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  1. I do not drink alcohol as it would interfere with medication.

    Good news! Pamela's Baking Flour and Pancake Mix works great for "bread fits". Faster than a loaf of bread too. Applesauce instead of water makes apple pancakes. YUM

  2. Hi there, I hope you dont mind me contacting you, but I was reading a post where you mentioned hearing a radio broadcast when there was no radio around.

    I'm amazed as I have been having that exact same thing too! I notice it the day after drinking wine, especially red wine...which I'm finding I can not tolerate at all.

    Can I ask if you have noticed it after consumming an...

  3. long silver hair

    Frustrated With Drs

    After 40 years of docs telling me its "stress", I finally figured it out. Gluten makes me sick. Web sites let me know it takes 6 hours or more to feel the effects. I could poison myself with pancakes for breakfast and feel fine, add cookies or piece of cake for snack and feel fine, add sandwich for lunch and feel fine.... have a salad for supper and double over with gut wrenching pain. What???? I only had a salad.. what's with that!!! A serious food diary told the tale. Pancakes at 9 am means big ow in the evening, and all night and the next day... three days of no energy, blurry mind, two naps a day just to get through. A bad reaction to a new med spoiled my appetite except for "just a piece of bread to settle the middle" till I was so sick I was in the ER. They put me on a "no food" diet (liquids and fruit only) till I recovered and sent me home on the same. Weeks later, they gave me permission to eat the normal stuff. I got sicker and sicker. Bingo! Clue! Its been a challenge to find out what foods have gluten in them. It turns out there's quite a few and all of my favorites. Bread, cake, cookies, pasta, egg rolls, almost anything in a box mix.. and instant coffee. I've been on Celebrex for arthritis since it was invented. Last time I saw doc he said : "I'll bet you don't have arthritis. Your hands should be awful but they aren't". I've been able to cut to half dose, but still have big pain without it, so something else may be going on. More research to do. "Medical Practice" means docs don't know everything.... and don't care as much as we do about our individual bodies. Its up to us to do the detective work. Thank Heavens there's more food without gluten than with it.
  4. long silver hair

    Omg This Sucks...

    Dear Loneferret, Fret not. 99% of normal food in the grocery store is already naturally gluten free. You are just used to eating lots of the stuff with gluten in it. When I told my boyfriend about it, he freaked! You'll have to eat WIERD food from now on!!!! We won't be able to eat out!!! No, Hon, fruit, meat, veg have no gluten. That's most food. I can eat in ANY restaurant. Breathe. Its going to be ok. There's more and more really delicious food available in grocery stores that have no gluten in them. Betty Crocker gluten-free cakemix OH MY! AWESOME!!! There's Lots of bread recipes without wheat rye or barley that look and taste and feel like real wheat bread. Peanut butter cookies and choc chip cookies and cupcakes that my buddy can't tell are gluten-free, hahaha. Now that I've got my deary calmed down, I am going to dive into the gluten-free cookbooks for noodle recipes and more bread recipes. )) Its been a long long time since I've bought store bought bread and was surprized to find "normal" bread is already 5 bucks a loaf OMG. gluten-free specialty breads are about that, so no big deal. I'll just make my own for less cost. CAn't wait to make eggrolls again, and sourkraut dumplings YUM. So read the labels, and wander through this fab site for specific foods that hide gluten in them.. like instant coffee.. who knew!!!? Friends with years more experience living gluten-free sent me a package Starbucks instant "ready brew VIA" French roast instant coffee. When I don't have the 10 minutes to make real coffee, I can nuke a cup of water and have one of these, knowing I'm safe from days of gut wrenching that gluten gives me. You'll find your favorites, and make a few mistakes, but it will be ok.
  5. long silver hair

    Voices And Other Noises

    Thanks for the mention of "voices". I am new to gluten free with lots of good results. My biggest symptom is double-over gut-wrenching pain. I will check my food diary to see if there is any correlation to what sounds like a radio talk show on at night. I don't have a radio, and definitely turn off the TV unless I am actively watching it. I live by myself rural where someone else's radio would not be a clue. I am glad to find this forum to check out suspicious foods that don't label possible gluten content or processing contamination. I checked ingredients with my local Mexican restaurant and was delighted to be assured the chips and nachos are corn only. Three days of double over gut wrench suggest otherwise. It could be the tortillas or maybe white chocolate chips on the gluten-free cupcakes. I sure hope its not the tortillas. I can live without the white chocolate chips. I'm waiting for reply from the tortilla company and will write when I have info. THANKS FOR GOOD ADVICE ALREADY FOUND ON THIS SITE. )))