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    jogging, health, fitness, shopping, friends, work, reading, cooking, seriously I could go on for years....hahaha just ask me :)
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Gluten Free and Fabulous, or so I'm attempting to be! Check out my blog, www.princessandherglutenfreeness.blogspot.com :)

  1. Does/has anyone heard of the connection between celiac disease and Crohn's disease? I have recently had a lot of new issues, and am being tested for changes, strictures and the possibility of Crohn's. I didn't realize these two disease could coincide, anyone else run into this? And have some info to offer?
  2. Tomorrow I turn 31, it's been a growing year for me, 2 years post diagnosis and life is fabulous! ;)

  3. Tomorrow is birthday supper with my whole family, and I'm so excited because it's my birthday! (Which means I get to choose our meal) The menu is: Steaks, potatoes, onions, and asparagus on the grill, YUMMMM....and for dessert, flourless chocolate cake! I can't wait! Haha
  4. Tonight is steaks on the grill with potatoes and onions grilled as well!
  5. Another fabulous family gathering supper was had here, lake side ofcourse due to this beautiful weather!! We had pork loin and steak on the grill, new potatoes, beet greens, rhubarb chard, green salad, deviled eggs, and homemade vanilla ice cream with butterscotch topping to finish the evening off.....holy lovin' I'm full!! Haha my Aunt has always said that if you go hungry around here, it's your own fault!! She's right!! ????
  6. I love Lara bars and Kind bars, both are all natural and have lots of protein, obviously varies with the type you choose. The LaraBar nut rolls are pretty good too, well worth a try! ?
  7. Phew it is hot here in Maine today!! So, tonight we're having potatoes and onions on the grill, beet greens, and lobstahs!! Oh and don't forget the RedBridge!! happy Saturday everyone!!
  8. It sure does make a lot! We have family visiting from Ontario so my Dad and Uncle decided there was no better time to whip up a trash can turkey! Haha we might be a little redneck, but what the hey?! ??
  9. Haha interesting name, huh? It's exactly as it sounds!! It's turkey cooked in a trash can, literally. The turkey is on a stand, metal trash can upside down over turkey, tin foul to seal the edges and hot charcoal on top of the can and all around the sides for a few hours....it's amazing. If you're interested I can give you the play by play by IM lol it's a bit lengthy but delicious!
  10. Tonight we had trash can turkey, green salad, homemade beans, new potatoes with green beans, grape salad, and homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert! It's been forever since we've had trash can turkey!! ??
  11. Tonight I'm thinking ice cream! Who needs to cook when it's do humid out lol ?
  12. Haha same goes for here, snow for half the year some years, a little less if we get lucky! Tonight I'm making homemade General Tso's chicken with broccoli and rice.
  13. Tonight looks like red hot dogs and cape cod chips haha healthy huh?
  14. I saw that after I threw that out there lol you people sure do make some great meals, I'm hoping I can learn something from you all!
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