to be careful. I was wondering if this was normal. Good to know!

  6. That attitude about removing tonsils was rampant when I had mine out in the early 70's but the doctor insisted and he apparently was correct. He was an outside of the box thinker and not the norm. I also had many ear infections and problems as a kid but that has all gone away.

    I did have skin problems for years which all cleared up after going gluten free. If you have acne mainly around the jaw line, as opposed to the rest of your face, it can indicate an intestinal problem. Toxins pretty much come out through your skin at some point and I could never find a solution until I went gluten free and that was one of the amazing results of healing. Dermatologists will try and give you Accutane but mine wasn't that bad and I felt it was like using nuclear weaponry to treat a mole hill. It also was a good thing I resisted because I have Sjogren's Syndrome also, which leaves me with very dry eyes and mouth. Accutane completely dries up your oil glands forever and can cause dry eye as a side effect. I would have been screwed today if I had used it. Once I researched the drug, I refused to take it.

    You may see results with the gluten free diet but you need to get the other hormonal stuff taken care of because I think having adrenal issues can add to skin problems because of the hormones produced. They produce androgens and estrogen in small amounts in both sexes and any fluctuation in these can cause skin issues.

    Learn as much as you can about hormones because, sooner or later, they affect your health and having a little imbalance can really make you feel bad. Knowledge is power! It'll keep the doctors on their toes. ;)

    Actually I took accutane about 10 years ago. One day I drove to work and when I would get to work I usually would check myself in the mirror before going in. It's a good thing I did! In the 15 minutes it took me to get to work my face looked like I had just gotten over a sunburn! It wasn't red but it was peeling like crazy! :o I got to where I'd get tape and roll it around my fingers inside out and go over my face like a lint roller! Lol :lol: My face got better to an extent but I still get pimples still have large pores on my chin and upper cheeks. :( my pimples now a lot of times are I guess cystic acne. Just big bumps that hang around for weeks. Lately my chin has been getting small pimples and cystic ones on my jawline. And I seem to be getting a pimple like rash on part of my nose. I'm wondering if it's my b12 :( I actually just started taking a new brand so I'm switching back and praying.

    Is there a dr that would handle the adrenal issue and my low estrogen? Or would I need to see a different dr for each? They need to open up an celiac/autoimmune school or something to teach us about all of this lol Sorry I keep asking so many questions. I want to take care of all of this before any permanent damage happens :( And yer so smart! :)

  7. I gotcha now...Medrol! Some implant dentists like to use that after surgery to help with swelling but my old stand-by for that is Ibuprofin. It works well for me so I always avoid the steroids. But that's an individual choice and if you want to take it to feel better, then do so. I will add one thing to think about and I hope I am not overwhelming you. You say you have strep a lot and you still have your tonsils? I had that also when I was 14 years old....and probably already a Celiac. I used to get strep about 4 times per year for 2 years and that is not good. The doctor I had thought the problem was my tonsils. They looked fine but sometimes, they can harbor bacteria like strep. If you use antibiotics repeatedly for these infections, they never quite knock it down completely and some left-over strep germs can hang out in your tonsils. The tonsils are part of the immune system, like lymph nodes.

    Then the cycle starts all over again.

    Well....he took out my tonsils at 14 and I never had another strep throat again and I am 53 years old. I know that sounds crazy but it worked and I think he was right. I think all your issues are connected. It's like the domino effect. You have undiagnosed Celiac and get run down. That in turn can run your adrenals down and you get sick a lot. Thyroid issues too. You have only been gluten-free for 1 year but don't despair. I went 3 years before all my symptoms went away but they did. You still might develop issues because eating gluten-free does not guarantee no medical problems but I can guarantee you that in a couple more years, things will change and you'll be healthier. Just give it time because that's the worst part....the time it takes to heal. You'll get there. :)

    I don't think I really get sick a lot. I used to work in a retail store and it was around that time and when I was in high school that I got strep more. It's actually slowed down now that I work in a hospital because I'm not in close contact with patients as much. My mom asked drs so many times about getting my tonsils out because of the strep. Unfortunately I think when this was happening is when drs decided its bad to remove them unless you're being strangled by them <_< So I kinda dropped it after that. And I actually had a dr suggest using a Waterpik to clean out the crypts in my tonsils. :huh: So you're saying you want me to stick a high pressure Waterpik in the back of my throat? Really? Uuugghhh I swear lol The thought of an adult tonsillectomy scares the crap out of me. Especially now with my blood situation. But you know how I said the dr wanted me to see a hematologist well I looked at the referral they gave me and it was for an ENT dr. So maybe it was meant for me to go to both. Everything you say makes sense about the tonsils and the immune system. I used to get a lot of ear infections as a kid too.

