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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Holy crap really? I've never heard of that before, that's pretty scary. That being said though, I didn't eat anything with cinnamon on thanksgiving. It's possible that it may have been a kitchen contamination issue, since my kitchen is not a gluten free one. My mother was the one preparing all of the food. Of coarse she knows I'm a celiac and was trying her best to make me separate food, using separate utencils and taking all the usual precautions you would take to prevent contamination. But a mistake might have been made somewhere along. I'll know better next time and just prepare my own food myself to keep in bins, while staying away from what everyone else eats. I'm sure she'll understand.
  2. to a84c72, just wanted to say that you are not alone. I actually got glutened this thanksgiving regardless of serious efforts to prevent it. I have no idea how it happened and the next day I felt sick and was absolutely frustrated and miserable. Hang in there. It will take time, but everyone will understand and accept us eventually, just like they do with pretty much all other diseases. I know we will get there.
  3. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    Exactly. It really is as simple as that, yet some people on this thread are still missing the point.
  4. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    It is dreadful isn't it? That's why I started this thread and put the link to the petition right in my first post. In the end it is up to the person to decide whether to sign it, and in my opinion it couldn't hurt. I think it is important to help a fellow celiac who has been mistreated because of her condition. We can have a voice in this.
  5. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    I could not have said it better myself. I found it a little disheartening to see some of the previous posts, especially ones that are from Advanced Community Members. People who, by the very fact that they are on this site, should have a clearer understanding that gluten free doesn't automatically mean the problem is solved for all celiacs. I too can not understand how anyone with celiac can criticize another celiac...
  6. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    Beautifully said
  7. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    I found out the segment is up on vimeo --->
  8. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    I agree with this completely. I’ve thought about it and Jennifer Esposito has had a very successful career so far. One must question why she would throw that away and risk her job on the show if this wasn’t a serious case of her being treated unfairly because of her celiac. She has even stated that CBS implied that she was not truly ill, and that it was a scheme to get a raise. To me, that alone is unacceptable and it shows the lack of awareness out there about this serious disease. Celiac disease is probably the only disease that you can tell somebody you have, and not know what type of response you will get from them. I bet that if this incident had to do with diabetes instead, there would NEVER have been any question about her actually having diabetes. It shows the level of ignorance out there when it comes to celiac, and that has to change. I would expect people, especially celiacs, to have some compassion for her in this situation.
  9. Discrimination Against Celiacs?

    You're welcome. I was glad to post it because it angered me as well.
  10. The link I will post below sums up the whole situation that's going on right now with Actress/Celiac Jennifer Esposito. If you haven't heard about it already in the news or online, I would urge you to read this. I believe it is discriminatory against celiacs and people with disabilitites in general and it should not be tolerated... The link is a petition and I would strongly urge anyone to read it and sign it if they want to help get the right thing done. It doesn't take long and it is an important issue and has to do with all of us. Here it is: http://www.change.org/petitions/cbs-television-get-jennifer-esposito-back-to-work-or-release-her-from-her-contract
  11. Well it's great to see someone trying and being productive. Good luck with it.
  12. Goya Maria cookies are gluten free? Cool. Gotta try that.
  13. I personally would love to see a feature length documentary made about celiac disease. I searched online and have only found short documentaries about it which were good, but would really only be helpful to brand new celiacs. I think a good full length celiac documentary would show things that usually aren't seen. For example, lots of us know about the testing requirements to determine a food as gluten free, but I've never seen footage of this testing? How does it all work? look like? cost? ect. I would imagine many things being covered in the documentary like the above example, the under diagnosis of celiac, the recent "trendiness" of the diet due to certain celebrities who have been revealed as gluten free, all sorts of information. It could make for a good piece of work, and be effective at further spreading awareness about this growing condition. If a movie like this doesn't already exist, I hope it gets made soon.
  14. I understand what you're saying and it's an interesting point, but it couldn't hurt to have one available in my opinion. Especially with how celiacs are growing in number and how it's become something of a "trendy" diet.