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About Me

Celiac symptoms since childhood, with no diagnoses til age 45

Confirmed Celiac diagnoses summer 2011

Gluten-free since summer 2011

Severely corn intolerant June 2012

Grain-free since June 2012

Just enough Irish genes to put up a fight and beat all of the above.

  1. I have a very similar reaction to chips. I had to cut iodized salt, nightshades, and corn/corn oil (which is also in iodized salt) which all tend to be a risk in chips. Seaweed is high in iodine.
  2. You may have already found the low-histamine & tyramine diet recommended for people with mast cell disorders and others, but here it is: http://www.mastocytosis.ca/MSC%20HT%20Restricted%20Diet%20Nov2012.pdf Note that it's a good starting point. Most people find they have to customize their...
  3. The alcohol intolerance is a symptom of mastocytosis. Mastocytosis isn't the same as being histamine intolerant. Ironically, it's a lot like comparing Celiacs to ppl with gluten intolerance. Also, the lists of symptoms for each are long, but it's not as if every patient has every symptom.
  4. I am and have always been intolerant to alcohol, fermented foods, vinegar, cheese, etc.
  5. I meant to say certified PASSOVER alcohol is grain free, sorry about that!
  6. Just in case: people with mastocytosis are completely intolerant to all alcohol and fermented foods/drinks. Another tip: kosher alcohol is grain free.
  7. Passover wines are grain free. Keep in mind that intestinal mastocytosis is commonly accompanied by other gastrointestinal conditions. One common symptom of mastocytosis is intolerance to alcohol.
  8. For the people who are having similar symptoms from corn as wheat/barley/rye gluten, there appears to be no coincidence. While the chemical make up of each grain differs, our bodies' responses do not. Thus, we insist that a connection must be made and/or there needs to be more categories to the...
  9. It's not totally an urban myth, some Celiacs are also intolerant to corn--in any form. I don't think it's a coincidence. My corn intolerance is worse than the Celiac since I have anaphylaxis even if a food has potassium citrate as an additive. I can't touch a cola or anything else with caramel...
  10. I grew up with so much joint pain (and no real cause other than an occasional doctor who would suggest arthritis) that I only recently realized just how often I thought being uncomfortable was normal. Joint pain is the only Celiac symptom I'm positive I had since earliest childhood, since it's the...