    Did you ever have problems with acne? This whole being an adult with pimples thing isn't cute anymore lol Not that it ever was cute :huh: I get cystic type acne that take forever to go away. A lot of them are along my jawline next to my tonsils! So that can make a sore throat worse when you have painful bumps in the same area. I've read that acne can be from food allergies, thyroid, hormones, adrenals. I've also read that b5 can help with it. I'm taking b12 right now and got a b complex that I took for a few days but I think it made me sleepy. I was going to take just the b5&12, but I read taking a lot of one of the other b vitamins can cause an imbalance in the other ones. Ok I'm rambling lol Any thoughts? :D

  8. TMI ALERT lol Even after going gluten-free I had bad c. My tummy laughed when I tried magnesium citrate. It just looked and said "this is all you got?" lol Even after going on levo nothing. My TSH was around where yours is 5. something. I started taking armour and it has gotten a lot better.

    Like the others mentioned have your B12, Vit D, iron, all of that checked. I was low in all of these and feel like crap :( And like you some days are better than others. With the b12 if your test comes back in range but is under 500 it's low. My labs even had a note saying if your b12 is between 200-400 may experience neuropsychiatric and hematologic abnormalities. Um hello that doesn't sound normal to me! In Japan their "low normal" is 500. My labs "low normal" is 200.

    "In Japan and Europe, the lower limit for B12 is between 500-550 pg/mL, the level associated with psychological and behavioral manifestations such as cognitive decline, dementia and memory loss. Some experts have speculated that the acceptance of higher levels as normal in Japan and the willingness to treat levels considered

  9. I went to a hematologist too because of wonky blood results in the beginning of being gluten-free. You must learn to expect wonky blood results with celiac...it happens. It does not mean you are dying or anything. Besides, most of my wonkiness disappeared after being gluten-free for 3 years or so. You need to get the low platelet thing checked out because there are AI diseases that affect your platelets. However, with Celiac, you can have weird results, only to have that reverse if you follow a strict gluten-free diet.

    The bone marrow biopsy can be done as outpatient in the hospital and they can give you something to make it far less painful. It can hurt but I am a firm believer that no one should suffer undue pain during a procedure so if they want to do this, TELL THEM that you want it done at the hospital and you want something for pain. They can and should accommodate you. I thought they would do that to me at one point and no way would I agree to it unless they gave me the happy juice. Luckily, it was not needed.

    Why did they give you steroid pills? For a sore throat? They give those away like candy these days. :blink: I am not sure you should be taking them if you may have adrenal fatigue...that will affect any testing they do for it. Is testing complete for that? I am in no way suggesting that you not take them as I am certainly no doctor but I would question that if you plan on doing any more adrenal testing.

    The cysts on your liver....don't fret that. That can happen to any organ under stress and the liver is highly affected by celiac. I had elevated liver enzymes when diagnosed but that is also gone too. Celiac messes up everything but it can be reversed if you work at it. I am a glass half full person and don't let the doctors scare me. Don't be surprised if all this resolves in future because that has been my experience with many symptoms and issues.

    As far as having it all together, well...thank you! I am stubborn as they come and refuse to think of myself as a sick person

    or one with compromised health. I have days where I don't feel energetic as I should but everyone gets tired sometimes. I just get up and go to work and live my life and try not to worry about things too much. I have worked very hard to get healthy again and am not doing badly considering I have a lot of AI problems. They have all calmed down in a big way since following the gluten-free diet. Sure, there may be set-backs but that happens to everyone in life. Just don't give in or up. I have found the biggest thing for me, and not everyone will agree with this, is not to go to the doctors too much. Concentrate on the problems you do have and don't sweat what may or may not happen. Doctors have the habit of thinking you will fall apart so should be monitored constantly. Wait till you get to the 50 year old mark...they will drive you crazy. Just live as healthy a life as you can with diet and exercise and you'll be amazed at what that can do. I just pay attention to what problems I do have and do my best to make them better. There are far worse things to have than Celiac and AI diseases and I always remember that. You are learning a lot of good stuff and will become an informed patient. See the hematologist and don't worry about it...you'll get things squared away. But you will have to get used to needles....hematologists take blood! :o

