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  1. I called the company and they said there IS gluten..they thought in the modified food starch..
  2. Me and my husbands have different toasters, and if hes eaten anything w/ gluten I don't kiss him LOL. If I lick a envelope, I have a reaction..Some celiac people say they don't, but I do..I read the labels, and if in doubt call the company. I use a laundry detergent that doesn't contain gluten, toothpaste...
  3. Actually I eat a lot of different things..One morning I make my own fruit smoothie, sometimes gluten free waffles/pancakes, eggs,rice chex..sometimes I just want some toast w/ SKIPPY peanut butter, or gluten free jelly...and they make great gluten free oatmeal and I add blueberries or a banana..
  4. I have a reaction to Pantene..Actually I just figured that out! (slow learner?) Suave, Dove products are gluten free products, too! I was diagnosed 5 years ago w/ Celiac..I have had the dermatitis for years..Never figured it was the Pantene until I stopped. Is there a hair coloring that is gluten...
  5. Tonight I was going to make chili..I read the ingredients on the chili seasoning.contained wheat..I pulled out my chili beans..said it contained chili powder. I called the company and they said "Oh, Yes! If it doesnt contain wheat, barley or rye on the label it is gluton free!" I said "Yes, but it...
  6. I was told that Butterball turkey had modified food starch and celiacs should not eat it..Im having my first gluten free thanksgiving!! Any ideas??