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  1. Does/has anyone heard of the connection between celiac disease and Crohn's disease? I have recently had a lot of new...
  2. ~**caselynn**~

    3 Years And Counting!

    I travel 4.5 hours to see him, that's how much I believe in him lol he promised he'd fix me the first day I met him,...
  3. ~**caselynn**~

    3 Years And Counting!

    Lol Dr Stefan at Portland Gastroenterogy of Maine! He's pretty awesome!
  4. ~**caselynn**~

    3 Years And Counting!

    Thanks! It hasn't been easy at times, but it definitely gets easier as time goes by!
  5. ~**caselynn**~

    3 Years And Counting!

    Today marks my 3 years since diagnosis! It's been quite the adventure, but I can now say that I am healed and my health...
  6. I got "glutened" in the last few days, usual symptoms but something new.....I can't sleep, and when I do it's disrupted...
  7. ~**caselynn**~

    The Song Name Game

    Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People
  8. ~**caselynn**~

    I Can't Believe That Just Happened......

    Haha! A New Englandah I am! In fact, I'm a Mainah! A northern Mainer though lol where we speak more of a French accent...
  9. ~**caselynn**~

    I Can't Believe That Just Happened......

    Haha! Yup my friends have dwindled over the years but that's fine with me, this one has never reacted this way. We were...
  10. I've been a Celiac (diagnosed) 2 yrs and haven't ever run into this scenario. A friend wanted to go to lunch, and chose...
  11. ~**caselynn**~

    Please Describe Spring...am Getting Desperate.

    YES!! You're totally right, it's Canadian! How did I forget that given that I'm half Canadian and live literally 3 minutes...
  12. ~**caselynn**~

    2 Months Gluten Free & Still.....

    Welcome! I'm seeing some great suggestions here, so I guess I'll jump in too! Lol I'm a big advocate for the food journal...
  13. ~**caselynn**~

    New Problem

    Sounds very familiar, I recently had a wicked bout of the "flu", of the stomach variety. Holy old crap (pun intended
  14. ~**caselynn**~

    Gluten Or Dairy?

    I'm all for the food journal, I as well have an issue with dairy unfortunately. I started to notice it more frequently...
  15. ~**caselynn**~

    Workout Causing Leg Cramps...

    I try to stick to a pretty regimented exercise plan of running/biking and strength training 6 days a week. I recently...