    Just keep us informed with your progress and good luck! :D

    I had a sore throat but also some chest congestion. She also told me the right side of my neck/throat was more swollen than the left. I'm thinking that's why she gave me the medrol. I've had strep lots of times and also cryptic tonsils so it doesn't surprise me. My ears had felt a little tender too cause of the swelling. And hey she gave me a bunch of days off from work so I'll do whatever she says lol :D

    All of this is so much to take in. :( Thanks for reminding me that hematologist use tons of needles! Lol This is going to be like when I was younger. I actually hid under a table to keep them from drawning my blood :D

    I want to learn as much as I can but sometimes all this conflicting information makes my head hurt. :( I'm pretty stubborn too so I know I'll figure this out it's just going to take a while. I've been dealing with all of this pretty much my whole life and I just want to feel good. I feel like all of this has kept me from accomplishing things. I've only been gluten-free for a year but man it seems longer. Thyroid came in November then all these other things in the past couple of months. So it's just a lot to take in. This forum helps quite a bit and nice people like you help a ton! :) If you ever need to talk or vent too you just let me know! Let me know when you get your results in and I'll let you know when I got to the evil blood suc....I mean hematologist. Lol :D Now time to get my big butt up and attempt to do something :D

  10. It's too bad you hate needles since the B12 shot might have really helped you feel a lot better. Do get some sublingual B12, it is important that it be sublingual as that way it will bypass your damaged gut and go right into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes. Pick some up as soon as you can. Low B12 and ferritin are often found in us and eventually when you have healed enough you won't need to supplement.

    I have been taking sublingual b12 (methylcobalamin) for about a month or so now. When I started taking it and the iron it did help clear almost all of the lingering brain fog I still had. I almost considered the b12 shot but just couldn't do it :(

  11. I always like to pig out! :P Actually, I eat about every 3-4 hours and most of what I eat during the day is protein and veggies/fruits. I do not eat too many carbs, except at breakfast, to provide some energy along with the protein, and then again later in the evening when I snack a bit. Dinners are usually protein, veggies and a small serving of rice or potatoes. I do not eat pasta that much at all as I don't crave it. I find when you limit your carbs, you feel better and it has more to do with blood sugar than gluten. I like whole grain carbs but try to limit them. However, I tend to crave them at night, much more so than day time at work. I do not crave salt at all because I have Sjogren's Syndrome and salt wreaks havoc with that.

    Forget the fasting BS....I think that's crazy. Celiacs have enough trouble absorbing nutrients and fasting slows your metabolism down...way down. Eat clean and healthy, with a little junk thrown in....a little. You just sound like you have all the symptoms of adrenal problems but please don't freak out about it. It can be remedied. Doctors are such gloom and doom..they take themselves too seriously. Most doctors don't think there is much value in saliva testing, either, but it's good that yours is keeping a somewhat open mind. I think it valuable to show cortisol fluctuations during the day you take samples. Mine are always flipped...low in the morning and stellar at night. I have found that weight training and exercise help somewhat with sleeping better but I wonder if I EVER will be a morning person. I feel like a salmon swimming upstream, against everyone else going downstream.

    Hormone deficiencies and imbalance can really mess a person up but you rarely die from them. I am post-menopausal so am used to feeling wonky from that but you do improve dramatically after a few years of the change. That was the toughest time for me...your hormones are disappearing and that is tough. So, whatever the test results show, I am on it and will never admit defeat. If I can survive menopause and hot flashes, I can survive this! ;)

    I went to my appointment. Since it was a last minute appointment I saw a different dr. When I told her about my anemia and one of my other conditions (don't remember already lol) she said auto immune. Yay she sounds like she knows what she's talking about. :D She said my MRI came back normal but said they did find some cysts on my liver but it was normal. :huh: I told her about my recent symptoms and that was why I had the MRI and I feel it was something to do with my adrenals. Well because of my anemia (low b12 and ferretin) and I have low platelets she wants to send me to a hematologist :blink: She even mentioned a bone marrow biopsy!!!! :o That freaked me out. I've heard they are really painful! :( She asked if I wanted a b12 shot but I passed. (hate needles! Lol) why do these drs not listen? :angry:

