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  1. Haven't had a headache today, but I noticed I am getting tired earlier now. Should I be taking a multivitamin now since I am Gluten Free? I was taking one before, but stopped awhile ago.
  2. Thank you! I'm so glad there is a community on here that is willing to help and so positive. It's also good to hear that there is such thing as a gluten detox. I was getting a little nervous. I am on week two and the symptoms aren't AS bad, but the headaches are usually each day and dizziness and...
  3. I looked around the forums and saw some people posting about it. I stopped eating gluten two weeks ago because it was upsetting my stomach and giving me awful anxiety. Since then I have had: -headaches -random panic attacks -occasional runny nose/watery eyes -stomach growl -fatigue -soreness...