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  1. I find that for sore joints or muscles if you rub some hemp oil on the affected area it will take pain away also if you...
  2. Well I have to tell you that after all the medication (pills) I'm am significantly more comfortable and my quality of...
  3. No I'm not getting gluten..what it is is that my stomach lining is messed up because my ciliacs i went undiaognosed until...
  4. I will tell you what I've tried and what works for me... I've tried pepto , Xanax , aspirin , Dramamine almost everything...
  5. I mean medication sorry my spell check auto
  6. Ok thank you but I'm asking is how people cope with the discomfort and pain..what mess are u using if any
  7. Sounds like a ciliac attack...try eating special brownie or cookie...
  8. Dwillis

    Gluten Free & On A Budget

    Hello been gluten free me and my 2 little ones for 5 years now give or take a month...I work 12 hour days at a steel...
  9. Hello from Michigan. I have been diagnosed now for about 5 years..2 out of 3 of children are also celiac..ages 5 and...