    I went also because I got sick this weekend with a sore throat. She asked if I wanted a steroid shot or pills. Well I picked pills lol I'm wondering if my adrenals are pooped if this will help and maybe they'll start listening to me. I'm going to make an appointment with the endo and the hemo. I don't mind going I just hate having to wait a month or two to get in and having to spend more money and wait longer for a 5 minute visit just to be told to wait longer for results that will more then likely be "normal". Ok I vented lol

    My cortisol is like yours. Mine was like 4 in the morning then normal, then slightly elevated then normal again. I like pigging out too lol I haven't really been eating pasta either. My main carb of choice lately is potatoes. I've always loved potatoes :D But carbo loading before bed leaves me feeling all stuffed. But one good thing my morning blood sugar hasn't been in the 60s the last few times I checked. Yeah no more fasting. It just makes me want to pig out more. Lol And it doesn't seem like the best advice for someone having low blood sugar issues.

    For going through all that you're going through you really seem to have it together. I hope to get to that point one day. Reading these posts is part of what's keeping me sane :) So thank you :)

  12. I laughed out loud about the late night cleaning mode....that's me! I could vacuum at midnight but it would wake others up.....if we could only channel that energy in the morning!

    It's even worse if I have to be at work early the next morning. It's like I'm a gluton for punishment or something lol The only time I'm awake in the early morning (besides for work) is if I've stayed up all night. If I get this fixed it's going to be so weird being a ......morning person :blink:

  13. All of your anxiety may be from stressed adrenals, so it's a vicious circle. You make an effort not to be stressed and anxious yet....it happens anyway. I know that feeling and I am about as far from being an anxious person as they come. Yet, lately, I am anxious about a number of things. Never happened to me before. So, when you notice these things happening that are totally out of the norm for you, then you have to investigate. Except for the non-morning person thing, which I have had my whole life. I also get the exercise problem because that happened to me last week and I never ditch exercise class either. I will take it slower because I believe that a wimpy work-out is better than no work-out! ;)

    I mail my test kit off tomorrow so it will be about 2 weeks before my appointment and results. I hope it is just a bit of adrenal inefficiency because I really don't want to involve my PCP. We always seem to butt heads lately and that makes me anxious. :P

    I laughed out loud about the late night cleaning mode....that's me! I could vacuum at midnight but it would wake others up.....if we could only channel that energy in the morning!

    I showed my dr my saliva tests. It showed my low morning cortisol and low estrogen and he said he wasn't sure how accurate saliva tests were but he did take a good look at them. This past weekend I got sick and I'm going tomorrow to make sure it's not strep and find out my MRI results. I'm nervous. I don't want there to be something horribly wrong :( But then at the same time I don't want him to say you're fine go home. I don't know if I can wait for an endo to figure this out. I don't want to get fired from this :( The chiropractor kept saying everything was my adrenals the last time I saw him but just said to keep calm. <_<

    Every time he says don't stress something bad happens. He keeps wanting me to fast and detox. When your adrenals are telling your brain SALT, SUGAR, CARBS! You really have no choice in the matter lol

    Do you find that you want to pig out more later in the evening? During the day I've been snacking and such but in the evening I make a nice carb filled meal wether I'm "hungry" or not.

    Good luck with your tests! Let me know what they tell you. I'll post on here sometime tomorrow and let you know what he tells me. Have a good day! :)

  14. SleepyBunny......I think we have spoken before about this subject and I would be very interested to hear what the final outcome of your testing is.

    I would venture to guess that he is looking at the pancreas because you are having blood sugar problems? The pancreas can be damaged by Celiac in a number of ways but please do not worry too much. I know that's a stupid thing for me to say because I am having some issues myself and am doing the saliva cortisol test this week-end. I can totally understand your fear.

    Your symptoms fit adrenal insufficiency and it's better for you to find out now. I am not having any feelings of being faint (low blood pressure can be the cause) or some of the other symptoms you have but I am having some muscle weakness, all of a sudden, and had a hard time at the gym last night. Very abnormal for me. I am also fatigued but just moved into my new home and did some V E R Y long days with that so not sure if I am just really tired after a stressful year or I have tripped for another damn AI disease. :( That would be number 5, if it's true, and that just is going to send me over the edge.

