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  1. Can't get it to work right...I hit enter and it sent me back to MY profile page! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving....do you have THANKSGIVING in Sweden? All the comments are mixed up! Things people said to OTHER people show up by there name in my profile page having nothing to do with me....your page makes MY comments look like YOU said them...Like I said...RETARDED! Anyway, hope your Well and happy! COUGIE


  3. Counts as a vegtable in my book!!!LOL! Something sweet sounds sooooo good right now! yummy! Tonight its Cosco Rotisorie Chicken...greenbeans w/garlic and s$#&aki mushrooms!
  4. So have some strawberries with a little honey (if they're tart) ...or some lightly sauted apples with honey and cinnimon( maybe a few golden raisins and/or Dates as well) over non fat all organic yogurt! Or saute apples,strawberries,black berries and honey and eat as is!(the honey makes a warm sauce...
  5. Saute it with some earthbalence (or your favorite gluten-free margerine) garlic,golden raisins,pecans and baby portibellas,sliced or halved (also at Cosco in a large 24oz pkg.for $4.49)!Of couse you can Also go over to the freezer section at Cosco and get there Wickedly deishous Kirkland signiture...
  6. LOL...I know how you feel! I go to ALL this trouble to make tasty HEALTHY combinations...and my 22 yr.old son sits there picks all the meat out of what ever dish I've come up with...puts all the veggies to one side...and the mushrooms and onions and garlic in their own piles...then eats everything...
  7. I saw you guys talking about meatloaf and I agree with sylvia...I don't measure! but If you guys want to try a new twist on meat loaf...try this! I have NEVER used bread in my meat loaf, for one thing...what I was taught( by a neighbor when in my teens)...was to use 1 to 2 eggs(depending on how...
  8. NOW THATS JUST EVIL!!! Can't wait to try it!Trader joes has some great dogs..all natural..gluten-free..no nitrates!Whats the best corn bread mix? I noticed alot around here (local stores)have wheat! ...Why they would put wheat in corn bread mix...beats me!
  9. LOL...I Allways wear Purple!....and blue and green...but ALOT OF PURPLE...LOL! Will do! Oh...we're having seasoned broiled chicken, Bokchoy and mushrooms! simple...but tasty! And don't for get the garlic...LOL! Chicken hawiain meatballs...yummyyummy!
  10. EVERYTHING SOUNDS SO YUMMY...I'm drooling...everyone has such yummy Ideas...ESPECIALLY the BBQ...MMMMmmmmmm! OOOOOOOHHHHHHH....THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! CAN I PLAY!!!LOL! KAREN...MARILYN,you've been holding out on me! LOL!WHY didn't you mention this...!LOL...keeping it all to yourselves!I want...
  11. Hello?...Anybody out there?...

    I Know your there...I can hear you


  12. Thankyou peter....ARRRRRRGGGGG!!! it's Sooooo complicated!!! Nice to know though!(were did you learn this stuff...thats rather advanced googling there!!!LOL) You are definatly a knowlagable fellow and quite an asset to this site...thankyou and keep up the good work!!! What about red and blue...
  13. Great info...but isn't sweet potato a potatoe??? if its exluded thats great because I adore sweet potatoes (in my stirfrys..as french fries..potatoe chips from trader joes...soup... mashed..you name it)!!! what about yams! Oh and skylark...check the tech thread...I wrote you a great messege...
  14. Thanks Guys... I appreciate the feed back...didn't know about the akoloids, that makes sense! does anyone know if squashes fall in the nightshade catogory? Oh... and to answer my own question...I did some googling and yes,,,hemerhoids CAN be caused by food reactions!(just in case anyone ELSE wanted...
  15. I know eggplant is a night shade...but can anyone explain about nightshades to me? effects,any info would be apresiated! I know alot of celiacs tend to be sentitive to these (and soy, nuts,corn,frucose ect.) so I'm sure a thread on the subject for all us newbies would be much apresiated! I thought...