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  1. I got "glutened" in the last few days, usual symptoms but something new.....I can't sleep, and when I do it's disrupted by nightmares, sleep walking and a creepy crawly feeling. I've woken up sleep walking in the last couple days, wake up disturbed with nightmares, and then can't get back to sleep--I'll be wide awake for hours, like I've had mass amounts of caffeine at midnight! Going on day 4 with this, any ideas??? I'm exhausted all day, my body won't relax, this is all VERY new to me!! Help!

  2. we always know anuthah noo Englandah.....and  if I recall, caselynn...is in Maine?? yes??!!! :)


    and now, suddenly...I want lobstah....

    Haha! A New Englandah I am! In fact, I'm a Mainah! A northern Mainer though lol where we speak more of a French accent, eh? ;) but that accent isn't as fun when you're saying lobstah! ....makes me want lobstah too, mmmmm :)

    You all are very right, it would be awesome if as a whole, the gluten-free community could move forward and educate others. As we all know, for every one of us that is spreading the news about gluten-free and cc, there's always going to be one who is non compliant, non symptomatic or just not well versed in their disease. Perhaps we can try and get more info out there, it certainly can't hurt!

    PS: if you're a New Englandah and in the Portland area, you MUST go to Bam Bam Bakery!! (I don't work for them just love 'em!) Commercial St downtown P-town, dedicated gluten-free bakery and cater to other allergens as well!! Breakfast, lunch, dessert, catering, wedding cakes, etc. cinnamon roll for breakfast before my 4 hour drive north was just what the doctor ordered.......okay, he didn't order for me but he did tell me to check it out!! Thank you Dr. Stefan!!!!

  3. surprising that she knows you have already been doing this for TWO YEARS - time enough to get used to the idea that you have to be very careful where you eat. if she was that close of a friend, she has seen your health improve as well, so your 'picky' eating is necessary! sorry, kiddo, that sucks :( that's why i have, like, one friend lolz she better not screw it up :lol:

    Haha! Yup my friends have dwindled over the years but that's fine with me, this one has never reacted this way. We were able to get passed it and go to a great place later in the week for lobstah, but my oh my that threw me.....

    And thank you all for your kind words and suggestions! As you've guessed, I tried all those things, sometimes it's a give and take. I've decided I can chalk it up to lack of knowledge, and a bad day. Next time, I will do my own research as I usually would. :)

  4. I've been a Celiac (diagnosed) 2 yrs and haven't ever run into this scenario. A friend wanted to go to lunch, and chose the place with a supposed gluten-free menu that her gluten-free coworker eats at "all the time". The eatery was set up a lot like a subway sandwich shop, was not subway! As we all know, the workers at such places are quite possibly contaminating food left and right without any idea. So when I saw this and told my friend I didn't dare eat there, she was beyond mad and couldn't understand why her coworker eats there and I wouldn't.....she really didn't care to even listen to the reasoning of cross contamination and how some people are less sensitive or braver than others. Never mind the fact that this coworker could just be gluten intolerant and cheat at times?! Seriously??? Flipping seriously?! Ugh, I'm trying to let it go because we've been friends for our whole lives, but where in the H did this irrational thinking person come from?? This is definitely a first for me, So upset :(

  5. No, no, noooo... That's Canadian! Well, except our west coast - they don't count. ;)

    And socks with sandals... that's almost the only way we can wear sandals except for July and August. Yep, wool socks with sandals - i am so very very cool.

    Wierd weather up here too. i had a snowball fight in the yard with my boys yesterday. My arm is still sore form it. We have T-shirt weather with gloves, except it's supposed to snow tonight, and tomorrow, and on Sunday....T shirt weather is above 5C up here. :D

    YES!! You're totally right, it's Canadian! How did I forget that given that I'm half Canadian and live literally 3 minutes from the border! haha

    Ps...I wore my Birki sandals with wool socks just the other day, hehe luckily it's a bit warmer here, well yesterday was anyway. It hit 70° with the wind it was more like 50° but we'll take it! This am it's raining but supposed to be nice this afternoon mid 50's! I hope it warms up in a months time, I've got the first camping trip of the season booked to St Andrews! Can't wait!

  6. I'm all for the food journal, I as well have an issue with dairy unfortunately. I started to notice it more frequently in the last few months. Knowing that I was being diligent about gluten, I started a food diary to pin point other foods. Surprise surprise...I refused to drink milk as a kid which has continued into adulthood. I love ice cream but it about kills me, has for years...hint hint, sheesh, you'd think I would've caught on quicker lol denial perhaps

  7. I try to stick to a pretty regimented exercise plan of running/biking and strength training 6 days a week. I recently went on vacation and slacked off, only walked twice everyday, rather than running. When I returned and began my routine again, I got severe leg/feet cramps that night. They've continued off and on for a week, but lessening in severity. I've tried extra water, made sure I got all my vitamins in, ate bananas and other healthy foods. Any ideas on this, and how I can prevent this in the future? Wondering how I could have avoided this scenario. :(

  8. " You know you're a Noo Englandah when...."

    You can wear flip flops and shorts one day and boots and scarves the next ....during March, April and sometimes May and October.

    You think 50 degree water is " a:good swimming temp"

    You think 8 inches of snow is a "dusting".

    Hahaha, oh this rings too true! Guess I'm def a New Englandah!! Ps...the sun has gone under, wind is picking up but I've still got my flip flops on! 45° and holding

  9. Okay, I was an 80's girl for Halloween a couple years ago. I want you to google think back to Madonna's "Holiday" days....leggings, slouch socks (multiple) shoes probably canvas sneakers, tutu type skirt, tank top with a mesh sort of shirt off the shoulder over it. Perhaps a jean jacket. I did some neon jewelry layers of bangle bracelets, big earrings, a piece of toule tied in a big bow in my hair ( wild teased hair ofcourse) a pair of lace knee highs cut for fingerless gloves! Soo much fun! Madonna had tons of different styles to get inspiration from!

  10. I admire you northern peeps with you attitude with this storm. Two inches cripples us. Often times it's ice and we have lots of school busses over lots of frozen bridges and stuff. And not too sure the town even owns a snow plow. Snow is a fun event here. Now hurricanes are another issue. :rolleyes: We all have things to endure. But yeah....we are whimps down here. :unsure:

    Lol we were hoping to get more than we did up here in northern Maine! We got maybe 6 inches and lots of wind, the storm stayed about 2 hours south of us. It sure does help with the winter economy, tourism is a high point in the winter up here. Skiing, snows sleds, etc. my friend who lives in the Portland area had about 29" and it continued to snow past that, not sure what her final total was lol They just had a relaxing day around the house. Snow days are the best days to curl up with a book and relax!