    Every single one of your symptoms fits adrenal insufficiency to a T. I am the other "non-morning" person and have been tested before showing low cortisol in the morning. I need dynamite under my bum to get going, sometimes. ;)

    I would stay out of the hospital but go and get your testing done. I feel hospital stays, unless absolutely necessary during a crisis, will only add to your stress and fear. It would do for me. Take care and let us know what it turns out to be.....I will be thinking of you and sending good energy...that is, what good energy I have left! :lol:

    I'm trying not to worry but the anxiety seems to be on autopilot :( If my adrenals are ticked off I know being anxious isn't helping so I'm trying my best to calm down. I should be getting the results by no later than Monday. I'm at that point where you want them to find something not right so you don't look like a hypochondriac but then again I don't want something to add to the list lol I'm starting to get quite a collection!

    I haven't been exercising just because one I'm tired and two I don't want to pass out on a machine :( I told my chiro this and he said not to go crazy just even some light walking. Easier said than done buddy lol He had a trainer training me for a while and sometimes I was so afraid to do some of the leg exercises cause I just kept feeling my legs were going to give out from under me. People always say you feel better after you exercise. Nuh uh! Lol

    I started thinking he was checking my pancreas cos of the bs also. I just want to feel "normal" already. Don't be scared either. I know all of this is a pain but we need to take care of ourselves now. People like us are probably going to have extra maintenance when we're older so we might as well get started now :lol: Some of this is just so confusing because you want to do things naturally but then again you may need actual medicine and it's hard to tell what is best for which situation. Even though we seem to need rest a lot I think in both of our situations it's probably for the best. I'm finding I physically react to stress more than I used to. I've also had a stressful year so it's very likely your stress has wiped you out. Moving into a new house is very stressful! Especially when your husbands idea of packing is throwing everything into garbage bags lol :lol:

    Let me know how your test goes also and what they tell you! :) I will be keeping you in my thoughts as well. Maybe with the little energy we put together something good will happen lol

  15. I think if you feel better on a gluten free diet wether you have gastro or neuro symptoms they should just call it celiac. Not if you're just doing it for some diet fad. But if you have symptoms get better with a gluten-free diet and you have other conditions related to celiac (other autoimmune disorders, vitamin deficiencies, etc). They should call it all celiac but break it down into different categories like they do with other diseases. If you react to something and you keep ingesting it anyway it's going to cause some kind of damage eventually right? Just because it's not damage to the villi doesn't mean it shouldn't count. Sorry if I'm rambling it's one of those days lol :lol:

  16. I've been having what I feel are symptoms related to adrenal issues. Feelling like I want to faint after standing or bending down, salty and sweet cravings, fatigue, blood sugar issues and frequent urination. So I go to the dr and showed him some saliva tests that I had done through my chiropractor. It showed I had low morning cortisol and also low in two types of estrogen. He said I would need to go to an endo to have my cortisol addressed and asked if I had an endo. I said yes but it takes forever to get seen. He asked if I wanted him to check me into the hospital :o It freaked me out but at the same time made me feel he was taking me and my on condition seriously. I said I was too scared. He did an EKG (i told him I've been having fluttering feelings in my chest but I think it's anxiety) it was normal. They tested my blood sugar and it was in the 70's and drew blood to check my cortisol. He said he knew it wouldn't be very accurate for the whole day but he just wanted to see where it was. Then he scheduled me to go get an MRI right after my appointment. I thought he said he was going to have the MRI done for my kidneys and adrenals. But on my way I looked and it said to do it for my pancreas and adrenals but then adrenals was scratched out. The MRI was rescheduled for the morning. Does anyone have any idea why he would want my pancreas checked? :( I'm worried about all of this. I want to get better but it just seems like each new problem is more serious than the last :(

  17. Just a few thoughts for you. The dizzyness standing ECT, may be symptom of syncope. There are a few different types. There is an easy test for it from your doctor. You mentioned your. Cortisol level. Was your MD Doctor concerned with this. There is an autoimmune disease called Addison's, also can be tested with a blood test.

    I agree with IH. I suggest you see your MD, or find a new one if you don't care for him/her. There are still alot if health issues you may have that neither a ND or chiropractor just don't have the knowledge of.

    Hoping you get some things resolved. :)

    Actually last lear I fainted in an elevator at work. Then again after they moved me to a chair. :( They said I was dehydrated and gave me fluids. I don't think I was dehydrated but I could be wrong.

