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  1. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    I've decided to leave this forum because nobody ever really listens to what the problem is and provides useful answers...
  2. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    BTW, in chinese medicine a pulse disappearing, means it is faint... my daughter was not DEAD. Please stop being so melodramatic...
  3. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    I'm too tired to respond to your comments above. It works for me. I don't come on here to be questioned on my tests...
  4. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    Honestly.. (please don't take umbrage at this), the 'science' community has so many holes in it, it is reminiscent of...
  5. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    http://www.pharmacology2000.com/Histamine/histamine.htm If you scroll down to Organ system effects you'll see that with...
  6. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    No I agree Irish Heart but at the same time I have had formal IgG tests which came back negative with things I know make...
  7. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    No, starch in foods. I've been off most starch except 1 Banana now for nearly three days and feel very hungry but much...
  8. I can't have chocolate either in any form so I totally commiserate!
  9. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    Yes, the yeast thing we check for regularly. It's not showing at the moment but has done in the past. I think it may...
  10. CR5442

    Reaction To Starch?!

    I get what your saying ,but she does pulse tests on me which tell her whether or not I can tolerate foods... she has...
  11. I know it sounds nutty but I've been feeling off and bloated, puffy, poorly tummy and generally just not me over the...
  12. Hello. I wonder if anyone has tried a soil base probiotic and what were their findings... did they have to start out...
  13. Question is how long did it take for your gut to be healed? I have been on a 'clean' diet for nearly three years and...
  14. This is amazing... to see that there are so many other things that we are reacting to... some of which are way away from...
  15. Hi everyone I thought it might be interesting for us all to list what we are intolerant too in addition to Gluten...