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  1. Finally@45

    Does Anyone Else React To Salt/sodium?

    I have a very similar reaction to chips. I had to cut iodized salt, nightshades, and corn/corn oil (which is also in...
  2. What exactly makes you think you're intolerant to fat? Just asking since many Celiacs have fatty stools and it makes...
  3. Finally@45

    Food Allergy?

    Like Alex said-- go for histamine intolerance. It has a high likelihood of being unpredictable, weird, and easy to fool...
  4. I strongly agree with Adelaide! I didn't want to believe it at first, but you can have multiple diet-related conditions...
  5. I'm a witness that gluten in supplements still cause harm. The sublingual vitamins often work out as grain free.
  6. Finally@45

    Anxiety Attack

    Many of these symptoms are also symptoms of mastocytosis.
  7. Finally@45

    Headache Culprit Is Tyramine

    You may have already found the low-histamine & tyramine diet recommended for people with mast cell disorders and...
  8. Finally@45

    So Discouraged

    I've been in your shoes too. I hope you figure it out soon. The Naked drinks have cross contact with barleygrass,...
  9. After an initial blissful period of eating gluten-free products, I gradually became intolerant to other grains. Corn...
  10. Finally@45

    Testing For Intolerances?

    I found the Paleo diet to be a good starting point for the elimination diet. The most common culprits are already off...
  11. Finally@45


    There is a diagnostic tool online that explains the rules for mastocytosis diagnoses. I had the skin biopsy, however...
  12. Finally@45


    The alcohol intolerance is a symptom of mastocytosis. Mastocytosis isn't the same as being histamine intolerant. Ironically...
  13. I'm trying N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) in combo with other treatment for GI allergies and a low- histamine diet. I'll...