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  1. Thank you for your response and insight. My doctors are not very familiar with Celiac and they did not ask for my total IgA to be tested. They have also not been able to refer me to a true GI specialist.
  2. Hi! I recently had the celiac panel blood test done after numerous other tests came back negative. I keep getting mixed messages from doctors and have been gluten free for about 6 weeks. It's still up and down and I'm wondering if I am, in fact celiac. Any help interpreting these results would be greatly appreciated! CRP My Result: <0.2 Reference Range: <8.0 mg/L ANTINUCLEAR AB. (ANA) My Result: NEGATIVE Reference Range: NEGATIVE GLIADIN IgA ANTIBODIES My Result: 2.3 Reference Range: <12 U/mL GLIADIN IgG ANTIBODIES My Result: 34.7*** Reference Range: <12 U/mL TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgA AB My Result: 3.2 Reference Range: <10 U/mL EDIT: sorry about the topic title it's supposed to read "Negative IgA Antibodies; Positive IgG **
  3. My daughter Rachel very recently underwent a Celiac Panel test and as one of her antibodies was very high, the doctor told us that she probably has Celiac. However, only a biopsy can confirm it. Like you, Rachel has been very careful to go completely gluten-free for about two weeks. However, she has continued to have nausea, some days worse than others. Not sure if these are consistent with your description of an "attack." Like you, we live in Canada and to get a referral for a biopsy could take 6 - 9 months. In the meantime, Rachel is continuously suffering from nausea and while it may not completely answer your question, we are hopeful that someone else who has been through this can shed some light as to whether it is common for someone with Celiac to have "up and down" days. Good luck.
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