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  1. I did have an egg this morning and just finished some rice n fish...... No nausea or stomach pain. Still the same right side pain, when I'm layin in bed it's fine So I'm guessing this isn't the norm for an attack?
  2. Hello, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I'm hoping some folks can share with me what they go threw when the have an attack. I was diagnosed with celiac at the start of the year, I have been very strict with no cheating but still seem to have a few what I called attacks since. But nothing like this. Starting Saturday night I woke up with a bad pain in my left side, felt like my stomach, I was able to get back to sleep but ended up getting up around nine in the morning feeling like I was going to have a washroom episode.. I then had a doozie of a washroom experience, Diarrhea, really bad nausea, cramps, dizzy, I haven't experienced it this bad since before I was diagnosed. Now in most cases that would be it, I would head back to bed and sleep, however this time the pain in my stomach got a lot worse and started to spread so the the pain went from left to right across my belly button and stayed there. I also still felt bloated and felt like I still needed to use the washroom but nothing was in me to come out or didn't want to. I finally decided to go into the hospital. I live in Canada and health care is free but the wait times are simply horrendous. So after 4 hours of sitting in a chair I got a bed and the waited another 5 hours for the doc. During that time the pain moved all the to my right side, lower ab section. So the doctor finally comes in, tells me the blood work is fine, after a long talk about what I've experienced over the last year he says that this is more than likely a celiac attack with a low possibility it could be an appendix issue. I was told I could go home and if anything gets worse to come back in. So I'm happy to get out of there but my right side is sore as all heck, I'm thinking it's even more irritated at being poked at, I get home drink a little water as I had not eaten anything since the day before. I crawl into bed and really fight to try and find a comfortable position to sleep, around 4 in the morning I string together a couple hours together. Get up around nine and try to start rehydratin myself, but feel nauseated when drinking, pain in my right side is pretty bad and I'm contemplating going back to the hospital. But I take another nap and slowly I seem to be able to get comfortable and get some sleep....the pain in my right side has gotten better but still very sore. It seems like now I can lay down and after the initial pain hits when I move I'm able find a position where it dosnt hurt............I even sat in the chair for a couple hours playing some vids with no pain until I got up........it was like everything had tightened up and by getting up I was stretching everything out, that hurt.......but I'm laying back down writing this on my right side with no pain.......but I know when I get up it will still be there. So.......dose this sound like a celiac attack? How long do your attacks last for? Sorry if this post sounds like whining......just getting sick of the pain, any advice is much appreciated. Thank you
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