    I had my cortisol checked by my md years ago and you guesed it normal. The took a blood test in the morning and that was it. The chiropractor did a saliva test and it said I have low morning cortisol and kinda goes a little bit higher that normal mid afternoon then tapers off. I am not a morning person. I stay up pretty late and sleep all day. I've looked up adrenal problem symptoms and I seem to have a lot of them:

    excessive fatigue and exhaustion

    non-refreshing sleep (you get sufficient hours of sleep, but wake fatigued)

    overwhelmed by or unable to cope with stressors

    feeling rundown or overwhelmed

    craving salty and sweet foods (yes!!!!)

    you feel most energetic in the evening

    a feeling of not being restored after a full night's sleep or having sleep disturbances

    low stamina, slow to recover from exercise

    slow to recover from injury, illness or stress

    difficulty concentrating, brain fog

    poor digestion

    consistent low blood pressure (last drs visit was first official low reading)

    extreme sensitivity to cold (has gotten better after Armour, iron &b12)

    I asked the dr that actually suggested celiac to me about adrenals. He said something along the lines of that's one of those things (I guess alternative medicine) goes overboard with. :blink: But then a lot of things he suggested were natural :blink:

    Should I show the dr I'm seeing now the cortisol results I did through saliva and ask for the Addison's test?

  18. I haven't been eating gluten or dairy and for the most part soy either. My regular dr did a blood test but it came back negative. The chiro did a stool test that said I was reactive to gluten. I had a glucose tolerance test maybe 6 months ago and my one hour reading was in the 180's and after 2 hours it was in the 170's. But if I don't eat I feel like crap.I don't even feel hunger to at least warn me. It just hits me. A lot of my readings after eating "healthy food" are in the 80's. A lot of times i dont feel that much better. But if i eat say chicken and potatoes my sugar goes close to 120. I feel great but isn't 120 kinda pushing it?

    I just want to make sure to ask the right questions. If they sense you aren't really sure of what you're talking about some of them will use that as a way to tell you you're full of it and push you out the door.

  19. Can you help me with what to ask for? :( I don't know what to do anymore.. I just haven't had much luck with dr's when it comes to all of this. If I listened to what they've told me I'd be on speed, antidepressants and laxatives for the rest of my life. I will go as soon as I can get an appointment. I just don't know what kind of things I should have him check. What kinds of tests and which tests are more accurate.

    Thank you for your advice. I promise I'm not being stubborn. You just hear so much different advice even on here it's hard to know when to ask for help and from who.

  20. Always good to be less gassy! :lol:

    No offense to your chiro, and with all due respect, but he is neither a medical doctor nor a naturopathic doctor (and I have my own reservations about NDs from my own experiences) and there may be other things being overlooked.

    My chiro has an opinion about "chiros practicing medicine"--he thinks it's dangerous.

    Do you think it might be wise to go back to the doctor who prescribed the Prevpac and make sure the infection is eradicated?

    Just my opinion. Feel free to disregard.

    Hope you're feeling better in no time!

    I'm trying to balance what the chiro and my regular dr say. I understand what you mean about the chiro practicing medicine. I do trust him because he's done more for me in the past 3-4 months than any dr has in 20 or so years. I do understand that natural meds can't always fix everything and that there are alternatives for different situations. I actually was thinking of getting retested to make sure it's all gone. :)

    Can some of you offer me your opinion on adrenals? I've done the gluten-free and df for a year now so pretty much got that taken care of. Pretty sure I am doing good with my hypothyroidism. But recently I found out my b12 and ferritin are low and I've been having blood sugar issues. Waking up with them in the 60's sometimes. I feel better to a point. I feel like I'm so close. Could my adrenals be causing some lingering crappy feelings?I've been taking iron and b12 and that did help with the lingering brain fog. I've been having trouble sleeping. My best sleep seems to come if I nap in the middle of the day. After my Prevpac the chrio wanted me to do a 5 day "fast" of eating a small chicken breast and a cup of vegetables 3 times a day. I've been having hypoglycemic episodes this just doesn't seem right to me. I'm on my second day and I'm already getting emotional from it. :( I hate that my body tells me to get sugar but then punishes me for it. I'm just so tired of going back and forth between the you can have this oh wait never mind that's a problem too. I'm just so frustrated and just want to eat :( Sorry I needed to vent :(

  21. My chiro actually had me on Gastro ULC by Apex Energetics. I went through 2 bottles of it and still tested positive for h. Pylori. I'm already done with the Prevpac. I was thinking of asking to go back on the gastro ULC just to help heal everything and hopefully finish off anything the Prevpac didn't. I'm taking probiotics. I probably need a better one though. Now that I'm off the Prevpac the gas problem appears to be going away lol Yay :D